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Perfect Acoustic – „we achieve the perfect sound”

Perfect Acoustic

Perfect Acoustic deals with acoustic measurements and designing, producing acoustic items as well as acoustics for offices and studios.

Our profession is our hobby and passion as well therefore besides the many years of experience and routine we continuously train ourselves, we are experts also in the latest technologies.

Acoustic treatment of hi-fi listening rooms, home theatres, studios is essential to achieve great sound. Even if you have good amplifiers, speakers, cables, alone with them you cannot achieve the much-sought-after sounding.

Our products help you to achieve that. At the foundation of our company in 2008 we only dealt with acoustic measurement. After short period of time we realized that this alone is not enough.

We can only reach 50% success with measurements and calculations. At that time, we started to use sound acoustic panels on the spot (not our own production types).

We reached better results by using them, but the overall effect was still not perfect. We had to realise that we must develop by ourselves such panels which are specialised on the deep bass. After a long research we managed to find the proper materials for it and by this we reached our goals.

Following the production of acoustic panels and sound traps our product range was quickly completed with sound diffuser which are vital to achieve excellent sound quality. Since then we demonstrate on a daily basis the effectiveness of our panels and Skyline diffuser on the spot.

Our company is still seeking to achieve that everyone who is interested in acoustics may find the product which suits his or her needs and get the sound of his or her dreams.

Core Audio hifi show, presentation of acoustic panels (2)

Customers’ feedback

Viktor Váradi co-owner of Core Audio: „We entrusted Perfect Acoustic with the acoustic measurement and the instalment of panels in our demonstration room for the 2018 Hi-Fi Show. The execution of our order matched the name of the company: „Perfect”. Thereafter we decided to entrust Perfect Acoustic with the acoustic treatment of our showroom based on the quality of the panels and their service. Many thanks: Core Audio Ltd.”

Customers’ feedback

Csaba Finta co-owner of Bodor Audio+: I am really an experimental kind of Hi-Fi fan ‘embino’ person. For more than 30 years, my obsession has been the proper reproduction of music. I am continuously searching how to step forward. I have found it with Bodor audio+ and I am offering the perfect sound.

The showroom moved to a new venue thus there is an on-going experimenting and developing together with Ferenc Bodor (owner of Bodor audio). Moreover, home theatre comes more into the focus. This is where Perfect Acoustic got involved in many cases already.

Even at the very first time Róbert Polgár ( owner of Perfect Acoustic ) convinced us with his positiveness and expertise. There is a reason we ask his assistance regularly at off-site installations of audio systems, as an expert of acoustics.

Robi measures since control is very much needed. Then he packs, measures again and packs again then with a proper number of panels the final result is always a clearer, more balanced, and more accurate sound. I think that with the products and services of Perfect Acoustic I have managed to find a solution, which is much more cost-effective than keep on changing the equipment! In case of doubt please turn to Perfect Acoustic.

home studio repair

Customers’ feedback

Directly from the multi gold record producer Ferry P Bedy, owner of Super Voice – Audio Production:

Perfect Acoustic not only produces beautiful and best panels but delivers exactly on time and according to the agreed details. It is a fantastic team both from professional and human point of view. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who really wants to build up a studio in a professional way. Thanks very much Perfect Acoustic!


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