I am Róbert Polgár, owner of the Perfect Acoustic company. I have been dealing with acoustics for 20 years, I studied my acoustics in Budapest. Initially, I developed acoustic elements for my own purpose, at the hobby level, as I was not satisfied with the efficiency, quality and appearance of the products available on the market. I was constantly training myself, expanding my acoustic knowledge. Soon, my acquaintances and friends also asked me to make sound-absorbing and diffuser panels for them to improve sound or reduce noise. Thanks to the growing interest and success, our company now receives orders from many countries around the world, and the number of our satisfied customers is growing. All our products are handmade and regularly inspected. It is also possible to order a custom design and size. Our popular service is on-site and online measurement. The latter is an extremely cost-effective, accurate and convenient solution. During the acoustic measurement, we can accurately determine the acoustic defects of the given rooms. This is usually followed by an acoustic treatment, during which we make suggestions as to where, how many and what type of acoustic element is worth placing. Our main goal is perfect sound and satisfied, happy and returning customers!