We have tried the Anthem AVM 60 high-end home cinema preamplifier!

Anthem AVM 60 pre-amplifier

We’ve met the Canadian brand Anthem before and we had very positive impressions of it. The AVM 60 model has an 11.2-channel, 4K Dolby Atmos, reference-class processor with a practical, sleek look. The aluminum front panel has a light blue LED status indicator with a large volume knob and the standard adjustment knob. Below the display are 6 control buttons.

Anthem AVM 60 pre-amp-front panel

The AVM 60 model supports 30 virtual inputs that can be selected from the on-screen menu. Use the Input button on the remote control to call up the menu. In the lower right corner are the main and secondary zone power buttons. Front HDMI input, USB upgrade port, and headphone jack hide in the lower left corner behind a cover. The rear panel has 13 XLR outputs, which support 11 speakers and 2 parallel subwoofers. The first HDMI output supports ARC, so we can listen to the audio through the TV, no special audio cable is required. There are no unnecessary inputs and outputs. The housing has low resonance, very high quality components used in the manufacture. The buttons on the remote control are located logically and transparently. Its 9 kg weight is just ideal.

Anthem AVM 60 pre-amp-back-panel

It can be said that the AVM 60 is an improved version of the MRX 1120 model. Like other high-end Anthem amplifiers, this model also features the Anthem Room Correction (ARC) system, which uses a measuring microphone to measure and calculate the appropriate frequency threads and sound delay values ​​from 5 to 10 points in the room. In this way we can correct the unfavorable acoustics of the room. (Also pay attention to the acoustic treatment of the walls, ceiling and glass surfaces of the room! The use of sound-absorbing panels and diffusers completes the experience of listening to music and watching movies!)

Other information about processor capabilities:

-HDMI 2.0a sockets with HDR, HDCP 2.2 support -32-bit D / A differential output converter -digital LED / OLED display -3 optical inputs, 1 optical output -2 coaxial digital inputs -automatic surround signal recognition -RCR, XLR connectors -Multi-channel RCA analog audio output

Anthem microphone

It was not difficult to install and set up. The system creates a Profile based on the values ​​we set, which can be individually customized and stored in memory. 4 profiles can be created to suit the volume, location, sensitivity… of the speakers, etc. adjusted. Custom settings are possible for different inputs. It was a bit difficult to connect to the wireless network, which was pretty annoying. But in the end, he came together….

Listening and movie test

In the superbly furnished home theater room where we tested the Anthem AVM 60, we found the acoustics to be completely flawless based on our measurements. Not even the floor was forgotten by the careful owner, who covered the parquet with a soft, high-quality acoustic rug.

Who wouldn’t know about Star Wars movies? As many of us are fans of some of the best known and perhaps most popular films in the sci fi genre, Star Wars III. We put the Revenge of the Sith into the dvd player. We got powerful bass, lifelike, accurate and spacious sound, it was a real surround experience. Stallone’s 2018 film, Creed II. We continued filming with. The sounds and music of the sports film, which also has a dramatic message, and the dialogues also spoke with perfect purity and harmony. Not only were the deep ranges intense, the mid and high frequencies were also nicely, balanced.

Then we watched the sci fi adventure The Ant-Man and the Wasp. There was no complaint about the processor product this time either, with the ARC system you can further refine the settings according to your own taste / ear. Not only were the developers intended to watch this super product, music lovers will also find their calculations with the AVM 60 processor. With a music film, we wanted to test the device in this area as well. The 2007 film Enchanted, dotted with catchy songs and a charming story, has stolen into everyone’s hearts. Both the music and the vocals were rich in detail, creating a spatial, real effect.


It didn’t really surprise us that Anthem’s other high-end preamplifier, with a few minor flaws, is almost perfect. Intense bass, lifelike and detailed sound, simple menu and ARC system are clearly among the advantages of the processor. We didn’t have many bad experiences, although we miss the multi-channel analog input, AM Tuner, and limited trigger support as well. Analog video components have also been dropped for the AVM 60. And the DTS Play-Fi feature can only be used via iOs, Android and Windows, which could be changed. But these cannot be considered significant problems, as regardless of all this, we would reward the high-end product of the Canadian company with 5 points out of 5 points.