In our increasingly noisy world, creating a quiet living space is an increasing challenge. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible task because sometimes even some good ideas are enough to exclude stress-causing sound smog from our environment.

Sound absorption will be the solution!

Sound-absorbing elements can be acoustic products designed specifically for this purpose, but home-made solutions can also help a lot if you live or work in a noisy, busy area. In a noisy office, it is much more stressful to concentrate than in a quiet, calm environment, so work efficiency can also be increased with retrofit sound insulation.

Sound insulation with front wall

As the acoustic aspects are often the least considered in the case of buildings, it is not surprising that most buildings have unpleasant acoustic properties, which fortunately can be improved afterwards, for example by using front walls. It is excellent in terms of sound absorption, but the downside is that it is quite labor intensive. If it is time to renovate your home, you should definitely consider this option. While it is effective, it should not be overlooked that it requires enough space because glass or rock wool is 8-10 cm thick between the supports.

With sound absorption against sound smog

Not only can we protect against noise from outside by soundproofing the walls, floor, ceiling and installing modern doors and windows, but we can also place sound-absorbing materials indoors.

6-angular-panels-sofa-patched-300x300Sound-absorbing covers can be extremely versatile. They prevent the reflection of sounds, reduce the echo, which significantly increases the feeling of comfort. We can protect against sound smog with soft materials, sound-absorbing curtains and acoustic mats. Traditional versions are also suitable, but if you want to get the most out of them in terms of sound absorption, you can also get acoustic curtains and carpets. The latter can of course also be used as wall sound absorbing mats. In addition, it is a cost-effective solution for personalizing interior design. An infinite amount of variation is available.

Let’s stop the spread of sounds

The large spaces allow free sound, which is especially beneficial for a concert hall, but not so much in an office building. If possible, it is advisable to use room dividers or room dividers. The screens not only look good, they are easy to move, so they can be placed quickly and easily where you want them. A bookshelf or filing cabinet packed with larger books also prevents unwanted sounds and reduces their volume somewhat.

Sound insulation panels

photographic-acoustic-panels ..- 300x200

It looks like an artistically executed picture, yet it is much more than that, and its secret lies in its structure. It is usually made up of several soft pieces. It can be suspended anywhere if we want to break the path of sound in a larger space. It is available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, it can be varied freely, so quite unique solutions can be created, which can also enhance the design of the room. It can even be hung around the bed as a canopy in the bedroom. The effect will be felt immediately. It makes the rest much calmer. But we can also isolate ourselves from the unwanted sounds directed at us as we work. If we listen to some kind of relaxation music while working or relaxing, it will be much less scattered inside the room so we won’t be disturbed by our activities.

The isolation of the noise source should not be forgotten either

There are many machines in an office or even in our home that emit various noises during operation. If possible, try to place them as far away from the point where you are most at work. The printer, copier and shredder can also be surrounded by sound-absorbing materials for great results.

Sound absorption in style

Furniture also plays an important role in internal sound absorption, as it also prevents unwanted noise and neutralizes or disperses it depending on its properties. Not only the design of the furniture and the cover of the sofa play an important role in creating pleasant acoustic conditions, the material of the furniture is also important. This is especially true for wooden fixtures. Pine, oak and black walnut are not only showy, but have excellent sound-absorbing properties. Ineffective and ugly solutions like styrofoam panels, egg boxes and plastic sponges can be forgotten. Not only do they look awkward, they even make the situation worse, as they are incapable of eliminating the smog.

A large wardrobe only absorbs sound vibrations, which can also be an alternative to sound attenuation. Plus, it doesn’t mean an extra cost, as it can be found in every household. It should be placed next to the wall that adjoins the room from which the noise is heard. In this respect, a bookshelf is still a great alternative, but a sophisticated picture wall can also help make a noisy neighbor more intimate.

Most of the ideas listed are extremely simple and inexpensive to implement. Of course, it is up to us to what extent we want to do against voice smog. The best results can be achieved with the help of a specialist, who uses a special instrument to design the sound absorption system by performing acoustic measurements.

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