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Echo – Part 2

As promised, we will continue this exciting topic, which is as versatile as a sphere. The more pages you show up, the more new things pop up. So there’s plenty more to look at, wonder. We stopped there in the previous section that echo, as a term, covers several phenomena, Read more…


Echo – Part 1

Language is wonderful and diverse, we have a dozen terms for almost everything. For almost everything. The unfortunate exception is an echo, which is a single word, and which alone makes it impossible to express exactly what type of echo we are talking about. The basic definition is easiest to Read more…

Avoid and eliminate sound smog

In our increasingly noisy world, creating a quiet living space is an increasing challenge. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible task because sometimes even some good ideas are enough to exclude stress-causing sound smog from our environment. Sound absorption will be the solution! Sound-absorbing elements can be acoustic products designed specifically Read more…

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Acoustic terms

Acoustic terms Acoustics is a science dealing with sound waves, their motion, and speed. During acoustic treatment, we may come across concepts that are not fully understood by everyone. We’ve put together some important acoustic terms to explain exactly what it means. 1. Echo Sound reflected the place of origin Read more…

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Sports and music

Sports and music Regular sports and exercise are important for our health. We can choose from a wide variety of sports to suit our abilities and tastes. There are team sports, but you can also choose a form of movement that can be done individually. Listening to music while exercising Read more…

Headphone setting

Speaker setting 2nd part

first part 2nd part Speaker setting Finally, we can set our loudspeakers! And now set up the monitors so that they would be symmetrical (Sz/2) compared to the middle of the shorter wall (Sz). In other words, the right and left loudspeakers and the distance of the wall closer to Read more…


Roaming in acoustic depths

Roaming in acoustic depths Without deep sounds, our favorite music and movies would become unenjoyable. But as our adage “one can have too much of a good thing” expresses it well, too many deep voices can degrade the sound experience. Not only is it important to create an optimal acoustic Read more…

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Dynamics in music

Dynamics in music

Dynamics in the music, are what we are going to explore today.
It is one of the most important elements of music or one of the most important musical elements.
Nevertheless, my experience has been that we care little about it and the way we care is wrong.
It is typically confused by many with sound level and sound pressure. It seems to be controversial but if we want to give a short definition: “the doctrine of sound level in the music”.

…where are then the hidden details?

Until around the middle of the 18th century (baroque music), nobody had made any written notice with such indications either in sheet music or in other writings, consequently, the musicians had decided themselves on the use and emphasis thereof.

music dinamic

The bottom line is that:

Dynamics is one of the most important tools of musical manipulation. Dynamics has much to do also with the rhythm, and counterpoint is the primary essence of every dynamics.

The sound itself cannot be too loud or quiet therefore the sound level can always be felt compared to another sound. In other words, dynamics is the difference between the sound levels of quiet and loud sounds, and also the extent and the length of the silence between two sounds are very important.

Formerly the gradual increase in the volume of a musical passage (so-called “crescendo”) and the gradual decrease in volume of a musical passage (so-called “decrescendo) had been formed in music.
Baroque music uses dynamics to a less extent and moderately, however, classical music is very rich in dynamic effects.

Dynamics in the music

Dynamics can be both steady and volatile, or gradually increasing and sudden, explosive.
By the nature of music, dynamics is not an exact quantity, it is rather a subjective notion, it depends among others on the physical distance between the performer and the audience, the acoustics of the venue, the type of the sound source (instrument, singer or performer) and last but not least the unique concept of the composer, musician and the listener.

A lot of variants of dynamics can be observed in the music chosen for today. We can find gradual, volatile, and also fast, explosive types of dynamics.
One thing is for sure, it is the sensational guitar playing.

Have a nice day!

Written by Róbert Polgár SzG


ozone disinfection

Ozone disinfection of acoustic elements

Ozone disinfection of elements You don’t have to worry about the Coronavirus! The time has come to disinfect all acoustic panels. Unfortunately, the coronavirus is spreading around the world, and it is our heart to stop it. Our products are completely virus-free with pre-packaging and post-packaging ozone disinfection! Coronavirus indeed Read more…