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Country: Hungary
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Thomas Altena · 2019.08.19. at 20:15

Hallo, könnte man den Hartholzdiffusor auch in der Größe 160cmx20cmx8cm bekommen? Was würde das kosten?
Thomas Altena

    admin · 2019.08.21. at 18:38

    of course yes,you can buy it.
    Best wishes,

Umer Ishfaq · 2020.01.12. at 08:05


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Umer Isfaq

    admin · 2020.01.12. at 08:40

    Of course, you can rate and write about anything.

Matti Lehtonen · 2020.02.18. at 11:14


I have this 40Hz standing wave happening in my semi treated home studio…
Would a single corner membrane do as I don´t have much money atm.
It would be positioned near my listening point -whats the word.


Matti Lehtonen

    admin · 2020.02.18. at 13:03

    Corner element wood membran is suitable for this.

Jeff · 2020.03.04. at 15:18

Do you ship to US?

    admin · 2020.03.05. at 15:40

    US we can’t ship. Unfortunately, shipping overseas is expensive.

Robert Landini · 2020.03.26. at 16:37

Can you ship to USA ?

I have no problem paying the shipping costs.


    admin · 2020.03.26. at 17:44

    We can ship acoustic panels to USA but very expensive. Not worth it. It would only be worth it in large quantities by ship transport. Airplanes cost many more than the acoustic panel.

      Mikhael larsen · 2020.04.01. at 16:53

      Hi Polgar
      Can you make a acoustic curtain for a window that is L 460 x H 288?
      Best regards Mikhael

        admin · 2020.04.03. at 12:49

        You would need to know the distance between the eaves and the bottom of the window. So what you want is a long acoustic curtain. It is always worth double the width of the acoustic curtain. If you give these exact dimensions, you will only be able to calculate the price of the sound absorbent curtain afterwards.
        I hope I could help.
        Best regards

Marino Garavello · 2020.04.05. at 16:54

Hello. I have already had a treatment at the listening room. Two peaks remain at 50-60 Hz and 80 Hz. I would like to put two of your corner traps in the wall behind the speakers. I wish they were no more than 100 cm tall. The fabric I would choose is 33 (light gray). It’s a good idea for the sound?

    admin · 2020.04.06. at 06:06

    Hello I recommend you the wooden membrane bass trap. Very good for bass below 150Hz. We can also manufacture bass traps. But count on it that if there are no legs under it then I will only be 104cm tall. If there are 2 pieces on top of each other, I am 208 cm tall.
    Of course, 33 colors is not a problem for bass absorbers

      Marino Garavello · 2020.04.06. at 19:03

      The wooden ones seem the best choice. Unfortunately, I need 100 cm high and not a centimeter more, otherwise the window cannot be opened anymore. I would like to buy wooden membrane bass trap with 33 fabric color, but.. can you ship to Italy now?

        admin · 2020.04.07. at 16:58

        Of course we also ship to Italy. We also have an Italian web store. No problem with the bass trap size change either. Please send an email regarding your order. Will it be good without feet 100cm bass trap?

Kevin Chandler · 2020.07.21. at 10:41

Hi, I placed an order today, any ideas on delivery dates?

    admin · 2020.07.22. at 07:49


    Thank you for your purchase. Delivery is about 1 week.