The Dali Epicon 8 speaker has been tested

Most recently, our company was invited to the attic apartment of a condominium in Zugló to test a pair of Dali Epicon 8 speakers. The 35-square-meter living room features classic elegance, with furniture and other home accessories complementing sophisticated tastes. The apartment is owned by a lovely couple, Péter Molnár and his wife, who are real classical music fans. The acoustics of the room are not yet perfect, but the first steps have already been taken to optimize the sound of the room. The floor was covered with a beautiful beige thick and densely woven acoustic rug, and some printed sound-absorbing panels depicting musical instruments were placed on the walls. To further improve the acoustics, some more diffuser elements will be needed, the exact location of which has been determined by acoustic measurement.

Dali Epicon 8 – the Danish high-end speaker

Dali Ep. 8

The Dali Epicon 8, the largest speaker of the Danish company (Dali-Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) so far, despite its height of 126 cm and weight of about 50 kg, still does not look large, so it is not only recommended for larger rooms, it easily fits into 25-30 square meters, without taking up too much space.

Elegant and delicate look

Danish developers have paid a lot of attention to developing speaker boxes. The beautiful, evenly varnished, curved MDF panels show the trace of careful and expert hands. An aesthetic accessory for any style of interior. The speaker baskets are gray in colour, the speakers have been given a burgundy colour, which can be considered a trademark of the Dali company.

Dali Epicon review

The 33 mm thick, double-layer front panel is responsible for damping the vibration of the speaker housing. The recesses for the bass reflex openings and connectors were made by CNC milling. There are two bas-reflex openings on the back of the speaker, as close as possible to the subwoofers. The ends of the reflex tubes are conical, the crossover is housed in its own closed box, thus eliminating pressure differences in the speaker housing.

Dual tweeter, SMC

The hybrid tweeter unit consists of a silk dome and a ribbon speaker. The wood fiber reinforced membrane provides optimal sound in the deep and middle ranges. The lower frequency limit of the 2 20-inch speakers 35 Hertz guarantees intense and precise depths, excellent dynamics.

Dali Epicon 8 SMCThe SMC magnet system is responsible for flawless sound. This magnetic system was first used by Dali in speaker manufacturing.


-Frequency transmission from 30 to 30,000 Hz

-Cross-switching frequency: 550/3100/15000 Hz

-Impedance: 5 Ohm

-Sensitivity: 89 dB

-Recommended amplifier power: 50-500 Watts

-10-layer varnishing, hand-polished, 6-layer MDF boards

Get started!

Dali speakers were first tested with classical music. We listened to Mozart’s serenade entitled Little Night Music. The speakers conveyed a piece of music performed with stringed instruments worthy of the talent of the wonderful composer. The sound was as real as if we were listening to this classic in the immediate vicinity of the band. We had a detailed, spatial and clear sound experience.

Swan Lake

Listening to the piano version of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, we were immersed in the waves of intoxicating music. The keys on the piano sounded clear and sharp.

After the classical music, we switched to a slightly lighter style, but even in this case we took out a more classic or even retro song of pop rock. Upon hearing Bon Jovi Livin ’in his 1986 hit Prayer, everyone got into a party mood. The guitar sounded the way a guitar should! The spacious, lively rhythms, the music that pervades our whole body convinced us that Danish engineers understand their stuff! We did not experience any distortion even at high volume. We also tried the Dali Epicon 8 with a weaker and a more muscular amp. We had a pleasant surprise, as it sounded almost flawless even with a 12 Watt amplifier per channel!

John Wick 3. movie posterWe didn’t forget about the movies either. We sat in front of John Wick’s action thriller 3 – Parabellum. The exciting story with lots and lots of action scenes ensures that the viewers ’ interest doesn’t wane for a minute. Dali’s speakers also conveyed the sound effects, soundtracks and dialogues of the scenes in a truly lifelike way. Separated from human speech and other sounds and music, all words are clearly understood. We traveled back from 2019 to 1939, this year where the romantic war movie Gone with the Wind was screened, starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. The speakers realistically radiated the sounds of the film, we had a real time travel, we could feel like participants in the American Civil War.

Is it worth the price?

While the Dali Epicon 8 isn’t a cheap speaker, it outperforms some much more expensive speakers in terms of performance. It is characterized by a broad spectrum of sound, dynamics, strength, pure high, definite deep sounds. Founded in 1983, the Danish audio company focuses on perfection, and with its developments and revolutionary innovations, they have managed to create an excellent product in all respects.