We compared the Denon DJ-MCX8000 and Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 Dj controllers!

The Denon DJ-MCX8000 and Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 dj controllers were compared. The two mixers are available at similar prices, both with 4 channels and LCD screens.

Some basic information about mixing controllers

In the case of mixers for DJs, the crossfade function is essential, which ensures that the two stereo channels overlap. You can choose between analog and digital sound mixing controllers. Digital counters have many benefits, you can save the settings to memory, and the integrated effects make it easier for DJs to work. DJ mixers are based on a stereo channel to which players can be connected. Each channel has a 3-band equalizer with microphone input and link cinche (RCA) inputs.

Denon DJ-MCX8000

Denon Dj McX 8000 controller

The 4-channel digital mixer, Dj controller and USB / media player have Engine 1.5 software.

Dj-MCX8000 back panel

The USB flash drives have 2 USB inputs, 2 microphones, 4 RCA and 1 balanced XLR / TRS combi input. The mixer is also equipped with 2 balanced XLR (Master Out), 2 balanced XLR (Booth Out), 1 RCA, 2 USB outputs.

MCX8000 pictures

The Denon Dj -MCX8000 also has an integrated sound card and 2 high-resolution colour LCD displays. The displays become useful when the Engine and Serato DJ are running, and the 3 built-in instant effects become useful when using the Engine and line input. The 4 deck, Serato DJ software is also suitable for DVS accessories. Light and video can be controlled via the Stage LinQ network connection. The 8.3 kg metal housing controller has touch-sensitive performance pads and large 13.3 cm aluminum jog wheels (with LED rings). Filter effects per channel also enhance the functions of the device. In Standalone mode, you can play music from 2 USB inputs without a laptop, courtesy of Denon DJ Engine.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

Pioneer DDJ 1000 controller

The 4-channel mixer also weighs 6 kg and requires a laptop to operate. Adjustable sensitivity 20.2 cm jog wheels have built-in colour LCD displays. The mixer also has 2 USB, 2 Line (RCA), 2 Phono / Line and 2 microphone inputs, Master (XLR, RCA) and Booth outputs. LCD screens are quite minimalist, but they contain enough information. Rekordbox DJ software selects matching songs so you can play matching music. The structure of the controller is similar to the large dj desks used in larger clubs.

ddj 1000 jog wheels

The Magvel is fader-accurate and lightweight, withstanding up to 10 million pulls. 4 Beat FXs can be used: Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle, Low Cut Echo. 16 backlit performance pads also enhance Pioneer’s DJ mixing capabilities. The frequency transmission is 20-20,000 Hz and the signal-to-noise ratio is 112 dB.


Which DJ mixer is the best?

The Denon DJ-MCX8000 DJ controller can be operated independently without the use of a laptop thanks to Standalone mode, but most functions do not work in this mode, we can only expect 3 effects. It is better to use it as a DJ controller. Denon’s LCD display contains a lot more information, and we’d make him a winner in this area. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 requires a record box and laptop to operate, but the large jog wheels, multiple beats and tone controls are an advantage. The large  jog wheels and fantastic built-in LCD screens provide a professional look, and that’s the feeling when you use them.

DDJ 1000 vs MCX 8000

Pioneer is clearly better in this regard. Of course, the acoustic properties of the room where we use the mixing controllers matter a lot. Adverse acoustics negatively affect the sound. The end result of the work of DJs can only sound perfect if the nightclub where the music is provided is subjected to acoustic treatment. Ceilings and walls are not able to absorb deeper range sounds, so it is recommended to place sound-absorbing and diffuser acoustic panels on these surfaces. This solution not only makes the sound of the music ideal, but also mutes the filtered out sounds, so that the tranquility of the houses near the nightclubs is not disturbed by the noises of those who party to the music.


In our opinion, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 mixer received the gold medal from us. The jog wheels, built-in LCD screens, and dual USB input made us a winner, although the Denon mixer’s laptop-free, stand-alone capability can be very convenient for DJs due to mobility.