Dynamics in the music

Dynamics in the music, this is what we are going to explore today.
It is one of the most important elements of the music or one of the most important musical elements.
Nevertheless, my experience has been that we care little about it and the way we care is wrong.
It is typically confused by many with sound level and sound pressure. It seems to be controversial but if we want to give a short definition: “the doctrine of sound level in the music”.

…where are then the hidden details?

Until around the middle of the 18th century (baroque music) nobody had made any written notice with such indications either in sheet music or in other writings, consequently the musicians had decided themselves on the use and emphasis thereof.

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The bottom line is that:

Dynamics is one of the most important tools of musical manipulation. Dynamics has much to do also with rhythm, and counterpoint is the primary essence of every dynamics.

The sound itself cannot be too loud or quiet therefore the sound level can always be felt compared to another sound. In other words, dynamics is the difference of the sound levels of quiet and loud sounds, and also the extent and the length of the silence between two sounds is very important.

Formerly the gradual increase in volume of a musical passage (so called “crescendo”) and the gradual decrease in volume of a musical passage (so called “decrescendo) had been formed in music.
Baroque music uses the dynamics in a less extent and moderately, however classical music is very rich in dynamic effects.

Dynamics in the music

Dynamics can be both steady and volatile, or gradually increasing and sudden, explosive.
By the nature of music dynamics is not an exact quantity, it is rather a subjective notion, it depends among others on the physical distance between the performer and the audience, the acoustics of the venue, the type of the sound source (instrument, singer or performer) and last but not least the unique concept of the composer, musician and the listener.

A lot of variants of dynamics can be observed in the music chosen for today. We can find gradual, volatile and also fast, explosive types of dynamics.
One thing is for sure, it is a sensational guitar playing.

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Written by Róbert Polgár

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