We have tested the Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers!

The most important consideration in the production of the Aria 906 speaker was the sophisticated, premium sound and use of high-quality components that are common in the Aria series. This two-way, front reflex speaker delivers neutral, real and subtle sound thanks to the flax cone. The cone is characterized by a natural sound, low resonance, rich mid-range and strong bass. The result is a more homogeneous sound, better dynamics. Aria offers a classic yet modern design. The Aria 906 speaker is approx. It is recommended for rooms of 15 square meters and it is worth keeping a distance of about 2.5 m between the speakers.

The special flax cone is manufactured in France exclusively for Focal. This cone is designed entirely to achieve excellent acoustic performance. It consists of two thin layers of fiberglass-covered flax fiber. Flax is twice as light as fiberglass because it is hollow, like Kevlar. It has very low flexibility, which is an ideal solution to increase stiffness. Thanks to the high internal attenuation, high speed and rigidity, the speaker provides optimal and clear sound.


Aria-906-back panel

The recommended amplifier power is 25-120 Watts, the sensitivity is 89 dB, the speaker housing is made of MDF, dimensions 390 x 225 x 280 mm, weight 8.5 kg. The impedance is 8 Ohms, the minimum frequency transmission is 55 Hz, the maximum frequency transmission is 28000 Hz, the crossover frequency is 2800 Hz. It has gold-plated connectors, unfortunately there is no double cabling option.

The Focal Aria 906 is a two-way, front reflex system, tripod or bookshelf speaker. Produces comprehensive, clear sounds, very good dynamics, extended, powerful bass. Despite the magnitude and strength of the sound, the level of control is impressive.


focal-aria-906-speakers pair

The members of the Aria 900 series have a new tweeter above the “F” cone. Its inverted dome made of a magnesium-aluminum alloy is said to increase damping and stiffness. The suspension uses Poron, which has form memory. According to Focal, this will improve management.The speakers are available in walnut or glossy black colours.

Our opinion

Aria-906-walnut colour

The Focal Aria 906 is a very nice looking, sophisticated speaker. The testing site was the living room of an old family house, we tested the speaker pair with a Denon amplifier. The acoustics of the room were relatively ideal, but it will still need to place membrane corner traps in the corners to create the perfect sound.

We also listened to classical music, rock and acoustic music to get a picture of the music of the Aria 906. We had a very positive experience, just like watching a movie.

Focal makes its own speaker driver and they weren’t disappointed with this interesting new technology. They have been researching the best solutions for more than 30 years, trying and testing new materials that are ideal for the speaker diaphragm.

The membrane is one of the most essential elements of speakers, as it is what moves the air to create sound, and therefore the materials from which the membrane is made are very important.

Aria-906-speaker-sandwich technology

In Focal’s opinion, a good diaphragm should be light to accelerate quickly, rigid to act as a piston, and dampen well so as not to degrade sound quality. Because it is difficult to find a homogeneous material that meets the above criteria, the manufacturer uses a mixture of materials to achieve what it wants. These materials are sandwiched together using thin fiberglass materials for better rigidity. For Aria speakers, this material is flax, one of the oldest textile fibers used since the 4th century BC. (the Egyptians wrapped the mummies in linen). As the bottom is grown in France in the largest quantities, the French brand Focal has no difficulty in obtaining it.

The speaker grille protects the speakers, but in our opinion, the speakers look better without the grilles. Aside from the exterior, the grid also contributes to a clearer and more detailed sound. The grilles are magnetically attached to the speakers and are extremely easy to remove or attach.

The glossy black colour is very elegant, but a little harder to maintain as fingerprints stay on it easily and are therefore harder to clean.



The bass is very good considering the size of these speakers. It has a lot of power and a fair extension. However, if you want more power than that, you can choose the bigger siblings in the series.

Mid range

The mid-ranges are especially good for the 906, and this is perhaps the strongest point of the speakers. The middle ranges are detailed, real, sophisticated, and represent music at the same time.

High tones

The treble is also pretty good, but not perfect. The detail and liveliness would definitely be helpful, but the Aria 906 still offers a very pleasant sound experience.


The sound is very detailed and natural, real.

Stage image

In these speakers, the stage image fits their size. Adequate width and depth and height. The depth could sometimes be even better, but overall we were satisfied.

Compared to his bigger brothers

The larger members of the Aria series offer more powerful sound, with a wider stage and bass, more power and better mid-range clarity.

If you’re looking for a speaker in a larger room, well, it’s advisable to opt for larger models, but the Aria 906 is also excellent, especially in smaller rooms.


We found that this speaker offers very good sound quality in its price range. It’s got an attractive exterior design, and the combination of neutrality and dynamics makes the sound very pleasant, musical and sophisticated.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Focal Aria 906

Advantages: Good bass, with the right control, power and the right depth for the size, detailed and smooth mid-range, well extended treble, adequate detail, pretty good width stage picture, reasonable price

Disadvantages: The treble could be a little brighter.

Written by Róbert Polgár