We tested the Fyne Audio F302 floorstanding speaker!

Fyne Audio’s design and engineering team is based in Scotland. Scotland-based Fyne Audio offers several speaker models, but one of the most popular is the Fyne F302. The F302 is the smallest of the two floorstanding speaker models in the entry-level 300 speaker series, offering a frequency response of 36 Hz to 28 kHz at 90 dB ( 8 Ohms). The F302 doesn’t have all of Fyne Audio’s state-of-the-art features, such as the IsoFlare driver or BassTrax diffuser, but it does have FyneFluting, which eliminates unwanted echoes and improves musical accuracy.

Fyne Audio F302 speaker specifications:

Sound fold: two-way, rear

Recommended amplifier power (watts RMS): 30-120

Sensitivity (2.83 V @ 1 m): 90dB

Rated impedance: 8 ohms

Frequency response: 36Hz-28kHz

Crossover frequency: 3.2 kHz

Dimensions : 932 x 190 x 271 mm

Weight : 13.3 kg

Design and construction


The two-way, rear-arrangement F302 speakers feature a 25 mm polyester dome tweeter and a 15 cm multi-threaded mid/bass driver, specially designed with a robust speaker cabinet.

The F302 measures 932 x 233 x 308 mm (height x width x depth) and weighs approximately 13.3 kg and is available in three finishes; walnut, black ash and light oak. The midrange and bass are driven by a ferrite magnet system. The polyester dome is mounted on a black plastic section, covered by a speaker grille, and below it is the Fyne Flute, a fibre-reinforced diaphragm bass/midrange radiator surrounded by a rubber surround. The bass reflex port is on the rear of the speaker, so it is necessary to position the baffle at least 25-30 cm from the wall. The overall appearance of the loudspeaker is modern in style and can be easily integrated into almost any interior.

F302-back panel

It provides exceptional rigidity through a combination of reinforced MDF panels. Additional stiffness is achieved by connecting the low frequency drive magnet to the cabinet brace by means of a resonance absorber. For floor-standing models, a spiked plinth provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging. High-quality, precision components were used in the manufacture, including low-loss LF laminated core inductors and HF polypropylene capacitors. Gold-plated speaker caps provide a clean signal path.

The F300 driver, designed with a multi-fibre paper cone for low- and mid-range applications, has been enhanced by FyneFlute technology. Through the conductive rubber roll, it provides a non-homogeneous surface that very effectively eliminates cone resonances.

The tweeter is a combination of a strong neodymium magnet system and a 25 mm polyester dome, creating sharp and controlled high frequency detail. The protective grid enclosure includes a phase-loss compensator that delays the output from certain areas of the dome to provide a smooth and longer response.

The F300 Series is the perfect choice for those looking for a premium performance floorstanding loudspeaker at an affordable price.

Sound performance

The pair of speakers were tested in a medium sized room, where the owner had achieved near-perfect acoustics thanks to the sound absorbers, printed panels and diffuser acoustic panels on the walls. As one wall of the room is almost entirely glass, acoustic curtains will still be needed to achieve the perfect sound. The window and other glass surfaces reflect sound, creating an unpleasant echo that significantly degrades the sound, so it is definitely worth using thick, densely woven curtains to eliminate the echo.

The Fynes offered a subtle, three-dimensional sound and the stereo effect was optimal. We heard dynamic tones and tight, powerful bass. Their simple design and performance make them stand out in their class.

The highs were sometimes a little too faint, so it is highly recommended to pair them with a good quality amplifier in order to eliminate this problem. We tested the F302 with a Marantz NR-1200 stereo radio amplifier. The bass was tight and controlled, and the dynamics were fine, but for those who like real wall-shaking bass, a subwoofer is recommended. The solid cabinet prevents resonances. The midrange was pronounced.

Our opinion

This Scottish speaker is available at a really affordable price, but the manufacturer has paid attention to high-quality components, rugged construction and powerful performance. The modern, clean design will appeal to many and will fit into almost any style of room. The sound is clean and dynamic, the bass is intense, precise and controlled. The midrange was sufficiently pronounced, and the stereo sound and spaciousness were ideal. However, the highs were not perfect and were faint. Detail was also lacking, and it was not always possible to distinguish the instruments in orchestral numbers. In this price range, we would absolutely recommend the Fyne Audio F302.

Written by Róbert Polgár