Genelec 8010A studio monitor review

Genelec-8010A monitors

The 1.5 kg, small Genelec speaker is a great portable, compact model. The exterior design is very similar to the Genelec 6010, otherwise the 8010A has also been given the standard Genelec style. At first glance, the design and size of the aluminum housing most closely resembles a computer speaker.


Genelec monitor front



The small size should not deceive anyone at all. The speaker has Class D amplifiers. The metal-shielded subwoofer is capable of 80 watts, and the metal-shielded subwoofer is capable of 50 watts. Green LED illuminates when the speaker is on. The Genelec brand IsoPod rubber sole is non-slip and the speaker angle can be adjusted using a useful small metal clip.



Genelec speaker back

On the back you will find DIP switches with which you can control the frequency response and the bass. You will also receive a manual for the settings, which will help you. There is also a balanced XLR input on the rear panel. Due to its small size, power is supplied through a small two-pin power outlet, as there is not enough space for an IEC outlet. The crossing frequency is 3 kHz. The maximum sound pressure is 96 dB, the frequency response is 67 Hz-25 KHz. Compatible with Genelec 7050 B subwoofer. The long deep reflex tube with optimized drives and filters deserves respect.

Smart signal sensor

The Intelligent Signal Sensor Circuit (ISS) enters standby mode when no audio input is detected. It takes about half a second to turn it on, but if you bother someone, you can even disable the ISS feature.

Sound test

8010A white monitor

We placed the Genelec 8010A speaker pair on either side of the laptop, in a smaller studio where diffuser front panels and sound-absorbing printed elements on the walls and ceiling ensure sound control. Bass traps have been set up in the corners, so close walls and corners are not a problem in the small, small studio. In the case of studios, it is extremely important to properly “cushion” the room with acoustic elements in order for the recorded sound materials or mixes to sound properly in other rooms as well. Optimal acoustic treatment not only improves the quality of sound recordings, but also attenuates inward and outward filtered sounds.

With a dwarf-giant voice

We downloaded his latest hit, Clean Bandit: Tick Tock, to my laptop. We had a very positive experience. The tiny Genelec produced balanced, accurate linear sounds, both in the mid and high ranges. We found the bass a bit low, but for a monitor this big, it’s not such a big disappointment. We then listened to Alex Adair’s current music, Make Me Feel Better. The 8010A has once again proven not to be underestimated. We got sharp and crystal clear treble and an ideal midrange. The deep ones were weaker than usual again. But through clarity and accuracy, we did not experience ear fatigue even after prolonged listening to music.


Despite its small size, the Genelec 8010A studio monitor delivers amazing performance. The ideal student distance is 1 meter. As a close-up monitor, for observation in studios, for reference, or for on-site recordings, this small monitor is a great choice. You can expect accurate, balanced, powerful and clear sound when you buy this model. Basses could be more intense, but if not used as a main monitor, this shouldn’t be a particular disadvantage. The Genelec monitor is not cheap, but it represents good quality. If its appearance were to be characterized, we would say it is a “correct,” “cute” piece.



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