JAMO S 807 floorstanding speaker test

In 1966, in a fishing village in Glyngøre, Denmark, Preben Jacobsen, a carpenter, started building loudspeakers in his chicken coop. Two years later he was joined by his brother-in-law Julius Mortensen. Jacobsen and Mortensen are the founders of the company JAMO. By 1978 the company had produced one million JAMO loudspeakers.

JAMO S 807 JAMO S 807 characteristics


Frequency transition. 42Hz – 26kHz (+/- 3dB), sensitivity: 90dB, power: 100W / 200W, impedance: 8 Ohm, speaker housing made of MDF, bass reflex type speaker, Dolby Atmos sound, 2 aluminium polymer fibre woofers, dimensions: 915 x 191 x 252 mm, weight: 11.8 kg. Its compact dimensions make it easy to place.


JAMO has combined stylish looks and quality sound in its production, although the exterior design is not luxury or premium. The speaker enclosure is made of MDF panels and is covered with a matt film, which is advantageous because fingerprints are not visible. Available in black, white or walnut, the speaker box has adequate bracing, the components used in its manufacture are of high quality, and care has been taken to dampen resonance inside the speaker. Thanks to its height of only 92 cm, it can easily be placed in any size room. Dual connectivity is not an option, but not surprising at this price point. It’s a neat, showy design, but it’s not the prettiest speaker we’ve seen.

s-807-footThey are supplied with flat steel feet that provide the ideal coupling, albeit with a rather industrial look. It works very well as a stereo speaker, but if you connect a Dolby Atmos module (S 8 ATM) to the speaker, it can also function as a home theatre system. The large oval-shaped reflex port is located on the front of the speaker, so the bass response is not affected by the distance from the wall. Magnetic fabric grilles are fitted to the speakers, which are quite rough and simple looking. They certainly do the job for which they were made. The speakers do not direct the sound towards the listening position, but upwards, so care should be taken when positioning them. If acoustic treatment of walls and ceilings is not taken care of, reflections from a large, flat, hard-surface ceiling can degrade the sound. So be sure to get acoustic panels to eliminate acoustic defects such as reverberation. Diffuser front panels are an excellent way to do this and are also a very attractive piece of interior design.


In a cinema room of about 18 square metres, we tested the Jamo S 807 pair of speakers paired with a Denon AVR-S750 amplifier. The acoustics of the room were not quite perfect, although the hard, tiled flooring will also require the installation of acoustic carpets to ensure a good sound. We also listened to a variety of music styles and watched films to put the S 807 to the test in all areas.

In the 5.0 configuration, these speakers will work well primarily in rooms no larger than about 25 square metres, because in a larger room the bass range and depth will be severely limited, no matter what power AV receiver is paired with it. The S807 speaker pair also performed well in creating stereo sound and surround effects.

Even at high volumes, the speakers produced distortion-free performance, thanks to sturdy and robust bracing. We experienced a dynamic and realistic sound, with the highs and midrange sounding the best, the bass was a little lacking in power, although the dynamics were fine. The treble was sometimes imprecise, and the three-dimensionality could have been more detailed. During our musical test, the instruments were a little blurred, and vocal parts were subtle (perhaps too subtle). The weak lows were most noticeable when watching a movie, when we were watching a scene with explosions and crashes. If you like wall-shaking, really powerful bass, a subwoofer is recommended with the Jamo S 807 speaker pair.

Our opinion

This bass reflex type two-way floorstanding speaker is available at an affordable price, but unfortunately the low price also means poorer sound quality. The design of the speakers is aesthetically pleasing, with adequate bracing, but they’re still a far cry in style from more expensive premium speakers. Its size allows it to be placed in smaller rooms, and it is recommended for rooms no larger than 25 square metres. The dynamics and surround sound, courtesy of the Dolby Atmos module, were fine, but the treble was sometimes imprecise. Lows were extremely weak, and we weren’t satisfied with the level of detail. All in all, the Jamo S 807 is not our favourite speaker, and although the price is reasonable, we would not recommend this model to those who want perfect sound and real deep bass.

Written by Róbert Polgár