JAMO S 807 floorstanding speaker review

In 1966, in a fishing village in Glyngøre, Denmark, Preben Jacobsen began building carpenter speakers in his henhouse. Two years later, he was joined by his brother-in-law, Julius Mortensen. Jacobsen and Mortensen are the founders of JAMO. By 1978, the company had already produced one million JAMO speakers.

JAMO S 807 features


Frequency transition. 42Hz – 26kHz (+/- 3dB), sensitivity: 90dB, power: 100W / 200W, impedance: 8 Ohm, speaker housing made of MDF, bass reflex type speaker, Dolby Atmos sound, 2 aluminum polymer fiber subwoofers , dimensions: 915 x 191 x 252 mm, weight 11.8 kg. Due to its compact size, it is not a problem to place.


JAMO has combined stylish looks and quality sound during production, although the exterior design does not fall into the luxury or premium category. The speaker housing is made of MDF boards and is coated with matte foil, which is advantageous because fingerprints are not visible on it. Available in black, white, or walnut. The speaker box has suitable stiffeners, the components used in the production are of high quality, and the resonance damping was also ensured inside the speaker. Thanks to its height of only 92 cm, it can be easily placed in any size room. Don’t expect dual connectivity, but this is not surprising in this price range. Correct, showy in exterior design, but it’s not the most beautiful speaker we’ve seen.

s-807-footFlat steel soles are included to ensure ideal coupling, although they provide a fairly industrial look. It fits in very well as a stereo speaker, but if you connect a Dolby Atmos module (S 8 ATM) to the speaker, it can also function as a home theater system. There are 2 polyfiber subwoofers and 1 silk dome tweeter in the speaker. On the front side of the speaker is a large, oval-shaped reflex aperture, so bass radiation is not affected by how far you place the speakers from the wall. The speakers were fitted with magnetically mountable fabric grilles that looked pretty rough and simple. They perform, of course, the task for which they were prepared. The speaker does not direct the sound towards the listener’s position, but upwards, so be careful when placing it as well. If we do not take care of the acoustic treatment of the walls and ceiling, reflections from the large, smooth and hard-surfaced ceiling can degrade the sound. Therefore, be sure to get acoustic panels that eliminate sound defects such as echo. The diffuser front panels are excellent for this purpose and, in addition, extremely showy home furnishings.


An approx. We tested the Jamo S 807 speaker pair in an 18-square-foot movie theater and paired it with a Denon AVR-S750 AV-receiver. The acoustics of the room were not entirely perfect, although it will be necessary to place sound deadening mats on the hard, tiled floor in order to sound properly. We also listened to a variety of music styles and watched movies to put the S 807 to the test in every area.

In the 5.0 configuration, these speakers will work well primarily in rooms no larger than about 25 square meters, because in a larger room, the range and depth of the bass will be severely limited, regardless of the power of the paired AV receiver. The S807 speaker pair also performed well in creating stereo sound and surround effects.

The speaker produced distortion-free performance even at high volumes, thanks to stable and rugged braces. We experienced a dynamic and realistic sound, the high and mid ranges sounded best, the basses were a bit weak, although their dynamics were fine. The treble was sometimes inaccurate, the surround sound could have been more detailed. During our musical test, the instruments were a bit blurred, the vocal parts sounded subtle (perhaps too subtle). The weak depths were most noticeable when watching a movie, when we were watching an explosive, collision scene. If you like wall-shattering, really powerful bass, it’s a good idea to get a subwoofer in addition to the Jamo S 807 speaker pair.


This bass reflex type two-way floorstanding speaker is available at an affordable price, but unfortunately the low price also means poorer sound quality in this case. The design of the speakers is aesthetically pleasing, with sufficient stiffeners, but still lags far behind the more expensive, premium category speakers in style. Its size allows us to accommodate it in a smaller room, and it is even recommended to choose this model for rooms no larger than 25 square meters. The dynamics and surround sound thanks to the Dolby Atmos module were fine, but the highs sometimes proved inaccurate.

The deep ones are extremely weak and we weren’t happy with the detail either. Overall, the Jamo S 807 speaker hasn’t become our favourite, and while the price is affordable, we’re reluctant to recommend this type for those looking for perfect sound and real, deep bass.

Written by Róbert Polgár