JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker review

JBL Flip 4 colours

The JBL brand is known and loved by many people. The JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth sound system with a 515 gram cylindrical portable speaker also fits in a bag and can be attached to the wrist with a shoelace-like rope.

The portable force

JBL dark blue


The cylindrical, solid speaker has a decorative plastic sheet on 2 sides. It can be easily adjusted to the side. The durable mesh cover allows the flow of sounds, but does not protect the device from dirt and debris. The buttons are sensitive enough, large in size and easy to use. It has play / pause and volume buttons.

JBL red-connection

The Connect button can be used to connect several (Up to 100 pieces !!) Flip 4 speakers. This sounds great, but keep in mind that you can only connect with devices that also have Connect + connectivity. It connects to your mobile phone in a matter of seconds with a Bluetooth connection. Its range is very remarkable: 10-15 meters! It also functions as a speakerphone. At the back, the battery charge is indicated by 5 LEDs. The 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery can last up to 12 hours. However, listening at full volume, it no longer has that much, up to 4 hours. If set to 50-75% lower volume, 12 hours of operation is realistic. Under the port cover are the charging connector, the micro USB socket and the AUX input. Its power is 2×8 Watts, the frequency transmission is 70 Hz-20 kHz, the signal-to-noise ratio is 80 dB. Available in 6 colours.

IPX7 certificate

Flip-red- under water

It is IPX 7 certified, which means it is completely waterproof. Thus, it can be used in the rain, near the pool or waterfront, or even in the shower, without being ruined by moisture. The Flip 3 was just spill-resistant, so that’s a pretty serious change. At least according to the manufacture…… Our curiousity ne didn’t let us rest, so at the end of the testing we thought of a boldness and filled a bucket of water into which we immersed the JBL Flip for about 10 seconds. After the bath, we dripped down the speaker and tried it out. It produced sound, but it was already crackling loudly at higher volumes. Let’s just say it’s spill-resistant, but if you don’t want the speaker to ruin, don’t take it with you in the pool or scuba diving…

Listening test

We tested the JBL Flip 4 speaker in an office. The office is rectangular, about 20 square meters, the acoustic treatment was previously performed by our company here. Sound-absorbing panels, sound-insulating mats and curtains have created ideal acoustics. We connected the Flip 4 to a smartphone, tuned to the office team building and festive, corporate parties.

We played his recent hit Medusa: Lose Control. Thanks to the DSP sound quality, we got a balanced, clear, dynamic sound at all volumes. According to the specification, 70 Hz is the lower limit. We heard the bass less loud at high volume. The mid-ranges were pushed into the background a bit, seeming too compact. (This is a typical flaw of JBL Flip’s predecessors, by the way, though they tried to fix it on this type.) The treble was clear and sharp.

We continued testing with a real party atmosphere song. We downloaded Bruno Mars: Treasure. In the mid-ranges, we discovered the error here as well, the vocal parts were not emphatic enough. But apart from that, we found a product with strong, clean and accurate dynamics.


The JBL Bluetooth speaker won our liking with its portability and clear and powerful sound. Its water resistance is just icing (it would be) on the cake, let’s treat this property voiced by a brain manufacturer with some reservations. Thanks to its affordable price, it can be a popular audio device for the younger generation. The JBL Flip 5 has a larger, larger battery (however, this model also has a maximum operating time of 12 hours), we can experience more intense depths, but the price is also higher compared to the Flip 4.


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