We have tested the JBL LSR6332L passive studio monitor!

After an acoustic measurement, acoustic treatment was performed in a sound recording and mixing studio in Budapest, which is approximately 18 square meters. Sound-absorbing and diffuser panels were placed on the walls as well as the ceiling. We laid an acoustic carpet on the hard tile floor, making the studio surround sound absolutely perfect. In the case of sound recorders or dubbing studios, it is even more important that the acoustics are flawless, as if the sound material is recorded in a reverberant room, the end result can be disappointing. Although we can slightly correct the errors with sound technology devices, we cannot be completely satisfied even then. Therefore, acoustic treatment of this type of room is especially important. This time we tested the JBL LSR6332 passive studio monitor.

JBL- the American dream

JBL is a subsidiary of Samsung, an American company in South Korea. It was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing, an American engineer. Since then, JBL products have also been used in Toyota, Ferrari and Smart cars. Official audio producer of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

JBL LSR6332L studio monitors

Introducing the JBL LSR6332L speaker

The 3-way, passive speaker has a power of 150-1000 Watts, frequency transmission 60Hz-20kHz, maximum sound pressure 112 dB, crossover frequency 250 Hz-2.2 kHz, impedance: 4 Ohm, speaker weight 20.4 kg. Unlike active speakers, passive speakers do not have a built-in amplifier, so for those who choose the passive type, they need to get an external stereo amplifier that can be connected to the speaker. The dual-coil Neodymium Differential Drive subwoofer increases performance and reduces distortion. The mid-speaker neodymium, magnetic Kevlar cone, and titanium composite tweeter result in excellent linearity, high resolution, and low distortion. When recording or mixing audio, it is a great advantage that the JBL speaker uses LSR (Linear Spatial Reference) technology to broadcast sounds in real, detail and accuracy.

JBL LSR6332L review

It can also be used as a reference or main monitor, thanks to the precise design, the frequency transmission is completely optimal, the recording is balanced, the sound image is clear and detailed. The dense baffle and reinforced casing ensure stability and minimize housing resonance. Linear Dynamics Aperture prevents turbulence. It can easily cope with high sound pressure. Compared to its predecessors, the JBL LSR6332L has a great new feature. Room Mode Compensation makes it possible to eliminate interference in the range below 100 Hz, taking into account the characteristics of the rooms.

On a musical journey

Since we tested the speakers in a recording studio, we focused primarily on the music. We tried to listen to as many different genres as possible. We listened to Michael Jackson’s marathon-length, sensational hit Smooth Criminal. Upon hearing the unique singing voice of the king of pop, the fantastic rhythms and music, we all felt the urge to dance. Eventually, we ignored it and perked up our ears instead. The JBL provided a really lifelike and spacious sound, we got nice bass and pleasant mid and high ranges. Each sound of the song was detailed and clearly removable and separable. The speaker performed in a way worthy of the king of pop. One of the wonderful and well-known pieces of music in the classical genre, Haydn: Cauldron Drum Symphony II. theorem was followed. The speaker, paired with a good quality amplifier, sounded without distortion even at high volume, we heard the instruments as if we were participants in a live concert. We experienced similarities while listening to Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata. Every beat and rhythm sounded in perfect harmony.

Freddie Mercury

Citing Freddie Mercury’s world hit, “The show must go on!” We played The Show Must Go On. With the unforgettable rock, it touched our souls again, the sounds flowed evenly, covering the whole space, creating a sense of space.

The last performer of the musical adventure was the song Bella Ciao, performed by La Casa De Papel. The processing of the originally Italian folk song became known and popular as an insert to a popular series. JBL did not disappoint, again we only had positive impressions.

Our opinion

We can only mention the advantageous features of this great studio monitor, no negatives were found. We recommend it mostly for professional sound mixing and sound recording. For hobby purposes, it is worth choosing hi-fi speakers with an active built-in amplifier, in the case of passive monitors, it does not hurt to have some expertise in the field of audio, so that we can find the right amplifier and set it up. The American dream, the JBL LSR6332L, will do an excellent job in a studio with optimal acoustics.