We have tested the Klipsch Forte III speaker!

In the 1970s, the Klipsch company expanded more and more, and over time, it was necessary to expand the range of original Klipsch speakers. The original Klipsch Forte was launched in 1985. Klipsch has hired young, creative engineers to develop newer, more modern models of Klipsch speakers. A group of young engineers, including Gary Gillum (who joined Klipsch in 1974), Jim Hunter, and later Roy Delgado, helped create the third model of the Klipsch Forte with skill and passion. Klipsch designed a state-of-the-art, anechoic chamber for which Klipsch received a patent in 1983.



3-way, front speaker, dimensions: 33 x 91.4 x 41.9 cm, impedance 8 Ohm, minimum frequency transmission: 38 Hz, maximum frequency transmission 20000 Hz, crossover frequency 650/5200 Hz, tweeter diameter 25 mm, a subwoofer diameter 38 mm, subwoofer / center speaker diameter 44 mm.


Led by Paul W. Klipsch, Gary Gillum began work on designing a speaker that would deliver more bass from a smaller speaker cabinet. Experimenting with passive radiators or “drone” speakers by Klipsch engineers, the engineering team developed a speaker that provided good bass expansion from a smaller box.

The Forte III features an upgraded 12-inch subwoofer with a larger voice coil. The Forte III midrange and tweeter drivers are state-of-the-art titanium drives. As a result, a more accurate, covered sound was achieved. The crossover of the new Forte III speaker has also been carefully redesigned.

The Forte III speaker is available in four colors, made of real wood veneer, and has a 305mm K-281 subwoofer with a composite cone in the speaker cabinet; a mid-range K-703-M funnel speaker and a K-79T funnel tweeter are located. The system also has a 381 mm passive radiator that takes advantage of the acoustic pressure generated by the subwoofer. A brand new crossover has been added to the device, which operates in the range of 650Hz to 5.2kHz, and there is a double (bi-wire) terminal on the back.


You need to find out how beautiful the Klipsch Forte III speaker pair is. These speakers are handmade at the Klipsch factory in Hope, Arkansas. The speakers we tested are made in glossy black, ash, the design is extremely spectacular.

The opaque black speaker grille is very aesthetic and mysterious. Following the instructions in the Klipsch manual, the speakers were placed against the back wall and in the corners. The manufacturer recommends leaving some distance between the speaker and the wall. If you want, you can place the speaker much closer to the back wall than usual. Leave for approx. 10-15 cm from the back wall and we get a serious gravure. This placement mode audibly worked well. Klipsch also recommends that when placing the speakers, also make sure that the center range and tweeter radiate toward the listener’s sitting position.

Klipsch Forte III testing

We tested the speakers in an entire large movie theater, paired with an Onkyo TX NR676 receiver. The room was almost acoustically almost perfect, with sound-absorbing panels and acoustic diffusers, the sound problems were almost eliminated, but the ceiling would still need some diffuser front panels for a flawless result. Acoustic development is essential in the design of home theater rooms, failing which we will acquire the best, latest and most expensive audio and hi-fi equipment, and the end result will be disappointing. Standing waves, echoes significantly degrade the enjoyment of watching movies or listening to music.

We also tested Forte III in several musical styles. During the testing, we experienced a dynamic and detailed sound. Klipsch Forte III delivered a clean, sharp and detailed production. The bass was impressively clear. The sounds filled the space. We had a balanced, optimally directed sound. I lacked deep bass and sophistication. It provides higher sound pressure even at lower sound power. A 200 W amplifier can deliver less energy to achieve a given sound pressure. This results in more stability, better control, less distortion.

Passive bass

One of the main benefits of the Forte III speaker is that it controls the broadcast better. If the speaker directs the sound waves towards the listener, reflection from the walls can be avoided, which can reduce the stereo image. For the Forte III, Klipsch decided to mount the passive bass element on the back. The 15-inch battery is not connected to the cross filter in any way, but is designed to give extra weight to the bass. For example, it does not reach the frequency range.

Forte-III-with logo

The beautiful speakers are up to 92 cm high, upholstered with fabric grilles, but are capable of very serious performance compared to their size. According to Klipsch, the speakers can deliver sound pressure of up to 116 dB. Klipsch speakers lack a bass base and don’t sound as sophisticated as a pair of Dynaudio speakers.


Beautiful exterior design, great, clean, light dynamic sound characterizes this speaker. The details, the middle and high ranges were also okay, spacious, and provided an airy product. Both the instrumental and vocal sections sounded distinctly and sharply. The bass is adequate, although there is still room for improvement at the lowest bass. Whether you’re looking for the ideal speaker for home cinema or listening to music, the Forte III can be the perfect choice for anyone. Due to its size, its placement is not too difficult either. If we hadn’t missed the deep bass, we would have given a perfect rating to Klipsch’s product.

Written by Róbert Polgár