Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 speaker review

silver_200-speaker-black seriesMonitor Audio is a UK audio company that has been making speakers that can be integrated into stereo and multi-channel systems for more than 40 years, from entry-level to high-quality, high-end products. The Silver 200 AV12 2.5-way, bass-reflex, floor-standing speaker, the sixth generation of the Monitor Audio Silver series, is the smallest of the three floor-standing speakers, at approx. 20 kg.


monitor_audio_silver_200-AV12-speakers-walnut colour

The recommended amplifier power is 60 to 150 watts, the frequency transmission is between 38 and 35,000 Hz, and a gold-plated tweeter and C-CAM subwoofer / midrange provide impressive sound. Ceramic-coated aluminum-magnesium (C-CAM) drive motors, precious metal vaporized high radiators, and special airflow reflex ports are custom-designed by Monitor Audio and focus on quality sound. For the exterior, elegance and minimalist style are paired with the characteristic compact size. The company’s engineers have worked to tune the speakers so that there is no significant difference in performance, regardless of their situation.

The different tuning of the subwoofers in the two separate acoustic chambers of the loudspeaker housing and the optimal sharing of the crossover frequencies guarantee efficient operation even in the lower frequency ranges. Because only mid-range frequencies cross tones from the tweeter, the sound image remains accurate in all situations. The speaker delivers the performance of three-way systems and, despite its small housing, delivers high levels of efficiency and comprehensive low-frequency sound.

Drives with rugged magnetic systems are capable of a wide range of bass extensions. The Silver 200 also delivers outstanding performance when placed close to a wall. The speaker can also be used with The Cinema Designer software designed specifically for home theaters.
In the case of the Silver 200, the best sound is obtained when approx. place 50 cm.

The company also used a precision laser scanner to create the speaker boxes to minimize resonances, and the internal stiffeners ensure low vibration and device rigidity.

Its radiant gold is made of anodized, ceramic-coated aluminum, magnesium alloy. The 25mm tweeter has been upgraded for cleaner, smoother and distortion-free high frequencies and a grille has been placed in front of it for protection. The DCF switching mechanism between the sound coil and the cone is designed to reduce distortion and achieve a clearer sound. The subwoofer is made of rigid, ceramic-coated aluminum-magnesium with a diameter of 133 mm.

The members of the Silver 200 series also feature a pair of rear reflex connectors that speed up airflow and reduce turbulence – moving air more efficiently and quickly, resulting in a stronger bass sound. Thanks to their semi-hexagonal design, their placement is no problem either. They produce a comprehensive sound space. Double cabling is also possible.

Power and Modern Tecnology

Powered by a 500W Class D amplifier and a large black 75mm audio coil, Monitor Audio says it provides more power management and low distortion. The minimum frequency response is 20 Hz, the maximum frequency response is 120 Hz, the RMS output power is 500 watts, DSP works with digital signal processing. It also has a USB connection.

It also offers three EQ settings, as well as a top-mounted control panel that makes it easy to adjust the low-frequency volume without having to adjust it through the amplifier each time. Monitor Audio offers the Silver 200 in five colours: black oak, walnut, rust hazelnut, natural oak and satin white, so everyone can find a speaker to suit their taste.

Monitor Audio Silver 200 AV12 test

silver_200av12-oak colour

We tried the speaker pair in a medium-sized living room. The acoustics of the room were quite fair, but the ceiling would still need a few diffuser front panels to make the sound really perfect.

Silver AV12 speakers were tested with an Anthem amplifier. We first tested the speakers in terms of musical sound. We listened to Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse’s duet Body & Soul. The dynamics could have been better and the high frequency frequencies did not ring with the expected clarity. Accuracy and detail, on the other hand, were fine.

We also wanted to try out the speaker while watching a movie. We watched the fantasy film, the Monster Hunter. We experienced definite, strong, rumbling basses, precise and detailed sound, and excellent surround effect.


Very precise and detailed sound characterizes the Monitor Audio speaker. It is also a good choice for listening to music and watching movies. The bass sounded loud and clear, the surround sound was also ideal. During our listening test, we found some flaws in dynamics and treble. The exterior design of the speaker is modern, sleek, and available in a variety of colours. Due to its size, it can be placed in smaller rooms, even close to the wall, the sound quality does not deteriorate. High quality components were used in its production and state-of-the-art technologies were used. We also recommend it to smaller and medium-sized rooms and home cinema rooms.
When choosing a speaker, you need to consider how much room is available to accommodate it, what purpose you want to use it for and what acoustic features the room has. If we don’t deal with acoustics, even the best audio and hi-fi devices can’t deliver maximum performance.

Written by Róbert Polgár