Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 800 integrated stereo amplifier test

Musical Fidelity has been manufacturing audio and hi-fi products for more than 30 years, founded by Anthony Michaelson.

Nu-Vista 800 amplifier

Musical-Fidelity-Nu_Vista_800-amplifier black

The Nu-Vista 800, with its rather large size and weight compared to other amplifiers, weighs 39 kg and is not one of the foam light amplifiers. Available in black and silver, there are two large spare meters on the front for volume control and source selection. There is also a liquid crystal display and a power button on the front panel. Large, thick heatsinks on the side of the amplifier ensure proper cooling.

NuVista-800-back panel

Its power per channel is 330 watts, the back of the amplifier has 4 pairs of RCAs, a pair of XLR inputs, and 2 pairs of RCA outputs. The latter can be used to change the signal level. Double cabling is also possible, the amplifier can also accept banana plugs. It is made of premium parts, it can already be seen.

Nuvistor technology

The Nu-Vista series is made with Nuvistor technology, developed in the 1950s. Nuvistor is an advanced metal-tube electron tube that is extremely durable, provides high performance and excellent sound and flexibility. This state-of-the-art circuitry guarantees excellent, clear, distortion-free sound and stable operation.


The founder of Musical Fidelity, Anthony Michaelson, bought the last operational production line and practically set up his own Nuvistor production plant. The advent of transistors has pushed the use of electron tubes into the background in the production of audio and hi-fi products. The manufacturer writes 100,000 hours for nuvistors. The Nuvistor vacuum tube is most often thimble-shaped, made entirely of metal, and has a ceramic base. It requires special equipment and a production line. The entire structure is assembled and then placed in a metal casing, sealed, and processed in a simple vacuum chamber with simple robotic equipment. Nuvistors are among the best performing receiver tubes and have extremely low noise levels.

The amplifier has a triode design and, thanks to direct heating, can be used safely even at high temperatures. At the top and back are small openings through which you can see the four illuminated Nuvistor tubes, which turn red when turned on and then green when warmed up.


It has a symmetrical design, 2 large transformers and two monoblocks, this is called “dual mono”. This results in excellent channel decoupling. The frequency transmission is between 10 Hz and 30 kHz, the signal-to-noise ratio is 107 decibels, and it is equipped with a two-line output for analog recordings and headphones. The remote control is quite heavy, aluminum, satin gloss. The LED backlight can be turned off if someone is bothering you. The amplifier has a thick, brushed aluminum cover, making it very rugged and stable.

The Surface Mount PCB is designed to transmit short signals, further minimizing distortion. The by-pass option is also available for connection to a home theater system. However, USB inputs are missing, which is now a basic function of almost all modern amplifiers. The Nu -Vista has an 800 bridge-connected output stage, which means that 2-2 amplifiers work counterclockwise on each side, at a load of 1 Ohm, delivering 2170 watts per side.

The dual monoblock is supplemented with a separate 1.5 kV, super quiet drive mains transformer per channel. The powerful amplifier with huge current and current reserves guarantees the fineness and speed of the amplifier, all with ease, without any restrictions.


nu-vista-800-in a room

We connected the amplifier with a pair of Dynaudio speakers in a home theater room, where acoustic carpets and curtains and printed acoustic wall panels were used to achieve a relatively ideal sound. A few more diffuser elements will be needed to create the perfect acoustics.

We tested how well it performed in the amp music field. We first heard Bruno Mars- Anderson- Paak: Leave the door open. The Nu-Vista 800 provided clear, sharp sounds, wide bass and detailed sound, extended low frequencies and excellent stereo effect. The amplifier could be characterized by a fine, soft sound.

Similar experiences can be reported while watching a movie. In 2019, the crime film drama 21 Bridges was shown, and we continued to test the amplifier. We had a pleasant, detailed, spacious production, the delicacy sometimes went to the detriment of the middle ranges, which were thus pushed into the background a bit. The bass sounds, on the other hand, were very intense, clear, and definite.


The Nu-Vista 800 amplifier is made with an old but extremely reliable technology, as nuvistor tubes can last up to 100,000 hours. We can expect reliable and durable operation from amplifiers with nuvistor tubes.

Its placement should take into account its large size and weight. We got rich and spacious sound, a wide range of stage and stereo images. In the mid-provinces, we found something objectionable at times. The amplifier does not have a USB input, which in turn would be a basic principle in today’s world.

The main advantages of the amplifier are the durable, high-performance and sound direct-heating electron tube and the two monoblock design, which provides excellent channel coupling. It is also recommended for listening to music or for home cinema systems, as it can also be integrated into home cinema systems with the help of the by-pass function.

Written by Róbert Polgár