We have tested the Neumann KH 120 active studio monitor!

The Neumann KH 120 A is an active studio monitor that we can easily place in most studios due to its compact size.
The main advantage of this product is the accurate sound reproduction that Neumann is rightly proud of. If you want quality studio monitors that deliver rich sound, the KH 120 A is one of the best choices. Not all studio monitors are the same; the KH 120 A allows you to hear the sound the way you need it.

The Neumann brand

The Neumann company was founded in 1928 by Georg Neumann. The customers best know it as a manufacturer of high quality microphones. In 2019, they launched their first headphones – the Neumann NDH 20.

They make all their products with quality and precision. Many other audio companies have switched to automating key parts of their manufacturing processes. Neumann continues to rely on craftsmanship and rigorous testing of their products to ensure perfect quality.

Neumann KH 120 – Specification

  • Type: Active
  • Power supply configuration: Bi-amp
  • Frequency range: 52Hz to 21kHz, ± 3 dB
  • Crossover frequency: 2kHz, 24dB / oct
  • LF drive: 5.25-inch composite sandwich cone (50 W, 80 W tip)
  • HF drive: 1 “titanium fabric dome tweeter (50W, 80W tip)
  • Total power: 100 W (180 W peak)
  • Maximum sound pressure level (SPL): 111.1 dB
  • Dimensions: 277 x 182 x 220 mm
  • Weight: 6.4 kg


After years of perfecting sound recording with microphones, Neumann has set itself the challenge of creating a speaker monitor that represents sound as accurately as possible.

The Neumann KH 120 is a model of precise German sound technology. The company has paid attention to every little detail to during production, everything has a function, they has launched a well-thought-out and precisely designed monitor.
Despite its compact size, the Neumann’s KH 120 is capable of stunning sound, which was shown to us during the first rehearsals.

We can also use the Neumann KH 120 A as a subwoofer or rear speaker in multi-channel systems. The speaker system uses the latest electronic and acoustic simulation and measurement technologies. The active studio monitor provides low distortion but high frequency reproduction.

Bi-amped two-way monitor

The KH 120 is a two-way system with a 5.25-inch composite sandwich cone and a 1-inch titanium fabric dome tweeter that is magnetically shielded. The speaker also includes two thermally shielded 80 W Class AB amplifiers. This ensures stability and a confident sound and minimizes the risk of overheating.

Even though it has “only” two amplifiers, the sound is extremely clear and definite – perhaps even better than some three-amplifier systems.
The speaker housing is free of resonances due to its rugged aluminum design. A very strong metal grille protect both the subwoofer and tweeter.

Mathematically modeled dispersion (MMD) waveguide

Neumann equipped the KH 120 with a waveguide with a mathematically modeled dispersion. In this way, the speakers provide a more accurate sound distribution both horizontally and vertically, and in different rooms with different acoustic conditions.

The range of sound radiated horizontally is wider, so you can move more space in the near listening position without compromising sound quality.However, vertical sound is narrower, reducing reflections that degrade sound quality, such as from a table, musical instrument, or other object. For this reason, it is extremely important that the speakers are placed at the proper height.

The different acoustic properties of the rooms seriously affect the sound. That’s why the acoustic treatment of interiors should not be neglected either! In addition, the studio acoustics are even more important in a studio.
You can only achieve perfect sound recording or other musical under ideal acoustic conditions. We advise to place deep sound-absorbing membranes on the walls as well as diffuser front panels, and if the studio has a lot of glass surfaces, we recommend placing thick, dense acoustic curtains in front of the windows.

Thanks to the wide frequency range, the KH 120 can achieve very low levels – exactly 52 Hz. For this reason, it is unlikely that you will need a separate subwoofer for low tones.
Of course, the size of the room is important when placing the speakers. In general, the larger the studio, the more likely it is that we will need a subwoofer for the KH 120s.


The KH 120 is one of the most honest-sounding speaker monitors in this price range. It delivers very clean and realistic output thanks to its flat frequency transmission and stunning bass response.
It has a very loud volume, so don’t worry about its size, you won’t disappoint if you choose the KH 120 for your medium or small studio.
However, larger studios may require a separate subwoofer!

The KH 120 delivers excellent and intense bass sound. However, depending on the size of the studio, you may need to add a subwoofer to the system.
Due to the completely honest sound, we may find errors in our previous studio work and mixes, that we will need to correct.


This speaker is one of the most popular monitors in home studios. The sound is accurate, clear and realistic.
Despite its size, this speaker performs well in the far depths of the spectrum. It does all this effortlessly, even at higher volumes. For a larger studio, it’s worth trying to get the bass sounding, and if we’re not happy, we’ll probably need to get an extra subwoofer as well.
Overall, the Neumann KH 120 A Active Studio Monitor is a product that we clearly recommend for the best and most honest sound reproduction.

Written by Róbert Polgár