Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-ray Player Review

Oppo-UDP-203-blu ray player

Oppo is a Chinese manufacturer of electronics, mobile phones and Blu-ray players, a leading manufacturer of smartphones. It ranks 5th in the world among mobile phone manufacturers. This time, we tried out one of the brand’s most popular Blu-ray players.


The exterior design of the Oppo player promises very high quality, the housing is made of solid metal, which dampens vibrations very effectively and protects the electronics. The front panel is made of brushed aluminum, with a clean, pleasant and modern-looking player. The classic-looking device has a 43 cm wide, black, square housing with silvery, disc-shaped legs.

Oppo control buttons

The front panel is minimalist with only a UHD caption on it. The circular control knobs are arranged in a cross shape. The device does not take up too much space with its size of 43x31x7.9 cm and weight of 4.3 kg. In the front panel, there is a piece of USB 2.0 socket.

There are 2 USB 3.0 sockets on the back, which also accept an external HDD, so you can play audio and media files from an external storage device. We can connect to the local network with a Gigabit LAN socket. A Wifi connection is also possible, which we found to be fairly stable when connected to a router. In addition to the stereo signals, all 7.1 channel signals can be received via the 2 RCA connectors. The player has 2 HDMI outputs and 1 HDMI input. The main output is 2.0, making it UHD compatible, the other 1.4 is audio output. This allows you to connect an ultra HD display with the main output and an amplifier with the audio output. This solution is also advantageous because it allows the audio and video to travel smoothly on shorter signal paths, separated from each other.

UDP 203 back panel

The RS-232C port is responsible for system integration, communication with other devices can be realized thanks to the trigger input and output and the infrared receiver. The first time you install it, you may want to download the latest software. The menu is clear, very easy to navigate. Teal graphics, wallpapers features. We have several adjustment options, such as brightness, contrast, adjustment … etc. Not only can you watch movies or listen to music, you can also watch photos with the player.

Lots of features, advanced technology

The 4K UHD can also play Blu ray discs, discs that meet the latest and older standards. (CD, DVD, Blu ray. DVD Audio, SACD, Kodak Picture CD, Video CD). Content shared on a NAS or PC is also available over a network. The 8-channel, 32-bit AKM AK4458 VN DAC is responsible for audio decoding, enabling it to play 192 kHz / 32bit files, and works well with DSP formats sampled at 5.56 MHz. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X formats when playing Blu ray movies for surround sound.

Oppo processor inside

It is also excellent in video processing. Thanks to the quad-core Mediatek OP8591 SoC chip, the player can handle native 4K videos, and even processing lower-resolution material is no problem. Thanks to the advanced signal processing, noise filtering and image enhancement ensure excellent playback quality. In addition, the UPD-203 can convert HDR content to SDR format, which is beneficial for TVs or projectors that do not have HDR compatibility. The most common updates are also available: 4K / 60p, 4K / 30p, 4K / 24p. It also supports HEVC H264 VP9 4K and HI10P formats. It can also handle 10-bit HD and 12-bit Dolby Vision to handle sampling of 4: 4: 4 uncompressed, 4: 2: 2 and 4: 2: 0 compressed colours.

Oppo remote control

The remote control also has a heavy plastic backlight, which, thanks to the motion detection function, is activated as soon as you receive the remote control. Extremely sensitive, perhaps overly sensitive. You can also control your device with an Android or iOS-based mobile device, which requires a free downloadable app.



While testing the Oppo player, we tested the device in an average-sized living room of roughly 30 square feet. Associated with Yamaha HS8 active studio monitors, we first tried it while watching a movie. The 2011 action thriller DVD, Unknown, starring Liam Neeson, has been released. We found nice pictures, good resolution, and the right colours. We cannot report image quality or sound issues. We then watched the 2017 biographical film Papillon, which is about the life of Henry Charriere. We were satisfied with the performance of the player this time as well. In terms of both colour and image resolution, stability, we obtained detailed and accurate images. The spatial effect was also excellent.

We also tried the Oppo player in the field of music. We listened to Lennon’s hit Chellamokers & Illenium feat Stella Takeaway. The sound was okay, providing clear, detailed and dynamic performance. What I didn’t like so much about testing the player was that while content shared over the local network was available, unfortunately we couldn’t access online online services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify. Fortunately, this is not a really serious problem either, as thanks to the HDMI input on the back, this problem can also be solved by connecting a device suitable for streaming access. (According to the manufacturer, the image resolution of online streaming media content is not nearly as good as that of DVDs, so it did not consider this feature necessary.)


Thanks to the extremely high-quality design and appearance of the Oppo player, the wide range of functions and the quality of the images, it absolutely appelaed to us. The dvd tray is extremely stable, no rattles, it seems that every detail has been paid attention to by the designers. We absolutely recommend the Oppo Blu-ray player. We just lacked access to online streaming services, and it’s a little confusing that the remote control is more sensitive than it needs to be.

Of course, as with all hi-fi and audio devices, acoustic treatment matters a lot in the sound and performance of the devices. In reverberant rooms, movies and music will not sound the way we would expect and want, so it is recommended to acoustically treat walls, ceilings and window with sound absorbing and diffuser panels,  if we really want to achieve perfect results.

Written by Róbert Polgár