We have tested the Pioneer AVR VSX 934 Home Cinema Amplifier!


A couple of days ago, we tested a home theater amplifier again, at the request of one of our customers. The spacious, Mediterranean-style house with garden has a very large cinema room. Opposite the comfortable, reclining armchairs with armrests, we found ourselves facing an imposing diameter screen. This time we tested the Pioneer AVR VSX 934 home theater amplifier. The acoustics of the room are almost impeccable, although a few more diffusers would be needed for the ideal sound. (this is already in the owner’s plans anyway) Sound-absorbing panels and curtains have already been placed by the owner, but there is still room for improvement in sound due to reflections.

Get to know this great mid-range device better!

Its aesthetic, modern look immediately appealed to us. Available in black and silver. The display is legible with 2 large buttons on the plastic front panel. For the Pioneer VSX 934, 3D surround sound is achieved with Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer and DTS Virtual: X technology. The 160 Watt (6 Ohm) audio device per channel has, among other things, 6 HDMI and 2 HDMI outputs, as well as Phono inputs for digital and vinyl record playback. The seven-channel amplifier favors movie fans with 5.1.2 settings, support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.It can also handle uncompressed, high-definition Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS: X and multi-channel Dolby Digital Plus. HDMI connectors can also handle 4K content.Thanks to Apple Airplay 2, you can create your own multi-room system from Apple devices.

With a wireless speaker, it is possible to play music on both speakers at the same time. With DTS Play-Fi, you can control multiple rooms. Of course, streaming services have not been forgotten either (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music), and the built-in Bluetooth, Wifi, LAN interface and Internet radio also add to the amplifier’s myriad functions. The iControlAv app is free to download, allowing you to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote control. With the MCACC calibration system, the device can be adjusted to the acoustics of a given room. It is also equipped with 4 analog audio inputs as well as coaxial and optical digital audio inputs.

The test

guns 'n roses poster

We first listened to a concert recording of the legendary Guns N ’Roses band’s song“ Sweet Child O ’Mine”. Along with high quality speakers and ceiling speakers, the amplifier performed great. The sound was full of life, clear and precise, every little detail and finesse was audible. When the unsurpassed Slash slammed into the guitar strings, we could almost feel the rhythm in our guts. The concert atmosphere was completely captivating, we imagined ourselves in the ranks of the raging audience. The bass was firm, powerful. The PHONO input meets the needs of fans of vinyl records. There is an undeniably unique, nostalgic sense of life that catches you when old records come out. But this does not mean that the technology of the past cannot meet the modern tools of the 21st century. While listening to Mozart’s Magic Flute, the story almost came to life. At the sound of the Night Queen’s aria, anger and a desire for revenge were palpable. We experienced incredibly lively and clear, accurate sounds and singing. Each instrument in the band was recognizable. We simply didn’t find anything to complain about while playing the vinyl record either.

However, since it’s just a home theater amplifier, we couldn’t miss cinema either. We thought we might want to test a movie that abounds in action scenes and special effects.

star wars the rise of skywalker movie poster

That’s how the choice fell on the sci-fire titled Star Wars: The Age of Skywalker. Of course in Blue-ray quality. The Pioneer VSX 934 amplifier is also great for special effects. We heard the vibration of the lightsabers, the glide of the Millennium Falcon, the sounds of the struggles in real space, the dialogues were clear and understandable. We got a really detailed sound experience. Maybe the bass range for the film didn’t feel as percussive as we expected, but it didn’t spoil the experience.

Advantages of Pioneer VSX 934:

-excellent sound quality

-several function

-strong bass

-energetic, well controllable

-value for money

Perhaps the only disadvantage is the lack of expandability.

Our opinion:

We found that the Pioneer’s 2019 model performed convincingly during testing. He also brought his best form in the relatively large cinema room. It provided intense, detailed, real and clear sound in all cases. Among the mid-range home theater amplifiers, it absolutely stands its ground, in return for the price we get the right device. It should be mentioned that, as with most amplifiers, it is important to associate it with quality speakers if you really want to get the most out of your sound. Don’t neglect the acoustic treatment of the rooms either! It is recommended to request an online acoustic measurement so that we can determine the reflection points with 95% accuracy. When buying audio devices, keep in mind that the acoustics in the store where we are trying out are probably completely different from those in our homes and studios, so they will not sound the same in different locations.