Pioneer SX-10AE stereo receiver review

The Pioneer brand is not unknown to us, we have tested several Pioneer products before.
The SX-10AE stereo  comes at an affordable price with 100W of power per channel, AM / FM tuner, Bluetooth connectivity, phono preamp (MM) headphone output and a rugged casing.

Pioneer SX-10AE Features


Power: 2 x 100 (6 Ohm), frequency transmission: 10 to 100,000 Hz, signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB, total harmonic distortion: 0.08%, speaker impedance: 4-8 Ohm.
It has 4 analog audio inputs and 1 output, phono input, headphone and active subwoofer outputs.
Dimensions: 435 mm x 147 mm x 321 mm, weight: 6.7 kg.



This model has a stable, solid housing. The workmanship is of good quality compared to the price. The rigid design avoids resonances. This receiver also has an integrated AM / FM tuner and Bluetooth connection. The four analog RCA inputs can be connected to a CD player or turntable. Not surprisingly, Pioneer doesn’t have a DAC at this price. However, it has an A / B speaker switch. Shorter signal paths provide clearer sound.

sx-10ae-front panel-buttons

The 6.3mm headphone jack is located on the front panel, along with large controls and a clear, easy-to-read text display. The remote control is simple but practical.
The exterior of the receiver has a bit of a vintage effect, but that’s not a downside at all.


We tested the Pioneer SX-10AE receiver in a smaller room. We paired the receiver with Dali Rubicon 6 floorstanding speakers. The room wasn’t acoustically perfect yet. Because it was freshly renovated, only partial acoustic treatment was performed. A few bass acoustic wall panels with double leather membrane on the walls and wood diffusers ensure proper sound attenuation and dispersion.

However, for a flawless sound, you will even need a few diffuser front panels on the ceiling, and a membrane corner element will need to be placed in the corners to optimize bass. Without improving the acoustics of the rooms, we cannot achieve satisfactory results even with the most professional audio and hi-fi equipment.

The SX-10AE produced a spacious, clean, neutral sound. We received a detailed, definite presentation. The instruments sounded distinctly, and the dynamics were quite good, though it could have been even better. The mid-ranges were also firm, and the bass and treble were okay.

The SX-10AE will turn off automatically if it is not used for a certain period of time. (Stand-by mode)
What’s really great about the SX-10AE is that the inputs and settings are as simple as possible. The speaker connectors can be easily connected to a copper speaker wire, but they also accept a banana plug. You can connect two speakers using the “A” or “B” connector, or a total of four speakers using both. Any source input can be connected with a simple RCA cable, including the subwoofer via the sub-out input.

But what we should pay attention to anyway is performance. The manufacturer also warns you about this. As a warning, this receiver can handle two 4-ohm speakers, but no more. If someone tries, you can ruin the speakers.

Otherwise, this receiver, with 2 x 100 watts of power, is ample enough to power non-professional speakers.
Unlike cheaper receivers, the components inside the SX-10AE are airy, far apart. It is important not to put anything on top of the receiver – the reason for the ventilation is there, if the unit cannot ventilate properly, it may overheat.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, installation is quick and easy, although we have found that the sound has lost some of its range over a Bluetooth connection.

sx-10ae-remote control

We recommend it for smaller rooms mainly because it is not convincing enough in a larger room. The digital inputs were slightly missing.
The receiver can also be controlled with the remote control or smartphone.


This stereo receiver is a great product for those who want to save their wallet but want to play radio or need Bluetooth streaming. The design is simple, attractive, despite its favorable price, its quality and solid design. The built-in Bluetooth connection is a big advantage, although the sound quality deteriorates slightly when connected wirelessly. The sound is naturistic, spacious, clear and detailed, although the dynamics could be a little better. The deep, high are in place, the mid-ranges are also ideal. Also recommended for studios, it also has a phono input.

Unfortunately, digital inputs are missing, and in larger rooms it doesn’t sound loud enough. It is important to pair it with good quality speakers. However, it is fully suitable for smaller rooms and home studios and provides sufficient performance.
We absolutely recommend the Pioneer SX-10AE receiver in this price range.

Written by Róbert Polgár