We have tested the Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer!

In 1972, Mathew Polk, Sandy Gross and George Klopfer founded a company called Polk Audio, which manufactures audio products. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California and was taken over in 2006 by Directed Electronics. Polk Audio is a leader in the distribution of audio products and has grown over the years to become a strong competitor, offering excellent products and excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

Polk Audio PSW10 features

-Output power 500 watts

-Dynamic power 100 Watts

-Frequency transmission 40 – 160 Hz

-Adjustable crossover frequency

-Automatic shutdown and standby

-Volume control

-Phase switch

-Line input


-Subwoofer diameter 250 mm

-Dimensions: 356 x 365 x 401 mm

The subwoofer cabinet made of minimal resonance MDF is equipped with internal stiffeners that provide excellent cleanliness even in the deepest ranges. Also perfect for home theater systems.

The SW10 can be easily connected to your existing music stereo via online or speaker-level connections. The dynamic low-pass crossover aligns the subwoofer sound with the other speakers.


The standard boxed shape of the PSW10 is no different from subwoofers from other brands. Available in two versions: cherry-colored vinyl and black oak vinyl. Both have a high-quality surface, so they can be perfectly integrated into the style and colors of modern home theater or sound systems.



The PSW10 subwoofer is equipped with a thick baffle, the traditional wooden block is made of titanium. It has a stiffened casing and, thanks to its damped design, eliminates standing waves and distortions. Guided and fine-tuned bass port to produce maximum bass is one of the most important elements of a subwoofer. It also features laser-based KlippelDistortion measurement technology that reduces sound distortion and provides deep and accurate sound. Most Polk Audio speakers and subwoofers can be listened to at extremely high volumes without affecting the sound quality. The Polk Audio PSW10 is no exception.


Ideal for small to medium sized rooms. For larger rooms, we prefer subwoofers with higher performance. We tested the subwoofer in a smaller living room, connected it with a NAD T758 V3 home theater receiver and a pair of Magnat Transpuls 1500 speakers. Unfortunately, the acoustics of the room were not yet adequate, as the newly built apartment was not yet fully finished, so the walls and ceiling reflect the sounds, as do the large window areas and beautiful marble floors. We will need sound-absorbing and diffuser panels on the walls, and we have proposed acoustic curtains in front of the windows, which will significantly improve the acoustics thanks to their thick, dense weave. While the marble floor does look amazing, it is not very acoustically advantageous, so it will be necessary to place sound-deadening-mats.

PSW10-back panel

The inputs are conveniently accessible and easy to connect to most audio systems. With intelligent sensors, you get an optimal sound experience. The PSW10 produces an impressive bass effect. The percussion instruments could be heard clearly and with impressive precision. Basses are clear, sharp, and rich in detail without overpowering overall sound quality. The PSW10 sounds best in small and medium-sized rooms. The PSW10 is fighting in a big room. If you want more intense bass in larger rooms, you may want to choose the Polk Audio PSW12 or PSW505. Sound quality is also affected by the 50-watt RMS amplifier installed in the Polk Audio PSW10. The amplifier provides excellent bass even at low volumes. The impressive 50-watt amplifier is designed for minimal power consumption.

Often, most subwoofers stop at extreme volumes. Fortunately, the Polk Audio PSW10 has an excellent compression circuit that limits sound distortion when listening at high volumes. This circuit reduces and prevents possible damage caused by high volume.

The Polk Audio PSW10 also has a useful intelligent sensor circuit that allows the subwoofer to be turned on and off automatically. This means you don’t have to worry about turning off the subwoofer manually in the event of a power outage or unexpected shutdown. The auto on / off function protects the subwoofer from possible overvoltage.

Polk Audio PSW10 is very efficient for its price. The quality of the audio output is surprisingly impressive. The deep, detailed bass and clear sounds are very pleasant to listen to.


This subwoofer offers surprisingly good sound quality compared to its affordable price. It is also an excellent addition to your existing sound system or home cinema system. It is characterized by clear and clean sound. Not only does it offer great sound effects, it also has great bass effects with enhanced sounds. Thanks to the 50W RMS amplifier and the 10-inch driver that backs up the entire system, it improves the ultimate sound quality for the Polk Audio PSW10. The wooden block and the upscale design give the subwoofer an elegant look, in addition to being practical and affordable!

The Polk Audio PSW10 is extremely easy to connect to most systems; however, it still does not have a direct LFE input connection to bypass the subwoofer crossover. Because the PSW10 is compatible with other Polk Audio speakers, the use of the PSW10 may not be maximized. Although the PSW10 has an impressive bass output, it is difficult to provide bass suitable for powerful and large rooms. The PSW10 is suitable for use in smaller rooms.

Written by Róbert Polgár