Our goal is to provide our customers with the exact delivery time and to keep to it. We take the indicated delivery time very seriously! The delivery time of the products is 2-3 weeks from the receipt of the price of the products on our account!
The delivery time is usually 2-5 days depending on which delivery center you are in.
We always strive to ensure that our customers receive the product they purchase as quickly and safely as possible.
By e-mail, we always notify our customers when the product is ready and on the way by courier.

If the customer pays by credit card or bank transfer (including VAT) and has a valid, registered, corporate / business EU tax number, our company will refund the amount of VAT, but we will deduct a 10% bank handling fee from the amount to be refunded. (Because the bank deducted a 10% handling fee from us during transfers.)

In countries that are not members of the European Union,( for example, Switzerland, United Kingdom) customs duties are payable on the shipment of the products. (The amount of duty may vary from country to country.)


Of course, the price of the product will only be refunded if the product and packaging are returned to us in good condition (please pack the returned product very carefully!)

If you want to return the product and the packaging is damaged after return, the price of the packaging must be deducted from the refunded amount.
We will deduct a 10% bank handling fee from each refund.

Please check the condition of the ordered products carefully upon delivery, keep the invoice and the packaging! If the product (s) received after delivery to the house are damaged, defective, or you find dirt on them, or the colour, size, material does not correspond to the customer, please inform the customer within 2 working days of receipt, e -mail or phone! If the customer fails to do so, the cost of returning the product (s) beyond two days will be borne by the customer!

If the customer does not receive the product he ordered or our company makes another error in the delivery of the products, we will reimburse the delivery cost of returning the products to the customer, but only up to the amount previously paid by the customer for the delivery of the products.

If you notice any damage to the packaging, sign the acknowledgment of receipt with the note “Accepted with reservation!”.
Then contact the complaints department (DHL courier company) of the parcel delivery company to help you arrange the complaint. Please prepare the parcel tracking number of the shipment as identification data.

If there are no signs of damage to the packaging of the shipment, but you notice any damage to the product after unpacking, you have 48 hours to report the damage to the parcel delivery company or directly to Perfect Acoustic Customer Service via email. After 48 hours, this type of complaint will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
(Intact packaging, box itself is not a guarantee that the product delivered in the box is intact!)

The colour and shade of the products may differ in reality compared to the pictures on the website, therefore our company does not take any responsibility!

1-2 cm size difference is possible for the products, please take this into account when ordering the products!

In the case of carpets, a 30% size or weight and thickness difference is possible!

In the case of acoustic diffusers, a size difference of 5-10 mm is possible due to the location of the wooden cubes.
In the case of wooden boards that form the basis of diffusers, a twist of 5-10 degrees can occur.
There can be different distances between wooden cubes, up to 5 mm difference.

We can only return the products in their original packaging and together with the invoice confirming the purchase / receipt! If the product order is canceled before the start of the delivery – the customer will receive the price of the product (s) back and the customer will receive cost, but if the delivery has already started, in that case we will refund the price of the canceled product to the customer, but the delivery cost will be borne by the customer! If only the packaging is damaged – the price of the packaging is deducted price!

In the event that the buyer does not take over the ordered and delivered product for any reason (eg not at home or for any other reason) and the courier company returns the product to us, the delivery cost and return cost and, 10% handling fee cost is also borne by the buyer!

In the event that the customer notices damage to the packaging of the product or to the product upon delivery of the ordered product, a report must be drawn up on site by the employee of the transport company, in which the fact of the damage is recorded. In the absence of a report, in case of returning the damaged packaging or damaged product, the delivery and return costs and the 10% handling fee will also be borne by the buyer!

1. Each curtain is made on the basis of an individual order, therefore each curtain is considered unique, we cannot buy it back!

2. The weight of the curtains refers to the flow meter of the material: 1 flow meter is 140 cm and weighs 820 grams. (+/- 20-30% weight deviation possible!)

3. Acoustic curtains can only absorb 10-20 decibels of sound if they are placed completely without gaps or if the acoustics of the given room are adequate! Due to the resulting problems / complaints, we cannot take back the curtains!

VAT-free purchases can only be made in case of a bank transfer or credit card payment, when ordering, it is MUST be entered in the comment into the valid, registered company / business EU tax number. In case of PayPal payment, it is not possible to purchase VAT-free!

In the case of an individual curtain or panel order, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the order after the order and payment, because we cannot refund the price!


Customers may cancel their order at any time prior to shipment. By email to or by phone + 3670289-19-47 (in Hungarian or English).
UNIQUE PRODUCTS, there is no way to cancel your order !!!!!!

If the buyer is not satisfied with the sound results of the products, in addition to his own measurements and individual acoustic properties, he can return the goods, but in this case the shipping cost is borne by the buyer.


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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to comply with our legal obligations;
exercise our legal rights (for example, in court cases);
prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of criminal offenses;

If you purchase goods or gift vouchers through any of PERFECT ACOUSTIC’s websites, your name, address, email address and contact information will be stored in our ordering system, Woo Commerce. Please be assured that we will not share your personal information with any other company without your consent.

Products may be damaged during shipment, PERFECT ACOUSTIC will make every effort to verify that customers are not responsible. Any damage resulting from shipping must be reported to our company IMMEDIATELY. Such damages are settled between PERFECT ACOUSTIC and the courier company. When ordering by courier some things you need to know. If you sign and receive the package / product and do not inspect it before signing, you waive your right to claim damages, even if the damage is “hidden”. Check the product immediately for damage during shipment. The regulations of the National Council for Compensation require that:
1. Make sure the product is undamaged on arrival Open the boxes or packaging before the courier.
2.If you notice any injury or damage, write a detailed report to the courier immediately!
3. It is the courier’s duty to write down the minutes, no matter how hurry to the next address !!!
4.If you notice any damage discovered, please email PERFECT ACOUSTIC as soon as possible.Always send pictures, pictures showing the damage! !
5.Be sure to retain damaged packaging and products until the product is inspected by the courier company.This is to ensure that the courier company is certain that the product is actually damaged during shipping.
Be sure to keep the consignment note and waybill and the record, these documents are essential to compensate the buyer for your claim!

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