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Reference work is very important to us and to our customers!

Please send pictures and videos of acoustic panels, acoustic diffusers and all types of our products. This will help your dear customers and those who are still thinking make the big decision.



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Don’t be afraid of the reference pictures!

We know that many people do not like to publicize their homes and homes. If there were no reference images of our products in such quantities:

they wouldn’t be able to decide what life-like acoustic panels on their walls or a bass trap in the corner would look like in life. It would also be difficult to decide, without reference pictures, what color or pattern the diffuser front panel acoustic panel should have in a living room, eg: oak for a red wall. circular faceplate.

Social media

We spend several hours a day on social media and share lots of pictures of ourselves and everything else that matters.

In our case, the requested reference pictures take only 1-2 minutes of your precious time. Compared to this, you can help others tremendously while wondering what product to buy. It’s not just the intention to buy that is the goal. Many people know nothing about acoustics. That is why we are writing so many articles on this topic because we have a huge amount of experience. We regularly share this experience with the people who email us. We are happy to advise on acoustics

  1. speaker placement
  2. seat position selection
  3. studio construction
  4. acoustic panel placement
  5. custom bass trap you may have requested

I could list it indefinitely. But the bottom line is that they take the above tips into their homes. So they can get an idea and get closer to realizing the perfect acoustics.

All with the help of you!

Take reference pictures in a few minutes!

If not only from this point of view, reference images can also be used to illustrate quality. Almost all of our images can be zoomed in to see Perfect Acoustic materials and the exact fit. This is how we try to provide premium service to our dear customers.

Please send a video too!

Unfortunately, despite seeing hundreds of reference images and sending a lot of videos to our dear customers, we are unable to present 0.1% of our work on the products sold. Therefore, we kindly ask each of our customers to send video and pictures in the best possible quality to help other people. No need to worry about finding out where you live or where you are on the map. Perfect Acoustic has been shipping throughout Europe for 15 years. It can reach more than 100 million people and bring their products to more countries. This is because of the high dispersion, so don’t be afraid to send reference pictures of acoustic panels, curtains or diffusers.

Let the acoustics be with you !!!


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