We tested the Sim2 Nero 3D-2 home theater projector!

Sim2 is an Italian company founded in 1995. The brand offers new and unique video and audio solutions, promises unparalleled performance, and outstanding design. Holders of numerous awards, the company is based in Italy.

Features of Nero 3D-2 DLP projector


The Neo 3D-2 is a one-chip, full HD, 3D projector with excellent optics, Pure Motion and Pure Movie image enhancement technologies, minimal noise and an excellent cooling system.

Equipped with a 280-Watt, dimmable lamp, it can provide brightness of up to 2,000 lumens depending on the lens. With Dynamic Black turned on, the contrast ratio is 30,000: 1. It has 2 HDMI 1.4 inputs, works with Live Color Calibration 2 software, measures 459 x 210 x 455 mm and weighs 11 Kg.

3 Nero models have been produced so far, in addition to the Nero 3D-2, the cheaper 3D-1 and 3D HB also have 3D capabilities. The base model is 3D1, which is the cheapest, offering 1600 lumens of brightness and a 10000: 1 contrast ratio. Each member of the Nero series is a one-chip DLP projector, which is important to mention because before that, Sim2 entered the market with 3-chip projectors.

This model is designed for dedicated home theaters. Its appearance is elegant, curved, Italian style, the housing is matte black, which is especially advantageous in a dark cinema room. High quality parts were used in the production. Every detail has been paid attention to, meticulous elaboration. thanks to its relatively compact size, it is easy to place, can even be mounted on a shelf and has 3 adjustable feet.

Excellent glass lens, amazing optics

The glass lens of the Nero 3D-2 projector is extremely high quality, which is why the price of the projector is quite high. The lens is located on the right side of the front of the device. The projector uses Texas Instruments 0.95-inch 1080p DMD technology. The maximum brightness of the UHP bulb is 2000 lumens. The Nero 3D-2 does not have a horizontal lens shift, so its placement is slightly limited, but placement in the vertical plane is not so important, as this model has a manual shift that can move the image by up to 50%. The lens can be shifted over the lens housing using an Allen key. Of course, it has motorized, objective Zoom and Focus functions. It has standard, high-quality genuine glass lenses, and the manufacturer also offers two optional, also high-quality glass lenses. There is also an optional lens system that can be fixed or motorized. The infrared receiver is located directly under the lens, and there is another one at the back along with the power cord cable socket.

The Nero 3D-2 projector can operate at 200 and 240 volts at 48-62 Hz and comes with a cable of about two meters. In addition to the power connector and the power switch, all other connectors are located on the back of the device, such as the analog composite video input, the RCA connector, the component input, and the RS232 and USB sockets, and three more Trigger output also. The device has a standard Sim2 2005 remote control, which is extremely easy to use, although its layout could be more transparent.


Life Color Calibration 2.0 allows perfect colour coordinate and white level adjustments, image optimization can be varied according to our own ideas, and Pure Movie and Pure Motion 3D features give you a true cinematic experience, providing fantastically sharp contrast without losing movement the images from their sharpness.

nero3d-2_proj. control panel

The implementation of Sim2 3D is really almost perfect. Use the emitter (emitter) infrared signals for this model to synchronize the projector with the 3D glasses. Entering and navigating the menus was a bit confusing at times, but with the remote control, it’s easier to do. In the Picture menu, you can select the aspect ratio and resolutions. There is also a submenu here to select Gamma Correction, in which you can choose between Dynamic and Parametric, the parametric control allows you to select the gamma setting from a number of different settings. There is also a color management option in the menus, in the Settings menu you can set whether the projector is mounted on a ceiling or floor, it also has a digital keystone control, which is not really recommended because you can easily lose high resolution details. Variable iris, test patterns, and initial setup features can also be found in the projector menu. Without wishing to be exhaustive, all the usual adjustment functions can be accessed in the menu, such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction. Thanks to the Color Management submenu, the colour gamut and colour temperature can be selected.

Sim2 Nero 3D-2 Movie test

black butterfly-movie poster

We chose the exciting and twisted thriller Black Butterfly for testing. We tested the projector in a fairly large home theater room. It is a room of about 30 square meters, with acoustic sound absorbers and diffuser elements placed on the walls and ceiling, so the sound system of the home theater also provided a perfect sound. To complete the cinematic experience, thick, densely woven, sound-absorbing and at the same time darkening acoustic curtains in front of the windows ensured complete darkening.

After calibration with LCC software, we found incredible color accuracy, contrast ratio, resolution, and its performance was truly impressive. Even in moving scenes, the images remained sharp without any blur. Pure Motion mode offers adaptive motion processing, but since DLP projectors are generally said to handle motion very well, you don’t really need to use it. Dynamic Black is only available in Movie mode and is designed to increase the black level of the projected image.

The 2-dimensional image performance was excellent, the color gamut was accurate, we were absolutely happy with it, we got natural colours, smooth transitions. It should be noted, however, that Nero 3D-2 had a really great, incredibly detailed picture for high-definition content. Otherwise, one of the main advantages of single-chip DLP projectors is sharpness. Lenses of exceptional quality and performance are also to be commended because they have delivered truly impressive performance. Another strength of DLP projectors is the motion control that this projector excelled at. We got dynamic and amazing colours, the brightness was also really stunning. Thanks to its high brightness, the Nero 3D-2 is perfect for use in a room with a white wall or ceiling, possibly a brighter one. During the projection of the images, we discovered that the black level was low.


However, the 3D image performance was incredible, and thanks to the high brightness, this model also eliminates the problem that usually occurs when using 3D glasses, ie a significant reduction in light, which can reduce light output by 50-75 percent on most projectors, and thus the image becomes blurred, but in the case of the Sim2 Nero 3D-2, the high-performance bulb produces bright and clear, sharp 3D images even when using glasses. Sim2 has optimized the new brand XpanD glasses, these glasses did not disappoint during the trial, although they were a bit heavy and not very comfortable to wear for a long time. There was no disturbing rainbow effect on the 3D content either.


The Nero 3D-2 projector is also in the premium category in terms of appearance and quality. Thanks to the extremely high brightness, the 2D and 3D image quality is also perfect, the grayscale and colour scale are also reference levels, after some calibration the video processing is impressive and with the help of the color calibration software we get incredibly vivid colors.

The black levels were slightly below what we expected. The remote control could be a little more transparent and better designed. Its video level is limited and the projector can be categorized in a fairly high price range, in fact it fits between mid- and high-end models. Compared to the JVC projector, in our opinion, the JVC projector provided better performance and nicer images.

Written by:

Róbert Polgár