Spotify Review


Spotify is a premium music streaming service available in both free and premium versions. Spotify is one of the best music services. Despite stiff competition from other similar services, including Tidal and DJ-centric LiveXLive, Spotify remains the most popular entrant in this category, with its abundant music offerings, customizable playlists, podcasts and many other attractive features.

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One of the secrets to Spotify’s success is easy accessibility. You can access Spotify by launching the web player, downloading desktop apps (Chromebook, Linux, Mac, and Windows), or installing one of the mobile apps (Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile). Spotify can also be used on TVs, set-top boxes, smartwatches and video game consoles.

Desktop applications take precedence over web player and mobile applications, as they can also play M4P, MP3 and MP4 audio files stored on your computer. This is a particularly good feature for those who want to play all music streams and audio files from one central location. Unfortunately, the desktop application is not compatible with M4A files.

However, the Android app and the iOS app have additional benefits. On mobile, Spotify is partnering with Genius, one of the most popular lyrics sites on the internet. This feature displays the most important lyrics (not the full lyrics!), But unfortunately there are no lyrics in web or desktop applications. Behind The Lyrics also provides behind-the-scenes information.

You can sign up for Spotify Free or one of the four Spotify Premium levels. The free version lets you listen to 160Kbps, manage your digital music files, and connect with others through built-in social networking features.

Paid Spotify Premium allows you to listen to certain albums before release and play songs on demand. You can also cache songs for offline playback on your computer, phone, or other devices. This level also increases the sound quality to 320Kbps. In terms of function and quality, Premium is worth the price.

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The family version of Spotify is really wallet friendly. Spotify includes a number of good features in the family version, such as Family Mix and Spotify Kids (a separate child service).

If you need a Spotify that only covers two people, the Spotify Duo is the right choice.

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The student version of Spotify includes ad-supported Hulu and Showtime, which no other streaming music service can.

Lots of tracks

The Spotify library contains more than 50 million songs, as well as audiobooks, comedies, radio dramas, podcasts, poems. In fact, Spotify also has plenty of non-musical extras, such as The Joe Budden Podcast and Hulu Originals soundtrack, which offsets LiveXLive’s DJs and music history channels, as well as Tidal’s music features and exclusive videos. Still, Spotify doesn’t have a lot of music or concert videos. LiveXLive is better in this regard, as is SiriusXM Internet Radio.

If we click on the name of a performer, other songs of the performer will appear, we can also find the biography and photos of the artist. However, the LiveXLive DNS host does a better job with artist profiles, using interviews, and other extra features.

Playlists and community

The Spotify library has a really wide selection. You can create playlists with any song or album that Spotify offers. By default, Spotify streams songs in playlists without interruption.

group-session-functionThe Group Session feature allows the user and other Spotify Premium subscribers to listen to the same content on their own devices at the same time – and also control the playback of the content. Group Session supports two to five people and we can easily invite our friends and family to listen to music by sending a link.

Spotify sound quality

Free Spotify is capable of playing 128Kbps and Premium 320Kbps streams in good quality. If you listen to Spotify on your laptop or phone while you work or travel, you will find the sound quality to be adequate. Of course, if you have a home theater system with a serious sound system and amplifier and use Spotify through it, the sound will obviously be better. Also pay attention to the acoustics of the room, because we can only be satisfied with the sound of music or cinema if we treat the walls, ceiling, window and floor surfaces with acoustic sound-absorbing products. If you want to achieve perfect sound, you may want to perform an acoustic measurement in that room.The type and amount of acoustic sound absorbing and diffuser panels specified by the experts performing the measurement will greatly improve the acoustics of the room or even the office.

However, if you want better sound quality and have a pair of headphones, you might want to consider Tidal’s service. Tidal provides uncompressed 1411 Kbps FLAC audio with much higher quality than standard audio. Better yet, it includes a collection of music called Tidal Masters that offers studio-quality, high-definition audio streams. They sound fantastic. Amazon Music Unlimited, Primephonic and Qobuz also offer high definition sound.

In addition to listening to singles, albums and playlists, we can create an Artist Radio station that plays music from our favorite musicians and musicians of a similar style.

As mentioned earlier, Spotify lacks LiveXLive DJ services. (specific playlists and Slacker DNS stations full of music history).

If you acquire a VPN, the VPN protects your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can allow access to other licensed music, depending on the location of the VPN server. However, using a VPN may violate Spotify’s terms of service, so be careful.


Spotify is an excellent streaming music service. Lots of great music, exclusive tunes and podcasts are available, the most popular among music streaming and pop culture related content. If you prefer musical depths and concert videos, we recommend LiveXLive. If you want high-definition audio, Editors ’Choice’s award-winning Tidal service is the ideal choice.

Written by Róbert Polgár