SVS SB-4000 active,closed subwoofer test

SVS subwoofers are not unknown to home theater and music fans. The popularity of the brand is due to its quality exterior design and perfect bass ranges.

SB-4000 model


The SB-4000 is an active, closed-system subwoofer with a rectangular shape, with slight roundings, and is not visible at first glance, but it weighs 46.4 kg and has a large magnet weighing nearly 17 kg. The rugged, very thick MDF enclosure surrounds the fiberglass, paper composite, ultra-rigid membrane and wide aluminum die-cast basket almost like armor. It is equipped with a steel cover and rubber feet.

Air can move through trapezoidal openings, the pendulum coil is made of 3-inch aluminum wire wound in 8 layers. The manufacturer calls the deflection XMech and allows a deflection of 76.2 mm without any damage, which is really amazing.

sb-4000-back panel

The back cover is quite puritanical, with clean, line-level inputs and outputs, RCA, XLR sockets, a main switch and an IEC socket only on it. Unlike previous models of the brand, the subwoofer is also equipped with a display, which can also be controlled with a small infrared remote control, but can also be controlled via Bluetooth via iOS or Android on mobile phones and smart devices via a downloadable application. This kind of control seemed much easier than controlling with a remote control.

sb-4000-mobil application

There are a wide variety of settings available in the menu, such as volume, display off, cut slope, or low pass filter frequency control… etc. A 3-band parametric EQ calibration program also aids fine-tuning, frequency transmission from 19 to 310 Hz, Sledge amplifier at 1200 watts and “D” class. It is also extremely easy to integrate into our sound system thanks to the settings.

sb4000-remote control

In appearance, it has been given a simple, modern, cube shape. There is a blue LED display on the front panel, which can be dimmed if you bother. If you want a more elegant design, you can also choose the glossy, piano lacquered surface, but then you have to reckon with the fact that all your fingerprints can be seen on it, and unfortunately the dust also deposits on the glossy surface quickly.

It doesn’t matter how much space such a high-performance subwoofer is placed in, it can provide the best performance in rooms of 20-25 square meters.

Advantages of closed, active subwoofers

Active speakers have a built-in amplifier, so they are capable of high performance and pulse-like operation, in addition to requiring short cables, which ensures that these losses are also reduced. Active speakers are also advantageous in terms of space saving. The closed system speakers have a completely closed design, the closed air acts as a spring force when the speaker diaphragm moves. Thanks to this, we get precise, well-caught, tight basses. However, this type belongs to the more expensive price category, as its production costs are also much higher.


Integrated into a home theater system, we tested the SB-4000 subwoofer. In 2015, the film Legend was released in cinemas, so we started testing. We tested the subwoofer with a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 60 stationary speakers and a Denon AVC X6700 home theater amplifier.

In our approximately 28-square-foot home theater room, our measurements found that the room’s acoustics were virtually flawless. The owner did a very thorough job in this area when designing and furnishing the cinema room. Printed acoustic panels on the walls, as well as diffuser elements, as well as thick-woven, thick, sound-absorbing curtains and a sinking, densely woven carpet also contribute to the perfect acoustics. With the help of curtains, not only the acoustics can be improved, but also the complete blackout can be achieved in this way, which is a very important aspect in the case of a cinema room.

We had a very clear, strong, accurate and detailed sound, the subwoofer was able to transmit distortion-free, very intense, percussive depths, and the dynamics were also ideal. The 2016 film, starring Ben Affleck’s Live by Night, followed. We had an extensive stage scene, a spacious and detailed sound experience, the basses were really extremely full, tight and catchy.

We also tried out what this subwoofer knows in the field of music. We listened to Imagine Dragons’ song Monster and then Michael Bublé’s hit Feeling Good, the instrument produced deep walls that shook the wall, it didn’t distort at high volume either. It filled the space very nicely, and it can even be said that we also heard ranges that we had not experienced before for the same songs. Sometimes we felt the bass was a bit overly controlled and regulated, but that wouldn’t be a serious mistake.


Sb4000 in a room

The SB-4000 subwoofer is a true heavyweight champion, thanks not only to its rather heavy weight, but to the fantastically intense and muscular bass ranges. We did not hear any distortion, it kept the clear sound even at high volume. The disadvantage would be the lack of automatic calibration, although the Room EQ Wizard can be used instead, it would be more convenient and simpler if it also had automated calibration. Controlling the subwoofer is much easier through the app, using smart devices. At times, we would have liked a little more free-flowing, unstoppable bass because the SB-4000 radiates slightly overly controlled bass, but no subwoofer should have a bigger flaw than that.

The excellent sound and the indestructible, rugged exterior design, the use of quality parts, but also raises the price, do not belong to the cheap price category.

Written by Róbert Polgár