Acoustic absorption panels with diffuser

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  • Größe: 130x64x11cm  Gewicht: 11kg

  • Size: 104x64x11cm  weight: 9kg

  • Size: 104x64x6cm  weight: 7kg

  • Size: 64x54x6cm  weight: 4kg

What is a acoustic absorption panels?

An acoustic component that allows us to create a unique, harmonious sound in an interior space. Its interior contains acoustic cotton, which was placed in a solid wooden structure and covered with a dense acoustic silk to protect it from dusting.

internal structure of acoustic panels

The diffuser front is made for quality and durability. Made of solid, solid laminated wood that fits perfectly into the space you dream of, not only in appearance but also in function.

Description of the panel with acoustic diffuser:

– All our sound absorbing panels contain 90kg / m3 of acoustic cotton, which is harmless to health, enclosed in a hard wooden structure
– To further reduce dust protection, cover externally with a dense acoustic silk.
– Then finally the diffuser front panel is made of hard compressed wood.

Perfect Acoustic offers a wide range of colors and patterns

You decide and choose, or design, the image that suits your ideas for the diffuser acoustic elements you choose!
Choose from a combination of these and Perfekt Acoustic will not only be a partner in the construction, but also realize your ideas!

16 different silk colors

-Diffuser fronts in 8 different colors with 4 different patterns
-We are also at your disposal to design a combination of these on demand
-Keeping is extremely easy and requires no special tools or methods. Therefore, wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient.

Why do you need a diffuser front element?

Well, it largely depends on the purpose of use and on the other hand on personal needs. At the design stage, we always help our customers to choose the most ideal product combination. Also taking into account individual needs. Our many years of experience and continuous training provide our customers with high quality and expertise at affordable prices.
There are basically two types of acoustic modules, one that dissipates sound (diffuser) and the other that absorbs. In this case, you get two in one products. Diffuser panels can contribute to improving the spatial sound of various sound materials and recordings.


Since most of our homes were not built by us, it is unlikely that the acoustics of the rooms were taken into account when designing our bedroom, living room, or even our basement. In the case of a hi-fi room, sound studio, for example, with all this in mind, a few things are taken care of from the very beginning.

It is an important fact that an absorber or diffuser is always the best tool to create a good sound in a room. Be it a professional or privately driven need.

  • home theaters
  • music rooms
  • stereo rooms
  • studios
  • but even rehearsal rooms set up in the basement require optimizing the sound of the room. Eliminate echoes and other unpleasant annoying sound effects.
Properties of acoustic diffusers

The choice of materials and design options are varied. Products made of wood, various plastics, metals, or plexiglass are common. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of qualities and price ranges.

Advantages of our unique diffuser panel:

we make high quality, solid and highly efficient products
thanks to the solid wall lamellas, the bass attenuation is more effective than the broadband  panels
in addition to sound absorption, it perfectly balances the diffusion and scattering of sound
our diffuser panels are designed to reduce the high range as little as possible, while absorbing deeper sounds more effectively than average.
The deep sound passing through the hardwood front panel vibrates the slats, making it even more effective as a resonator in reducing bass.
we continuously test our products and measure the reliability of our panels, which reduce unwanted sound waves from 40Hz to 20,000Hz.
This figure shows the sound absorption of a 104x64x11cm diffuser front panel absorber.

Acoustic panel with diffuser (4)


What does a diffuser acoustic panel know in practice?

First of all, what is striking is the tiny little gaps on the front of the diffuser through which the sounds can move more freely, thus not only having a reflective but also a scattering effect.

The quality of the existing sound also improves, the reflections are divided into parts, which only reach the ear later. The effect of incorrect control (phantom sound sources) caused by strong reflections is reduced. The positive effect on acoustics is based on changes in time range, intensity, and direction.

Compared to broadband sound absorbers, our diffuser acoustic elements:

They absorb more deep sounds below 300 Hz but less sounds above 600 Hz. These effects can be calculated / simulated using professional simulation programs – as well as diffusion properties when combining different diffuser elements.

For good surround sound, aim for the lowest effective frequency possible.

Why are Perfect Acoustic diffuser acoustic elements durable and practical?

The function of the acoustic diffuser is to distribute the sound, so to speak, most efficiently. Although experiencing sound is always subjective, all students agree that, for example, the surround sound of music is a much more vivid, natural, yet softer experience. The sound field is the best possible, and its even distribution in the space eliminates the unpleasant effect when sounds appear “sharp” in the higher frequency range.

Good quality is extremely important to us!

That is why our products are filled with 90kg / m3 acoustic cotton with an extraordinary density built into a solid wooden frame that gives a strong hold, thus ensuring professional and appropriate reduction of bass. This definitely requires a high-density fibrous absorbent material or membrane that can meet expectations perfectly. Materials such as styrofoam sponge or acoustic foam should not be considered in such a special case. The cotton used by Perfect Acoustic not only provides maximum protection with the help of anti-dust acoustic silk, but is also completely harmless to health. Each diffuser front is made of durable, high-quality compressed wood, individually designed by us.


We provide pre-drilled holes in the back of our products for easier installation, although it should be mentioned that due to their significant weight, they can be placed on the ground, even on their own feet, making them absolutely mobile.

Acoustic element diffusers with retractable legs are also available on request.
Leg price: 10 RUR / panel
Legs can even be removed.

Suspension of acoustic ceiling panels:

In case of lack of space, it is not a problem to secure the diffuser panels to the ceiling either.

Either by hanging a thin chain or by hanging on a braided wire.

We are also partners in the implementation of the design you have dreamed of in terms of the construction of our acoustic elements.

Additional information

Weight N/A

104x64x11cm, 104x64x6cm, 130x64x11cm, 64x54x6cm

acoustic panel color

beige 5, black 36, burst white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light blue 30, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1

diffuser panel color

cream, gray oak, mahogany, tobacco oak, black, dark oak, light oak, white

diffuser panel pattern

barred, circled, striped, wavy

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