Cube acoustic sound panels

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Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

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We can produce custom sizes as well.




Properties of the Cube acoustic sound panels:

Inside our panels we place 90kg/m3 acoustic wool into a sturdy wood construction.
The acoustic wool is developed especially for this purpose thus it is non-toxic.
The surface of the panel is covered with acoustic velvet which also protects against dust emission.
sound absorbing panel is needed in those places where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference level.

Colours of our acoustic sound panels:

Acoustic panel colors

Acoustic panel colors

In 16 different colours.


Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.
What is it good for and where to place it?

You can get an answer to this question in this article.

In which area the  bass traps betters other products?

We tried to create such an acoustic panel by which we can treat the entire bandwidth without over damping the higher frequencies.
Since it destroys the unwanted bass from 40Hz we will hear more detailed and controlled bass while higher frequencies will remain airier and more spacious.

It dampens the unwanted sound waves from 40Hz to 20,000Hz.
All of our products are continuously measured and tested.

Cube bass trapThe Cube bass traps is in stock in black colour.
Other colours and sizes are available on custom order.
We can produce any size in order to fit the panel easily into your home or studio.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

beige 5, black 36, blue 30, broken white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1


105x31x20cm, 105x31x30cm, 105x41x40cm

5 reviews for Cube acoustic sound panels

  1. Butagi

    I ordered a custom size 4d Cube bass trap. It was ready in 2 days. I’m very pleased with it! The bass was all right.

  2. whatismyname

    Ich hatte ein Problem mit dem Klang, aber ich fand diese handgemachten akustischen Elemente und löste meine Probleme. Schnelle Lieferung, gute Materialien, einfache Montage. Der Preis war in Ordnung. Ich empfehle diesen Shop jedem! danke

  3. Hola

    Hola! recomendado por mi amigo Excelente producto, me alegro de haberlo comprado aquí. gracias

  4. Bacon Planet

    They’ve produced a noticeable improvement in my room acoustics, they look tidy and they were reasonably priced. Thanks

  5. pfarrer

    Wir hatten eine sehr schlechte Akustik im Heiligtum unserer Kirche (für 200-300 Personen) und auch ein sehr enges Budget, sodass wir eine kostengünstige Lösung finden mussten, ohne einen Fachmann einzustellen. Problem gelöst (das Problem mit den niederfrequenten Schallwellen, die an den Wänden aufprallen) Mit diesen Bassfallen sind die Musik und die Stimmen jetzt verständlich. Einige Leute bemerkten die akustische Verbesserung, ohne etwas über die Installation der Bassfallen zu sagen! Unser Pastor ist so zufrieden mit der Klangverbesserung, die wir mit diesen Bassfallen erzielt haben.

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