Bass acoustic wall panels with double leather membrane

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Premium acoustic wall panels with double leather membrane: 


  • Our soundproofing membranes are made of high-density acoustic imitation leather, rear sprung imitation leather membrane 
  • Inside, there is an acoustic cotton with a density of 90 kg / cubic meter placed in a rigid wooden structure, which is not harmful to health and has excellent sound absorption capabilities. 
  • Our imitation leather membranes effectively absorb unnecessary deep sounds from 30 Hz, above 600 Hz they absorb only a negligible amount of higher sounds. 
  • The feel and appearance of the imitation leather is the same as the texture and look of real leather. 
  • Our customers can choose from 7 types of imitation leather colours. 
  • All our products are made by hand. 
  • We regularly test and inspect our products. 
  • If you need custom sizing, please email us. We try to realize every idea. 
  • We use only premium quality raw materials. The quality of our products does not deteriorate over the years, their colour, material and pattern do not fade or wear out. 
  • Thanks to their elegant and aesthetic design, our soundproofing acoustic imitation leather membranes can become the decoration of any style of room, studio or office. 
  • The ordered products are carefully packaged and delivered to the customer by the DHL delivery company. The 24H courier service in Hungary. Or can be picked up in person at our site. 
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leather acoustic wall panels colour pattern 

acoustic membrane colors

Our customers can choose from 7 imitation leather colours. 

It is very easy to clean. 

Can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. 

Placement of acoustic wall panels: 

  1. Because our imitation leather membranes also stop on their own feet, they can’t just be fixed to the wall. This makes them easy to move and can be placed as desired.
  2. Our soundproofing membranes were pre-drilled with holes for fixing with screws. This makes them easy to mount on walls or ceilings.
  3. Do not place the acoustic elements in the immediate vicinity of the wall, place them at least 10 cm away from the wall. Thus, they treat the bass range with greater impact.
  4. Our skin deep soundproofing membranes attenuate unwanted bass sounds from 30 Hz to 600 Hz. 

Foldable wooden legs are also available on request

Available with 8mm wooden frame, natural pine or painted colors.

The figure below shows the sound absorption property of a 104x64x13cm double leather membrane: 

premium leather acoustic membrane

Drilling and installation: 

The back of each panel is drilled 6 cm from the corners. The hook screws supplied with the panels must be hand-wrapped in this. 

Then drill a hole in the wall and insert a dowel. Recommended size of dowels: 8mm. If you are not drilling into a brick wall, but into a drywall wall, you may want to use a drywall dowel. This type of dowel is self-tapping. So it drills smoothly into the drywall and wraps itself around. 


  Acoustic cotton: 

The Perfect Acoustic bass soundproofing membranes are unique on the market due to their highest absorption properties. By applying them, you get a more detailed, clearer-sounding bass while keeping the treble airier. The acoustic cotton in the rigid wooden structure of the bass traps is an extremely effective soundproofing material. Due to its body density and structure of 90 kg / cubic meter, it is best suited for sound absorption. 


In addition to on-site acoustic measurements, Perfect Acoustic also performs online measurements, for which the customers of the service can expect 95% accuracy. Entrust us with the acoustic inspection of your home, studio or even your workplace! If you want help and advice on exactly which soundproofing acoustic elements to buy, we are also at your disposal in choosing the right type and quantity of acoustic products for your room! 


The use of our premium double imitation leather membranes ensures perfect surround sound, complemented by our other acoustic products. 

Why is it important to use soundproofing membranes to improve acoustics? 

Our furniture, curtains, accessories and small ornaments are also able to absorb high tones. However, deep sounds are more difficult to handle. Acoustically, we can speak of a smooth and perfect sound when the bass and treble are balanced. Too much bass echoes the room, creating interference and standing waves. Flat, hard surfaces, walls, ceilings, are unable to absorb the deep sounds that will bounce back, causing uneven surround sound.

Sounds with two different frequencies have different vibration numbers, so the absorption of deep sounds can only be achieved by placing devices of the right material and structure. The absorbed sounds are not actually lost, they are converted into thermal energy. Increasing bass sounds are the biggest problem in the corners.

Acoustics professionals always start with the corners to improve the acoustics of the rooms. With bass traps, we can remedy the harmful and disturbing effects of accumulated deep sounds. Standing waves flow unimpeded near the relatively large and smooth surfaces of the ceilings, it is advisable to attenuate them. Suspended ceilings can help with this problem, but we also recommend placing soundproofing membranes on the ceiling to increase efficiency.

Bass traps also eliminate unpleasant reverberations. The sound of the rooms is influenced by several factors, not only the size and shape, but also the temperature, humidity, the structure and covering of the walls. 

Let’s tune in to each other 

High tones have a higher number of vibrations, and deep tones propagate at a lower number of vibrations. Like light, sounds are made up of waves, but they need a medium to propagate. This medium is air. Bass sounds extend farther than the high ones. 

How do bass absorbers curb deep sounds? 

When the low-frequency sound arrives at the stretched membrane, the membrane begins to vibrate and with this vibration first slows down and then stops the deep sound. The size and shape of the rooms should not be overlooked either. The acoustics of the smaller, square or rectangular rooms are the most unfavorable, as the sounds are heard back and forth between the walls at a small distance from each other. When designing buildings, acoustic measurement and design are rarely implemented.

Therefore, we usually need to resort to retrospective methods for proper acoustic sound. We avoid the use of cheap, structurally unsuitable materials because instead of sound insulation or sound absorption, the opposite effect occurs: that is, the sounds are reflected even more. 

Let’s go into the cinema – What to look for when designing a home theater? 

The visual and audio experiences provided by cinemas can also be realized at home, if our financial situation allows. The wide-diameter screen or screen ensures the quality of the picture, and the right sound system and acoustics are responsible for the perfect sound. One of the important aspects when designing cinema rooms is that they can be completely darkened, natural light must be excluded.

To do this, you can remove the windows — if for some reason this isn’t feasible, it’s a good idea to cover the glass surfaces of the windows with acoustic curtains. Thanks to their densely woven material, acoustic curtains completely exclude light, and their soundproofing properties contribute to the optimal acoustics of the space. Great attention must also be paid to the walls, ceiling and floor, as in order for our home theater to meet the requirements in the acoustic space, it is absolutely necessary to cover flat, hard, empty surfaces with soundproofing and, for the peace of mind of the neighbours, sound-insulating materials.

Drywall alone is not enough, as its structure reflects sound, thereby distorting surround sound. The idea that plastic foam or styrofoam, or egg boxes, function as sound absorbers is wrong. These materials are unsuitable for this purpose due to their structure. Use multi-layer materials specifically designed and manufactured for sound absorption and sound insulation. Perfect Acoustic’s bass-soundproofing membranes are lined with acoustic cotton, which is completely harmless to health and, thanks to its high body density, absorbs too much bass. 

Perfect Acoustic-acoustic wall panels

Perfect Acoustic pattern

Depending on the size of the room and our financial possibilities, a large screen television or a projection screen will be placed on the wall of our cinema room. Carpets are recommended for floors due to sound absorption and sound insulation. Despite the complete darkness in the cinemas during the ideal film screening, lighting must also be provided. Speakers  are available in a wide range, so take a close look at where the type is recommended. Perfect acoustics cannot be created without sound-absorbing bass traps.

At the walls and ceiling, deep sounds gather, standing waves and interference are created, which results in an unpleasant sound. Bass traps help balance sounds. Since a large amount of deep sound accumulates in the corners, place bass traps in the corners first. Our company also offers a solution for this. The corner elements are specially designed for the acoustic treatment of the corners. Our customers choose from countless types, and the sophisticated and decorative design allows everyone to find a product that suits their own style and cinema. 

There is no perfect silence, we are constantly surrounded by noises and sounds, there are barely audible or inaudible sounds to the human ear. Sounds are also no longer heard, these are ultrasounds. Although we don’t hear them, they still affect us. Infrared and ultrasound can be detected by some animal species. African elephants can detect storm-induced infrasounds from hundreds of kilometers away, and bats hunt insects using ultrasounds.

Interesting fact 

The excessive intensity and presence of deep sounds adversely affects the acoustics of the rooms. Without deep sounds, movies and music would not provide the same experience as beautifully, clearly resounding bass and a balanced harmony of high tones. Research shows that deeper-voiced leaders achieve greater success than their higher-voiced counterparts.

The voices, wealth, salaries, and time spent at work of 800 company executives were examined. It was found that the 22.2 hertz deeper voice generated $ 187,000 in additional income per year. Researchers at the University of California also revealed that deeper-voiced executives have been employed by a particular company for longer. Similar conclusions were drawn by another study. According to surveys, deeper-voiced men and women are also more popular among politicians. The Daily Telegraph c. mentions in an article in a British newspaper that the late British women’s prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, deepened her voice in her speeches. 

A few words about subwoofers: 

Many believe that the human ear is more sensitive to high pitched sounds, which is why more deep sounds are needed. This is when the decision is usually made to get a subwoofer. Deep tones have long been studied by experts in the subject. The experiments provided interesting experiences. In one experiment, an espresso was crowded with speakers that radiated the lowest range of sounds.

More than half of the guests left the room early enough, which was justified by the fact that they became tense. This also proves that the excessive presence of deep sounds negatively affects our bodies. The question that rightly arises in many people is then why do you need a subwoofer at all? A subwoofer is needed to be able to hear in a balanced way frequencies that a subwoofer can no longer transmit. 

Did you know? 

Helen Leahey, a special-born lady born in Wales, broke the record for the deepest voice sung by a woman. With this performance, he was included in the Guinness Book of Records. He sang the D voice at large, so he earned the nickname “Bass Queen” with his 72.5 hertz voice. 

I think based on these, it turned out that deep sounds can certainly leave deep traces in us. Their attenuation is essential to achieve the perfect acoustic sound. Perfect Acoustic premium double leather membranes are available at an affordable price, in impeccable quality and in a wide range. It is worth doing an acoustic measurement before recklessly acquiring acoustic devices, incurring unnecessary costs. We help you choose the right equipment for you: bass traps, acoustic wall panels, diffuser membranes, acoustic curtains. Our goal is to make all our customers as satisfied as possible with our services and products. 

Best panels acoustic options

The basic condition of the ideal acoustics is the acoustic treatment of studios and home theaters with the best soundproofing panel or fabric, which offer the best solution. If your neighbours often give parties at the weekends, you don’t have to call the police right away. Soundproofing accessories reduce noise, not just in studios. Office workers are exposed to significant office noise. Already when designing an office building, we should strive for a solution that can effectively reduce noise. With the panels and soundproofing fabric available in our shop, the best results can be achieved during acoustic treatment. With these elements, you can not only reduce noise, but also beautiful home accessories. Large, open areas of the office encourage communication between office staff as they can easily share their ideas with each other.  The soundproofing panels contain acoustic cotton, the panels direct the sound inside the cotton, thus attenuating the noise. You can choose from several options if you want to make better the acoustics in the office, studio or home. You can search our web page for articles on the topic, (office acoustics), you can view a number of options on our page related to noise reduction. (Articles are protected by copyright.)Call us if you have any issues!

Additional information

Weight 14 kg

claret, dark brown, dark gray, light brown, light gray, black, butter-colour


104x64x13cm, 130x64x11cm

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