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Properties of the Cube acoustical sound panels

  • They contain high-density 90 kg / cubic meter acoustic cotton within the hardwood structure. 
  • Each corner element stands on 5 cm legs. 
  • The size of the legs can be changed as desired. 
  • Available in 16 colours. The colour of the acoustic silk does not fade over time.  
  • You can even request with your own photo. 
  • We implement any custom size and design. 
  • It attenuates unwanted sound waves from as low as 40 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. 
  • These bass traps do not need to be drilled or fixed as they are heavy weight, stable on their own feet. 
  • Our aesthetically pleasing bass traps can be easily integrated into any interior space.

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Available in 16 colours: 

Acoustic panel colors

Acoustic panel colours


The Cube bass trap is very easy to keep clean, it is enough to wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. 

Is the performance of the bass trap measurable? 

There are free downloadable software to measure bass trap performance. First perform the measurement without a bass trap, then place the bass trap in the appropriate part of the room (corner, for example) and repeat the measurement. You will not be disappointed in the bass trap of the Perfect Acoustic Cube and this will be confirmed by the measurements! It is not worth trying cheaper, poorer quality products, sponge or styrofoam materials. 

Cube bass trap properties:

  It attenuates unwanted sound waves from as low as 40 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. 

Cube bass trap

How to use Cube sound traps?

Since bass tones accumulate mostly in the corners, it is advisable to place at least two bass traps on top of each other in each corner. Cornel bass trap is recommended in the corners, if we have enough space for it, in case of lack of space we recommend narrower or custom sized panels. If that still doesn’t work, try placing it at the height of your ear. In this way, we can also control the secondary reflection point. 

“The die has been cast” 

The Cube bass trap eliminates the disproportion of sounds .

Together with the bass trap broadband acoustic panel, we immediately experience a quality improvement. The bass calms down, the rattle echo decreases, and the standing waves responsible for highlights and extinctions disappear. The result will be a calmer, clearer sound due to a reduction in reflections and echoes. 


Do you want to enjoy truly perfect acoustics in your home, office or studio? Then be sure to have an acoustic test performed by a qualified professional. With the online measurement, we can quickly and smoothly test of the given room with 95% accuracy. It is not worth saving on acoustic measurements, we provide this service at a very reasonable price. With the help of accurate measurements, we can create the most optimal acoustics possible, and our premium quality acoustic panels, membranes, bass traps and other products meet all needs and requirements. Of course, we are also happy to help you choose the right products. 

How do bass traps help create optimal acoustics? 

Bass traps play an important role in absorbing bass sounds. The sizes and shape of the room also affect the acoustics. Some frequencies are further amplified and others are extinguished. The cube bass trap was developed for just that purpose. Used it with broadband acoustic panels and diffusers, you can achieve a perfect, balanced air space. 

Why has the use of sound-absorbing panels become so important? 

Too much bass in the studios 

Today, as a result of the rapid development of technology and science, we can make perfect sound and music recordings even in our homes, with the right tools and equipment, of course. Smaller, larger studios, halls, rooms are usually located in buildings that were not designed based on acoustic considerations at the time. The smaller the room, the more acoustic problems we may face. Due to the proximity of the walls to each other, the performance of speakers, speakers and instruments is impaired by very significant reflections. Rooms are most often rectangular or square in terms of their floor plan, with standing waves and rattle echoes due to the parallel walls. These negative acoustic effects disturb our ears to an extremely large extent. Broadband sound absorbing panels provide a solution to this problem. Managing bass frequencies is a much more serious task. When several phases combine, the bass is amplified at a certain frequency. These sound waves can complement and extinguish each other, thus reducing the frequency. As a result, the sound sources sound too quiet or too loud, depending on which part of the room we are in. If a room has optimal acoustics, we can experience a uniform sound in all parts with a negligible difference. 

I‘ve been around every corner …” 

The importance of acoustic treatment of corners should be mentioned again. Every acoustician starts the acoustic repair of a particular room with the corners. Since deep sounds accumulate in large amounts in the corners, it is absolutely justified to place bass traps. If you duplicate the amount of bass traps in the corners, they act as sound traps to absorb excessive bass sounds. 

“Teacher, please, I don’t understand that!” – or how can the membrane absorb deep sounds? 

It’s not rocket science. The high-density membrane significantly slows down those intrusive depths with a silent vibration as the bass passes through. The thermodynamic effect of the high-density, fibrous acoustic cotton inside the bass traps slows down the passing bass and then converts its acoustic energy into heat. If you have a problem below 600 Hz, you should use the Giga bass trap. 

This all sounds great, but what about the high frequencies? 

High tones are easily absorbed by even the simplest, ordinary objects. Our furniture, curtains, all function as sound-absorbing devices, but bass sounds are already proving to be a great task for our furnishings. As the absorption of the bass range is the most difficult to control, however, it is essential to achieve the ideal surround sound, so the higher tones must also be sacrificed. Absorbed high sounds can also be called a collateral damage. 

Even when placed behind a home theater curtain, our bass traps work perfectly as the deep sound passes unhindered through the curtain! 

The secrets of sounds 

Sounds are not just part of the music world. They are present in our everyday lives, such as speech and everyday, external noises. Not all sounds are audible to the human ear. There are certain frequencies that we cannot hear. As the sound propagates, its particles make a frictional motion. Depending on the distance, the sound constantly fades, loses its energy, and then dies completely. However, this sound energy is not lost, it is only converted into heat energy. 

The number of vibrations of the sounds is not the same, that of the deeper sounds is lower, while that of the high sounds is correspondingly higher. During the propagation of high tones, it takes more energy to move the particles in the air, but in the case of deep tones, much less energy is required for the propagation. 

This shows that high sounds gets a shorter distance, unlike bass. 

If there is a stronger sound effect in the immediate vicinity, we can hear a sharp, clicking sound, but the farther we hear the sound effect, the deeper, thicker sounds reach us. Because the sound closer is both bass and high tones, both sounds will be audible, but as the sound propagates farther away, the louder sounds with faster vibrations will weaken and eventually die completely. This way, only deep sounds with fewer vibrations will be heard. 


The transmission and reproduction of sound requires right equipments. Perhaps everyone knows and has used the most common speaker equipment, such as the speaker or loudspeaker. There are countless brands and types on the market, but we can’t find one that can transmit all the sounds heard throughout the entire sound range. 

 Why is it impossible to produce a speaker that can emit all high sound and bass? 

The answer is given by the science of physics: because high tones have high vibrational numbers, this rapid vibration can only be followed by small membranes, but deep sounds require a larger, rigid membrane that can no longer follow the high vibrational numbers. 


Why do acoustic problems occur? 

When sounds start to vibrate in a room, they get to our ears, but they are soon reflected from the walls, the ceiling. The resulting sound will be confusing and unpleasant. This is actually the echo. 

When the waves of a sound reflected from a wall meet the original sound, troughs form where the sounds extinguish each other and amplify each other in other parts. This is called interference. Because of this, that particular sound is heard at different intensities in different parts of the room. We will hear the “own” voice of the room. This is unfavorable because when we make subsequent adjustments, corrections, tests to a recorded sound, and are placed next to or in front of the speaker, we may be at a point where the bass sounds extinguish each other. Obviously, this is when we raise the bass on the recording. But if we listen to this sound later in another location, we are shocked to find that excessive bass sounds suppress the other sounds, making the recorded material unenjoyable. It is therefore very important that the room, the room where the sound recording takes place, has a balanced, well-proportioned acoustics. 

What should we do to get the right acoustics for our studio? 

Of course, it’s not just the echoes that need to be attenuated. The attenuation of deep sounds is a very serious task, acoustic measurements, precise design and construction are required to ensure that the bass sounds do not predominate in the room. It is not recommended to crowd our walls with rock wool, egg boxes and other similar objects that can only absorb higher sounds as they are not able to absorb deep sounds. By placing bass traps, bass-absorbing membranes, diffusers, we can attenuate direct echoes and too much bass, thus achieving a pleasant, enjoyable sound and musical experience. By eliminating the rattle echo and curbing the deep sounds, we will have a truly exceptional surround sound. We will not make any errors in the tone control during the post-production after recording the audio. 

Remember that placing high-quality acoustic devices with the right function is also important, because even if we buy excellent products to create the perfect acoustics, if we don’t place them in the right points in a given studio or room, they are less able to function at full efficiency! Perfect Acoustic also helps customers with the ideal placement of their products. 

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

beige 5, black 36, blue 30, broken white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1


105x31x20cm, 105x31x30cm, 105x41x40cm

5 reviews for Cube acoustical sound panels

  1. Butagi

    I ordered a custom size 4d Cube bass trap. It was ready in 2 days. I’m very pleased with it! The bass was all right.

  2. whatismyname

    Ich hatte ein Problem mit dem Klang, aber ich fand diese handgemachten akustischen Elemente und löste meine Probleme. Schnelle Lieferung, gute Materialien, einfache Montage. Der Preis war in Ordnung. Ich empfehle diesen Shop jedem! danke

  3. Hola

    Hola! recomendado por mi amigo Excelente producto, me alegro de haberlo comprado aquí. gracias

  4. Bacon Planet

    They’ve produced a noticeable improvement in my room acoustics, they look tidy and they were reasonably priced. Thanks

  5. pfarrer

    Wir hatten eine sehr schlechte Akustik im Heiligtum unserer Kirche (für 200-300 Personen) und auch ein sehr enges Budget, sodass wir eine kostengünstige Lösung finden mussten, ohne einen Fachmann einzustellen. Problem gelöst (das Problem mit den niederfrequenten Schallwellen, die an den Wänden aufprallen) Mit diesen Bassfallen sind die Musik und die Stimmen jetzt verständlich. Einige Leute bemerkten die akustische Verbesserung, ohne etwas über die Installation der Bassfallen zu sagen! Unser Pastor ist so zufrieden mit der Klangverbesserung, die wir mit diesen Bassfallen erzielt haben.

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