Classic sound absorber leather membrane

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Quality sound with Bass Trap or sound absorber

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sound absorber

We can produce custom sizes as well.

Size: 104x64x11cm  Weight: 9kg

Properties of our classic  bass sound absorber imitation leather membrane:

The front of our classic bass sound absorber imitation of leather membrane is made of high-density acoustic imitation of leather while the back is covered with acoustic velvet.
Inside we place 90kg/m3 acoustic wool embedded in an extremely sturdy wood construction.
The acoustic wool is developed especially for this purpose thus it is non-toxic.
The touch, the look, the texture of the imitation of leather is identical to the real leather.

In 5 different colours:

acoustic membrane colors

Bass sound absorber cleaning:

Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.

What is it good for and where to place it?
You can get an answer to this question in this article.

In which area it betters our other products?

Thanks to the imitation of leather membrane its bass sound absorption over 600 Hz is marginal while it is significantly more effective in the lower frequencies.
Since it destroys the unwanted bass from 40Hz we will hear more detailed and controlled bass while higher frequencies will remain airier and more spacious.

Bass Sound absorption properties of our classic acoustic imitation of leather membrane panel:

All of our products are continuously measured and tested.classic leather acoustic membrane

Additional information

Weight 13 kg

claret, dark brown, dark gray, light brown, light gray, black, butter-colour


104x64x11cm, 104x64x6cm, 130x64x11cm, 54x64x6cm

8 reviews for Classic sound absorber leather membrane

  1. Zepellin

    Alles ok

  2. Atti

    He did a good job, Under 200Hz

  3. Tusempelder

    Alles ok,Top Ware

  4. Huba

    Value for money, the best

  5. Hoze

    Verbessert Raumakustik spürbar, gute Verarbeitung, extrem schnell geliefert.

  6. Soze

    They are very effective.Very good experience

  7. Zepellin

    Alles ok

  8. Bob356

    He came yesterday.Gives a fancy sound.He fixed the deep tones.This is a mandatory type!

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