Corner bass trap with membrane

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Size: 109x64x22cm  18kg

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The properties of our Corner bass trap with double membrane :

Our Bass absorber with double membrane  is made of dense acoustic imitation of leather material .
Its stiffness is ensured by the rigid wood construction.
We use 90kg/m3 acoustic wool for the internal sound absorption. It was developed especially for this purpose and it is harmless for the health.

If you want to order with a wooden membrane, please include it in the comment when ordering and what fabric you are requesting the wooden membrane for!

The surface is covered with acoustic velvet which prevents dust emission.
The touch, the look, the texture of the imitation of leather is identical to the real leather.

Bass traps with double membrane (corner) colour:

You can even request a patterned cotton fabric:

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Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.

What is it good for and where to place it?
You can get an answer to this question in this article.

In which area our Bass trap with double membrane (corner) betters other products?

Thanks to the combination of wood and leather its sound absorption over 600Hz is marginal while it is significantly more effective in the lower ranges
Since it destroys the unwanted bass from 30Hz we will hear more detailed and controlled bass while higher wavelengths will remain airier and more spacious.

The acoustic double wood membrane mitigates only the low ranges. In this frequency range it is significantly more effective than any other acoustic panel.

If there is too much bass in the room it can squeeze out the trebles upsetting the acoustic balance of the room.

With the use of membrane bass trap it is almost impossible to overdo the dampening of the room, especially compared to broad range acoustic elements.
Therefore, one should not be afraid of purchasing too many membrane bass traps since bass ranges dominate the sound in every room.

The quality of audio recording in a home studio can only be the best if we create the best acoustics according to the audio experts as well. Acoustic foam and other similarly structured foams are not capable of creating top acoustics. Acoustic treatment is required to create ideal acoustics. This is perhaps the most important thing in an audio studio while recording audio. Even if we get the best studio speaker, without perfect acoustics, the end result will not be right. Try to achieve the perfect frequency response. Sounds should be controlled during acoustic treatment.

Acoustic foam and other foams are not good sound absorbers due to their structure. Let’s skip these out instead. The best soundproofing accessories contain acoustic cotton.

The sound absorption characteristics of the wood membrane bass traps:

wood membrane

The photo below shows the measurement result of a 109x64x22cm membrane bass absorber.
The photo illustrates that our membrane bass absorber is the most effective in dampening the low frequencies.30-150Hz

The acoustic characteristics of the double leather membrane bass trap:

leather bass trapThe graph shows the sound absorption coefficient of a 109x64x22cm  leather membrane deep sound absorber.

The difference between the leather and the wood membrane is that the leather membrane can mitigate the higher ranges up to 600Hz.
To identify which part of the frequency range is the most critical one we can measure it or decide by ear tests.

You can also order custom sized membrane bass traps!

bass trap footYou can also order wood membrane bass trap as a printed acoustic panel.
You can send us your own photo by e-mail or choose one among the 50 photos shown on the page of printed soundproofing panels.

The placement of the wood membrane bass trap
Corner units speak for themselves, they should be placed at the corners of the room.
Their shape is 45 degree angled which perfectly fits in any corner.
Every wood membrane bass trap corner unit stands on 5 cm high wooden feet. In case you would like to order one with higher feet or place them in a custom-made position, e.g. the trim of the parquet is higher or thicker than the average, please contact our professional.
Bass traps can be easily stacked by removing the feet untwisting only one screw per foot which offers a uniform finish of the units.In case of stacking the corner units – even 3 pieces together – they will still stand firm thanks to their dense and sturdy frame.
Placing them in corners will significantly improve their bass dampening impact since most of the bass is located in corners which can cause 15-20dB peaks at lower ranges.
These bass starting from corners can cause large peaks and dips below 300Hz. These anomalies can spoil the cleanness and the dynamics of the bass or can totally remove certain ranges, lowering them by 20-30 dB.On this photo we can see a huge dip below 90Hz due to a standing wave.
acoustic measurement sound pressure value

acoustic measurement sound pressure value

You can cease or improve these anomalies by placing bass traps in corners.


I heard it many times that wood and leather do not suit acoustic treatment purposes since the sound cannot go through them.

Luckily it is not the case!

If the sound did not go through them then by applying simple acoustic imitation of leather we could prevent that our neighbours hear our favourite music when we turn up the volume a bit. If it were true it would be the simplest sound insulation solution in the world.

Naturally sound waves do go through them. But luckily not at every frequency. Every material has its own sound absorbing and sound transmission coefficients.

Taking into account these factors we design our membrane bass traps in order to become the most effective ones and with the goal to leave the trebles untouched since above 600hz the sound waves really won’t go through the leather material. By this we can ensure perfect linearity in sounding of studios, hi-fi and home theatre rooms.

For example, if the furniture and the carpets overdampen the trebles compared to the bass in a specific room then we can apply imitation of leather or wood membrane. Before placing these units into the room, we can easily identify the acoustic anomalies by running an acoustic measurement.
Again, a nice example of a room with foams
Here you can see a RT60 reverberation time with uneven sound transmission

On the graph above you can see the overdampening of high frequencies within a room while the low ranges are continuously rising, squeezing out the high frequency and the real bass. In this case not the real bass would exceed but its reverberation. It creates an undynamic, continuously rumbling bass which can hide the details.

In this case if we place in the corner one or more imitation of leather or wood membrane bass traps the reverberation would decrease significantly, but only at the lower frequencies thanks to the membranes.

If we use standard broadband bass traps in such case, the trebles would go down as well parallel with reverberation which is not a preferred result if we would like to achieve the most even sound.

If you live in a busy or noisy place, we have a number of options available if you want top acoustics. In addition to good acoustics, energy saving is also an important consideration. Place acoustic elements on both the wall and the ceiling. Set bass trap in the corners. The output and energy spent on the acoustics always returns. A pair of corner sound absorbers also improve the acoustics a lot. Our customers can choose from many beautiful colours, from black to red. In our shop you will find all products that help you create optimal acoustics. It would take a long time to list what our shop has to offer, you will definitely find the right piece for you on our webpage. The effectiveness of the bass traps sold is also confirmed by customer reviews.

The impact of the sound absorbing panel within a room

If we would like to achieve such an even reverberation in our room then we must use membrane bass traps!

Additional information

Weight 14 kg

1-light grey leather membrane, 1-white fabric-with wooden membrane, 2-broken white fabric-with wooden membrane, 2-dark grey leather membrane, 25-red fabric-with wooden membrane, 3-butter leather membrane, 30-blue fabric-with wooden membrane, 31-king blue fabric-with wooden membrane, 33-light grey fabric-with wooden membrane, 35-middle grey-with wooden membrane, 36-black fabric-with wooden membrane, 4-light brown leather membrane, 46-claret fabric-with wooden membrane, 5-beige fabric-with wooden membrane, 5-dark brown leather membrane, 52-light brown fabric-with wooden membrane, 55-oil colour fabric-with wooden membrane, 56-dark grey fabric-with wooden membrane, 6-black leather membrane, 62-camel fabric-with wooden membrane, 69-green fabric-with wooden membrane, 7-claret leather membrane, 8-dark brown fabric-with wooden membrane

7 reviews for Corner bass trap with membrane

  1. Matteo41

    Abbiamo avuto un’acustica molto scarsa nel santuario della nostra chiesa (per 200-300 persone) e anche un budget molto limitato, quindi abbiamo dovuto escogitare una soluzione a basso costo senza assumere un professionista. Problema risolto (il problema con le onde sonore a bassa frequenza che rimbalzano sulle pareti) con questo bass trap, la musica e le voci sono ora comprensibili. Alcune persone hanno notato il miglioramento acustico senza dire nulla sull’installazione delle bass trap!

  2. Eleon

    good price, good product. thanks

  3. noName

    I’m so happy with these bass traps! Thank you!!!

  4. Andreas

    The bass traps really do a great job, exactly what I needed. Perfect Acoustic was really quick to respond to questions and helped me pick the right traps for my room.

  5. Beno P.

    Communication through email was clear, helpful and nice. Delivery was fast.


    After spending lots of money, way above my budget, on hi end equipment, i realized that no matter what i pay in electronics the room will always be the basic parameter for a realistic music reproduction. After some expensive experiments, i decide to take a chance with Perfect Acoustic. I asked for an online planing, and Robert suggested what i soul’d do to have a decent sound. I already had bought two corner bass traps, and i was very pleased with the difference they made, but the plan was about four bass traps, two in every corner, one above the other, behind the speakers. I ordered them the first time i could afford them knowing that the sound in my room would be better with the two extra bass traps. Well… what i got from adding those two more bass traps was beyond every expectation!! It wasn’t only the bass that got deeper and better defined, it was the whole frequency range that cleared up! The soundstage expanded in every direction, every instrument was pinpointed in its position and dynamics, micro and macro got to a new level of realism! Highly recommended!! Well done Perfect Acoustic!

    • admin

      I am very glad that you are satisfied !!!

  7. Ingo Woesner

    The corner bass traps are amazing!!! I have two, one with patterned fabric and one with leather, and both do an amazing job!!!

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    Image #1 from Ingo Woesner
    Image #2 from Ingo Woesner
    Image #3 from Ingo Woesner
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