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Cubic diffuser:

They are made of high density and specific gravity pine.

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Our customers can choose from 5 pickled colours:

  • natural
  • light walnuts
  • dark walnuts
  • palisander
  • black

Properties of 3D Cubic acoustic diffuser:

Hardwood cubes absorb sound very effectively and their irregular, different depths of surface scatter the sounds in different bandwidths — resulting in clearer, sharper acoustics. The sounds are reflected from the wooden cubes at different angles, they do not bounce to our heads, so we can also use them as a near-field diffuser. We regularly test our handmade products. Thanks to their aesthetic appearance, they fit perfectly into any style of room. They retain their decorative appearance and high degree of efficiency even after many years. We use only high quality raw materials to produce our products. Size: 60 x 60 x 9 cm, but we also undertake to make individual sizes. In such cases, please email us!


It is sufficient to vacuum or wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

They are easy to fix and do not require any expertise. Each panel comes with an image hanger and screws so anyone can easily attach the diffusers to the designated location.

What properties do diffusers contribute to perfect acoustics?

Acoustic diffusers radiate the energy of the sounds coming to their surface into smaller parts, evenly, in a larger space. This makes the sound more balanced and clear. Complemented with bass-absorbing elements, acoustic panels and curtains, we can achieve optimal room acoustics.

Acoustic problems and their solutions

Acoustic problems in rooms and studios are most often caused by accumulating bass sounds, rattle echoes and reverberations. Smooth, hard wall and ceiling surfaces are unable to absorb deeper frequency sounds. In a smaller room, rectangular or square, the sounds bounce back and forth while creating very disturbing rattle echoes. Most of the deep sounds gather in the corners. That is why bass-absorbing membranes and panels are needed. It is important to mention, however, that excessive attenuation destroys the audio experience. Acoustic diffusers, on the one hand, absorb deep sounds and, on the other hand, scatter the sounds coming to their surface, thus eliminating the unpleasant rattle echo. They almost increase the space. In contrast to the previously mentioned flat, large and empty surfaces, the surface of the diffusers, formed on the basis of irregular, variable depth, accurate mathematical calculations,  scatter sounds in different bandwidths.

How many diffusers are needed in a given room?

The ideal amount of diffusers is also determined by the size of the room. The larger the room, the more diffusers we recommend. But it is not necessary to cover the whole room with diffusers! The reflection points only need to be covered with diffusers. Their exact location can be determined by acoustic measurement. In addition to high-quality and efficient, demanding and aesthetic products, Perfect Acoustic also performs on-site and online acoustic measurements. The latter is 95% accurate. Contact us with confidence if you are looking for a reliable, precise and demanding professional!

Acoustic panel in Barabás villa (2)

    Decorative and effective

    In addition to their excellent sound-dispersing properties, wooden cube diffusers can also function as an aesthetic interior design element. So it is not necessary to give up the interior of a tasteful, beautiful room if we choose these showy, polished and individually colored, pickled products. Wooden cubes can be given 5 colors, so almost everyone can find the design they like.

    Music and film

    In today’s modern, accelerated world, sometimes we need to take some time to relax. Many people like to listen to music or watch their favorite movie for this purpose, even several times. However, if you do all this in a room with poor acoustics — you may experience tension, nervousness, or even a migraine instead of a relaxing, stress-relieving effect. Carefully plan the acoustics of the room, perform acoustic measurement and treatment with the right professional so that our favorite music and film will provide a real, positive experience.

    Cheap meat doesn’t make good soup

    Forget cheap solutions! Due to their structure, egg boxes, styrofoam or plastic sponge materials are not suitable to act as effective sound absorbers or diffusers. On the contrary! The wooden cube diffusers are made of plywood, pine, the hardwood’s high degree of sound absorption ensures the right effect.


    The main points of reflection must be covered by diffusers: behind the speakers, behind the listener position, between the speaker and the listener on the right and left, between the listener and the speaker on the ceiling, at tilted attic walls. It is recommended to place the diffusers at the middle of the ear.


    We make our products within 1-2 weeks from the order, in any quantity and size.


    We pack our products in dedicated, strong cardboard boxes, which are lined with several layers of foil.


    Our products are delivered by the DHL courier service, and in Hungary by the 24H delivery company.

    Perfect Acoustic strives for perfect quality and efficient function in the production of its products. We are also happy to implement your unique ideas. The quality and efficiency of our products are unique in the market.

    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg

    black, dark walnut, light walnut, natural, rosewood



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    1. Frank


    2. falcon

      Very fast delivery. They look terrific in my computer room and they soften the vibrations that my speakers put out so as to not disturb my neighbors.

    3. sch123

      Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Sie sehen in meinem Computerraum großartig aus und dämpfen die Vibrationen, die meine Lautsprecher erzeugen, um meine Nachbarn nicht zu stören.

    4. Nora

      design frumos și montaj ușor. rezultatul este un sunet perfect. Recomand tuturor! Mulțumiri

    5. Arise

      Świetny kreatywny produkt, świetny stosunek jakości do ceny, ręcznie robiony, nie da się tego przebić. Miałem kilka pytań, a obsługa klienta była bardzo elastyczna. Zdecydowanie poleciłbym ten przedmiot.

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      Invisibly hard enough to say. I recommend the online acoustic measurement for you. Please read:


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