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Decorative acoustic panels features:

  • Printed sound traps contain high-density 90 kg / cubic meter acoustic cotton within the rigid, hard wooden structure, which is completely harmless to health. Acoustic cotton has a fibrous, dense structure and therefore has excellent sound absorption and soundproofing features.
  • The acoustic silk cover is a densely woven material with an anti-dust effect.
  • Printed bass absorption panels can be used to absorb excessively accumulated bass, and corner elements are used to handle corners and reduce the echo.
  • Wall panel attenuates unwanted bass sounds as early as 40 Hz, effectively absorbing them up to 20,000 Hz.
  • Attractive photos will be placed on our printed bass sound absorbing panels, customers can choose from 50 types of photos, but if you want to print your own idea or idea on the wall panel, it can also be solved. Email us the selected photo (s).
  • The colour of our soundproofing product does not fade over time, the print quality does not deteriorate.
  • It is also possible to order individual sizes, in these cases please write to us by e-mail.
  • Printed corner elements are specifically designed for placement in problem corners.
  • Cleaning them: they can be easily wiped off with a slightly damp cloth.
  • The ordered products will be made within 1, maximum 2 weeks. We cannot take back printed items made on the basis of an individual order!
  • Our wall panels are carefully and safely packaged and delivered by DHL. In Hungary, the 24H courier service ensures safe delivery.
  • Our acoustic wall panels and soundproofing fabric have no obsolescence time and their quality will be preserved for many decades.

All our products are handmade and we inspect them regularly. All our soundproofing wall panels are the best for the treatment of the wall and the ceilings!


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If you may want to print your own photo, please email us. The resolution should be at least 4K or 300dpi.

The sound absorption and soudproofing properties of the bass trap are the same as that of the broadband corner element:
corner bass trap

panels acoustic

Troubled bass sounds

The attenuation of the bass is perhaps the most important task in creating the ideal surround sound for rooms and studios. The excessive dominance of bass destroys the sound material, depriving the listener of maximum enjoyment of the music or film. Any of our accessories or ornaments and acoustic foam or other foam can absorb high tones, but deep ranges require specially developed equipment. The proportion and distribution of sounds are influenced by several factors, such as the size and shape of the rooms, the structure of the walls, the covering, the material and quantity of the furnishings, and the extent of the glass surfaces.

Critical theme

Deep sounds not only accumulate along walls and ceilings, the biggest problem in this area is the corners. As the sounds echo back and forth between the adjacent walls, the bass sounds intensify even more intensely in the corners. We don’t have to mourn the absorbed sounds, they don’t disappear, they just turn into heat energy. So the treatment of the wall or corner is the main task!

Shapes and sizes

In the case of a smaller room, rectangular or square, standing waves and interferences due to the accumulation of deep sounds are common. These can result in highlights and tears that can be different at different points in the room. This allows the sounds to amplify or extinguish each other. Therefore, it is important to reduce the reflections that cause them.

Foam acoustic-it is not useful!

The acoustic foam or other foam is not the best choice of treatment options for the wall. The soundproofing wall panels and fabric can provide the best results for wall treatment.

After this, it may seem strange to say that as a result of using bass traps, due to their sound-absorbing properties, the bass increases and the bass can be heard more clearly. The explanation for this is that if the extinctions caused by the reflections are eliminated, the deep tones will sound more evenly. Without deep sounds, music or other sound recordings would not be enjoyable. Skip the acoustic foam for the wall! This sort of foam is not suitable for sound insulation on the wall.

We hear deep sounds differently in different parts of the room. There may be too little bass at one point and too much at the other. This can create cloud in the acoustics. Echo degrade the sounds. Even if we spend a fortune on expensive, high-quality speakers and sound recording devices – we cannot create perfect acoustics without bass-absorbing elements. By placing them on the walls, corners will not reflect the deep sounds, but will absorb them, so they will not be able to create extinctions due to attenuation. In studios where sound is also recorded, it is even more important that the recorded sound material sounds flawlessly and evenly at each point in the room. If we record sound materials in a room with poor acoustics, or in a room treated with DIY elements, we can create a great disproportion in the subsequent tone control. Use wall panels and the best fabric! We offer several acoustic wall panels and fabric in our shop. These types of wall panels are modern and beautiful home accessories as well. Avoid wall panels made of DIY, foam or other unsuitable material or fabric. A well-handled acoustic wall can absorb unwanted sounds and can form perfect acoustics along the wall. Not all wall elements are on our supplies, but we will make the ordered wall products within a short period of time. Feel free to search our online shop and view our offer! We carefully pack all our wall panels for delivery. You can find ideal wall treatment methods and other interesting articles and news on our site. (Our articles are protected by copyright.) Our main policies are to solve the best acoustic wall treatments with the help of the most suitable sort of options for our customers.


Bass sound absorbers also have the ability to eliminate reverberation and shorten reverberation time. As a result of the reverberation, some of the deep sounds will be heard longer than others, making the sound less clear and resonant.

How many sound traps should we place in that room?

It is worth getting as many sound-absorbing devices as we can, that is, as much as the size of the room (s) and our wallet allow. The sound absorption efficiency of subwoofer panels is significantly increased by treating as large a surface area of ​​the space as possible, i.e. by placing as many such panels as possible. As mentioned earlier, corners are the most problematic areas, so it is recommended to start acoustic treatment there. If we have the opportunity, put corner element sound traps in every corner, but don’t forget about the walls and ceiling! Large, flat, hard surfaces also need to be treated due to sound reflection. Perfect Acoustic offers a wide range of acoustic products to its customers.

Reflective surfaces

There are several types of reflective surfaces. Tiles, marble, glass – so the reflective, flat and hard surfaces reflect the sounds, as a result of which the surround sound will be disturbingly echoing. The left sounds form standing waves.There are diffuse, or in other words scattering surfaces, which by themselves do not have sound-absorbing ability, although they are not flat surfaces, but they are not regular surfaces. Because of this, the sounds are scattered over most of the room. With the help of an acoustic expert, you can determine exactly where to place diffuser elements in a given space. Absorbent surfaces such as sound traps are required to avoid adverse sound. The printed corner elements can be designed according to individual taste, as a decorative element it adapts to the style of the room.

The well-balanced, well-proportioned acoustic room ensures the perfect music experience. It has long been known that music has an extremely beneficial effect on our physical and mental condition as well. Therefore, the design of the optimal acoustics of the space should not be neglected. In a room with poor acoustics, even our heads can hurt.


The most advantageous solution from the point of view of acoustics would be to carry out acoustic design already at the construction site. However, this is still very rare. Thus, rooms, studios, offices usually require post-acoustic treatment. Average building materials do not function with sound absorbing properties. Therefore, be sure to get acoustic equipment, which in most cases works not only as a sound absorber, but also as a sound insulator.

The printed corner element effectively absorbs deep sounds that accumulate in large quantities in the corners of the room. It is made of high quality materials, due to its aesthetic design it can be the decoration of any room. We also try to realize your unique ideas.

Best panels acoustic solution

We offer only the best wall panel acoustic treatment and fabric in our online shop. New and modern accessories, acoustic wall panels provide the good wall treatment and acoustic treatments for the ceilings and windows.

A little physics
  • The rate of sound vibration is frequency. Its value specifies the number of vibrations per second.
  • The unit of frequency is hertz (Hz), named after the German physicist Heinrich Hertz.
  • The tones have different tones.
  • The deepest sound that can be heard by the human ear is approx. 20 Hz, the highest audible sound is up to 20,000 Hz.
  • Our ears are the most sensitive in the range of 300-3000 Hz. Singing and speech sounds, musical sounds also belong to this range.
  • The speaking voice of the men is approx. It starts between 80-180 Hz, the female voice starts between 150-240 Hz.
  • Man’s hearing deteriorates with age. We lose perception of the highest sounds first.
  • Sounds above 20,000 Hz are no longer heard by the human ear, these sounds are ultrasounds. Ultrasound is also used for diagnostic tests.
  • Below 20 Hz we are talking about infrasounds, e.g. gust of wind, cracking of the ground. Infrared sounds have a detrimental effect on the brain, nervous system, internal organs and can even cause death.
  • The pitch of the sounds is determined by the number of vibrations of the sound source.

The destructive power of sound

In Old Testament writing, the walls of the city of Jericho fell, to the sound of the horns of the Jews. Man, using sound not only for communication purposes, also had attempts to use it as a weapon. The strong sound of battle drums and firearms had a deterrent effect on the enemy. In the 1930s, a Soviet engineer conducted research on sounds harmful to the human ear on behalf of the KGB.

In 1941, sirens emitting 460 Hz sound were mounted on some vehicles that had already reached the pain threshold up close.

During World War II, a structure capable of producing infrared sounds was developed in Germany. They wanted to deploy it against the planes, but since the sound waves could not be raised to a sufficient height, this attempt failed.

In 2000, in the USA, an American inventor developed a sound weapon — the Long-Range Acoustic Device — designed primarily to disperse demonstrations. This weapon, manufactured in series, uses the power of sound. It can also cause psychological and physical injuries. There are several types of this weapon. It has also been used in military and police operations. In 2005, when Somali pirates attacked a passenger ocean liner and wanted to seize it, they repulsed the attack with such a sound weapon.

The Russians did not wait long to produce a self-developed sound weapon. In 2014, they developed an infrared transmitter called the “Whispering Shield”.

In Japan, a company has created a speech-disturbing acoustic device that works by directing a microphone at the speaker and processing the received sound and transmitting it back to the speaker with a delay, which thus interferes with his speech, gets stuck and cannot continue.

They also use an acoustic weapon underwater to keep divers away from sheltered facilities.

There are also attempts to use white noise as a weapon. White noise causes pain and dizziness, sounds are heard in the brain, which can even drive a person crazy.

Role of voice:

We can see how important voice plays in all areas of life. Proper acoustics are essential to create an enjoyable, perfect sound in our home, studio or even workplace. Office background noise can be extremely distracting, reducing performance and our attention. For this reason, acoustic sound-absorbing devices should also be installed in offices.

Certain sounds can have a positive effect on us, reduce stress, relieve tension, help cure depression, and strengthen our overall health. However, there are also frequencies, strengths, types of sounds that have a detrimental effect on us, both mentally and physically. So it is very important to shape our environment so that the sounds around us do not turn into deafening noise! The wonderful rhythm and sounds of the music really prevail with optimal acoustics.

Color deviation is possible. The same shades may not look like on your monitor. We cannot take responsibility for the resulting problems!

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  1. Gamer192837465

    Excellent product considering the price point. Well packed. Arrived with no major issues besides a little dent in one of the rear corners. Nothing that will affect the aesthetics of the panel once it’s setup on the wall. I would definitely recommend this product to other fellow audio engineers. Again, considering the cost and benefit, this is the very best product I have been able to find.

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