Discount Art sound diffuser

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Size:60x60x12cm  Weight:10kg

Properties of Art sound diffuser:

Pattern structure designed upon precise mathematical calculations.
The Art sound diffuser are made of laminated quality Scots pine.
With their design we tried to achieve that it diffuses the sound in the largest bandwidth while absorbing the bass. For those places where not only the sound is important!


Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.
What is it good for and where to place it? You can get an answer to it in this article.

In which area this diffuser betters other products?

We tried to create such an acoustic panel by which we can treat the entire bandwidth without damaging the high frequencies.
We always put great emphasis on the use of materials.
Styrofoam, xps, foam etc. are not suitable for scattering the sound in the entire frequency range.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions N/A



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