Ditto hang curtains (texturized)

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Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

ditto acoustic curtains

  • Density 820g / m2  Double stitched: 1640g/m2
  • Thickness 2.5mm  Double stitched: 5mm
  • 20dB sound absorption

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  1. size: 140cm wide
  2. Price: 1 running meter: 39 EUR  Double stitched: 78 EUR
    Curtains are included in the price of the curtains! Plus, the ringlis mount only costs you!

    Ditto hang curtains feature:

Curtains are double layered. Available in 11 different, attractive colors! The curtain has a fabric pattern, which can be clearly seen in the pictures! It brings style and a good atmosphere to the rooms!

We strongly recommend it for apartments, houses, workplaces, hi-fi, cinema rooms or any other room!

The back of each Ditto curtain is made of medium brown fabric material.

Highly patterned, silky, soft to the touch.

Some additional information about the material:

  • Difficult burn
  • Machine washable
  • Gently soft to the touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 820g / m2  Double stitched: 1640g/m2
  • Width 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Color abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 2.5mm  Double stitched: 5mm
  • 20dB sound absorption
  • 99% darkening

Acoustic curtains:

ditto hang curtains


We have adapted the dimensions of the curtain to the needs of our customers.
Its width is uniformly 140 cm, but this can of course be increased by stitching together. Sewing is done in the longitudinal direction. Thus, the seam can be hidden in the waves. Its length is as much as you need!

Starting from a window size of 2-2.5 x, the appropriate width of the curtain must be calculated! With this size, the curtain will be the most acoustically effective. If you use the curtain not for a window but for a room, then the 2-2.5x size is still suitable!

We always strive for accuracy in the ordered products! For the width, especially if the ordered curtain width is 140, a deviation of 2-3 cm is possible due to the seam! Length is especially important, so we always try to make our curtains to the best of our ability!


There are countless perceptions today. For these sound-absorbing curtains, we recommend the tweezers, concealed (when a 6-8 cm concealer is designed) or the ringlis solution!


The ringli is an extra cost 1 EUR / cup. 1 ring after every 20cm.


curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

Indentator + cost  2.6EUR / m

Because these materials are dense materials, the optimal fit depends on where and how many curtains you want to place. Think carefully about the details before ordering, because we cannot take back the ordered curtains !! Carefully read how many extra cm to consider for curtain dimensions! If you have any questions or have unique needs, email us!

Please do not specify the size of the window when ordering, but describe the size of the curtain. Because we need that size!

How to calculate the dimensions?

material width uniformly 140 cm
hem around 2-2 cm (on each side)
if a larger width is required (more than 140 cm), fold back 5 cm.
concealer 6-8 cm plus (optional)
recommended size: window 2-2.5 x
The Ditto curtain is a revolutionary new invention. These curtains have noise-reducing and sound-absorbing properties. Compared to a traditional curtain, they can absorb up to 5 times as much sound. The thermal insulation properties are not negligible either, either in winter or summer! Acoustic curtains can be used beneficially when it is necessary to control the acoustic reflection of the glass and the ambient light.

They are also excellent for room separation! The Ditto curtain is unique, aesthetic and impressive. Recommended mainly for its acoustic properties, but not negligible, they look good! It is important that it fits the equipment and acoustic elements of the given room. From the different shades, everyone can find what fits into the room and what they like! In addition to the better acoustics of the room, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, your life will be happier, healthier and more productive!


Why is the noise around us harmful?

Several studies have already shown that we are constantly surrounded by sound effects in our modern world. The most typical: road, air, rail, industrial, leisure and agricultural! Silence is the luxury of our modern world. Even if we can’t create complete silence around us, at least we try to keep it to a minimum, because it pays off for all of us in the long run! If our brain cannot rest properly, it has detrimental consequences in the long run. In the long run, noise has a detrimental effect on our human psychological, vegetative, and auditory functions.

Noise increases nervousness, aggression, stress, distracts attention, affects heart function and breathing. It can even increase your risk of heart attack, affect your metabolism, and increase the reflex time caused by noise, even increase the number of accidents.

So everyone should also pay attention to reduce the sound effects in our daily lives for their own sake and that of their environment! Individual protection against noise, preventive action and subsequent noise reduction are important. Our acoustic products can help a lot in both prevention and post-noise reduction! Even the external noise of an apartment or house can be significantly reduced with acoustic elements and acoustic curtains. Acoustic panels, diffusers, etc. are essential elements of hi-fi, cinema rooms and studios.

We have to deal with acoustics not only because of the pleasant sound, but also because of our health. It should be essential in the design of workplaces to protect working people from noise. Thus, the use of acoustic elements is highly recommended here as well! If we try to minimize the sound effects around us, our quality of life will improve!


Additional information

Weight N/A

1070, 1071, 1072, 1073, 1074, 1075, 1076, 1077, 1078, 1079, 1080


140x200cm, 140x250cm, 140x300cm, 140x350cm, 140x400cm


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