Acoustic hang curtains

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  • Density 650g / m2
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • 15-20dB sound absorption

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

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Soundproof Curtains

  1. Sewing of the curtain is included in the price.
  2. Send this email if you want a custom size.
  3. Its width can be extended to any size.
  4. size: 140cm wide
  5. Although as wide as possible.
  6. 1 running meter: 39 EUR
  7. Double stitched Price: 1 running meter: 78EUR, 3mm thick
  8. Request a custom size via email.

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Properties of Acoustic hang curtains:

  • Difficult burn
  • Machine washable
  • Gently soft to the touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 650g / m2
  • Width 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Color abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 1.5mm
  • 15-20dB sound absorption
  • 80% darkening

Soundproof Curtains: Efficient noise protection and natural sound absorption!

Do you live in a modern flat with big windows? Do you work in an open-air office where the bustle is irritating? Then you know what the problem is.

The sound waves are reflected from flat surfaces causing thereby disturbing echo.The acoustics of a room improves even by using “standard” curtains. Of course, our Soundproof curtains are significantly more effective!
You can order perfectly absorbing acoustic velvet curtains in 24 different colours:

Velvet acoustic curtains:

Mustang Pattern Without Acoustic Curtain:

Characteristics of the material:

The surfaces of our Velvet Mustang and Velvet dampers curtains are slightly satiny. Thus, it does not glisten or reflect the light which could disturb home theatre performance.It is considered as a blind which prevents the access of external light in 95%.

Dimensions of our soundproof curtains:

Our curtains are tailored to your needs!

The width of each curtain is 140cm. You have to choose the length. We don’t have standard sizes as there are windows and doors in various sizes therefore it would be difficult to find a size that fits for everyone. Of course, if you want custom made size we can do it for you. In this case please send an email specifying the required sizes.

The recommended width of our curtains is 2x the size of the window or rather 2,5x for better sound absorption.

Mounting curtains:

Sound-absorbing curtains can also be used with tweezers, concealed cornices, ringlies or curtain pullers.

Ringlis concept:

The ringli is a special hoop that is pressed on top of the material. These hoops are made of metal or plastic. Our company prefers plastic ring rings because it is more durable and aesthetic. Ringli rings are most often used in industrial applications Eg:

  • theaters
  • offices
  • cinemas
  • in larger rooms where curtains are used as partitions.

One of the biggest advantages of the Ringli hoop is its high load capacity. 1 hoop can hold 150kg / hoop of beer. Therefore, it is worth using this concept on a larger surface. Easy to use. On the hoops, the cornice rod should be fattened or simply hooked into it. The ringlis hoop solution comes at an additional cost. 5 hoops go into a 1m curtain, every 25 cm. Price of 1 hoop:  0,6 EUR


We have created a hole cover at the top of our curtains, through which the cornice can be easily hidden! In this case, a 10cm extra curtain length should be counted as the fabric needs to be sewn back. This type of perception is also very strong. We recommend it for any size curtain. In the case of a double-hinged half-catch, the fringe-dropping of the material is not as nice when the curtain is contracted as in the case of several types of fastenings. The cost of this seam is included in the cost of the material.


curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

If you want a shrink, sew the shrink on top of the fabric. So it can be attached with a hook! Astringent is an extra cost! Astringent + 3EUR/m

Traditional clip solution:

For longer, larger curtains due to their weight, we do not recommend clamping! Unfortunately, the dense and heavy sound-absorbing curtain easily slips out of the weaker tweezers. It is worth paying attention to the load-bearing capacity of the cornices, as they can easily bend. Of course, this danger is not present with a 1-2-3m curtain.

How to calculate the dimensions of soundproof curtains:

The material width of curtains is uniformly 140 cm from which 2-2 cm is sewn fringe (at both sizes), this must be calculated in the order. You can order wider curtains of any size. This is possible only by sewing the pieces, the join needs 5 cm. Thus, you must calculate +5 cm for each 140 cm. The “fastener” of pelmets of soundproof curtains needs extra material of about 8-10 cm. This must be included in the calculation in order to get the required size. Consider every detail when calculating the size to get a curtain which is not only efficient but looks nice.

We cannot take back the custom made soundproof curtains as these are not standard products but of custom sizes.

You can choose materials with or without pattern for the curtains, thus everyone can find the colour and pattern that fits his/her flat or room. Materials with or without pattern are on stock in 24 different colours.

Before placing an order:

It is important that if you want to place an order, do not specify the size of the window or door and the room. Because based on that, we can’t calculate how many curtains you need. For example, if the other’s cornice is higher than usual, or there are people who like to hang the curtain to the ground so it can be up to 3m, there are those who can only fit 2m because of a radiator. Everyone prefers a different width. Many people like double material calculation but many want to save money to make it cheaper, so they design a completely straight curtain that is only half the width. Therefore, we ask everyone to specify the desired curtain size when placing an order. Also indicate how many pieces you want and from what material name, with what color number.

You can even order double-stitched fabric:

If you are striving for the maximum and want to ensure the greatest possible sound absorption in your room or office, then you can also request our curtains by double sewing. In this case, you can enjoy double sound absorption, creating an extremely quiet environment. As we know, silence is the basic pillar of calm.

How can you take into account sound absorption factors?

Every day, we design a lot of rooms, studios or offices with huge glass surfaces. These glass surfaces create an awful lot of sound reflection. From these reflections a very disturbing echo, a rattling echo, is created. Since Perfect Acoustic tends to take on room acoustic treatments completely, we also have to deal with these problems. The only problem there is that no acoustic panels or any acoustic solution can be placed in front of the glass surface. This is where sound-absorbing curtains come into play. Many people are scared of the big dark material in front of the window, but it is already a big advantage if the curtains are divided into several parts.

What part?

Of course, when joining windows or doors to columns, cases. If every 1.5m is pulled together a curtain is about 0.5m then that is already a huge help.

Eg: If we calculate the surface area of ​​the material, which is about 0.5m wide and 2.5m high, we get that it is 1.25m2. If we multiply this by the window area of ​​an average smaller studio, eg by 4 windows, we get a 5m2 contracted sound-absorbing surface at least 20cm thick. If an average acoustic panel is 0.7m3 then you just need to divide the curtain by 5m2. This makes it easy to get the result: you can trigger 7 large acoustic panels. While we’re just talking about a contracted material. Of course, if you want to eliminate noise from outside, this theory does not apply to it. Because in that case you have to pull it off completely.

Why do we say sound absorbing curtain?

As we have already mentioned a standard curtain can also absorb the sound to a certain extent but this does not make it an acoustic curtain. Our acoustic curtains are made of the best quality and density sound absorbing materials, which enables them to have a beneficial acoustic effect. The denser and thicker a sound absorbing material of a curtain is the higher volume of sound it is able to absorb.
Our velvet sound absorbing curtain has a bulk density of 650 g/m2 which can cause a drop in sound pressure even of 10-20dB.
The reverberation time significantly decreases with our curtains, it eliminates the echo on a large surface.

The sound absorbing curtains decrease the high and mid frequencies the more effective.

  • human voice
  • workplace
  • urban
  • traffic noise!

Facts about the soundproof curtains:

It is important to know that we cannot really talk about bass absorption in case of sound absorbing curtains. A curtain that eliminates also bass frequencies does not exist but the good news is that it can decrease the sounds from 200Hz and significantly absorb them from 400Hz. Exactly because of this high sound absorption it must not be used in smaller home theatres or studios on the entire wall. As it absorbs the sounds above 400Hz too much, it can result in over-dampening. In these places the sound balance is important. In every case it is very important that we can achieve high quality room acoustics if we use the different acoustic tools such as

  1. acoustic panels
  2. acoustic diffusers
  3. bass traps
  4. absorbing membranes
  5. Acoustic panels with diffuser
  6. and acoustic curtains complementary, in combination!
About reflection of surfaces:

While in space every sound dissipates evenly and passes smoothly, in a room the walls, furniture, and windows cause reflection, preventing thereby the passing and termination of the sound. These continuous sound reflections influence the acoustics.

The softer a surface the higher volume of sound it absorbs. Conversely, reflecting harder surfaces such as window, mirror, lacquered furniture transmit the sound smoothly, without slowing it down.

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140x200cm, 140x200cm double curtains, 140x250cm, 140x250cm double curtains, 140x300cm, 140x300cm double curtains, 140x350cm, 140x350cm double curtains, 140x400cm, 140x400cm double curtains


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