Isolation pads: Granite and Limestone speaker slabs

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Isolation pads: Granite and Limestone speaker slabs

It is even possible to make a custom size. It can be used not only under a speaker, but even on a hi-fi stand or on top of shelves.

Preparation time 2-3 weeks.

Vibration damping results in better performance and a clear sound image. Sharper bass sounds, more sophisticated mid-range sounds.

Granite and limestone slabs are available in several colors and patterns

Granite, limestone slabs

Hangszóró panelek Gránit és Mészkő táblák


Granite is a coarse-grained, deep rock. One of the hardest rocks, abrasion-frost and timeless material. It has been used in architecture and sculpture for 4,000 years. Marble and limestone are also hard and durable materials, known for years and used as rocks. The granite speaker stand provides stability for the speakers. It improves sound by dissipating vibrations generated by speakers. It can be placed under the speaker, on a stand, on the floor or even on top of the speaker.

They can be placed not only under the speaker, but also on top of the speaker, in which case the speakers try to reduce the effect of inertia force. Due to the movement of the speakers, the speaker vibrates, which results in smaller movements. These movements prevent dynamic clear sound. When we eliminate or reduce this vibration and movement, we can experience an immediate audible improvement.

The detail of the dynamics and the increase in space will characterize our favourite music.

It’s not just worth using granite or limestone tiles around the speakers!

hangszórók labor

The importance of vibration damping

Vibrations distort sounds, so vibration damping is essential. The damping efficiency of objects depends on their material, structure, size and rigidity. If you want your hi-fi equipment to sound perfect, you need pads and stands that can handle external vibrations from the air or through the floor. Individual objects, elements of audio systems have multiple resonance directions and multiple resonant frequencies. The speakers must be insulated and disconnected using suitable materials.

What is resonance?

Vibration along with receiving vibrations from another source. The characteristic of bodies is that they vibrate together with another body or object on their own number of vibrations.

Advantages of speaker pads:

  • When the speakers are placed on the floor, a granite or marble washer protects the floor from scratches.
  • The speaker box is also protected from scratches and wear.
  • They look good and improve the stability of the speakers.
  • They are extremely easy to place, adjust to the size of the speaker or the size of the speaker stand.
  • They reduce noise caused by floor vibration, especially on laminate or wood floors.
  • They are durable and easy to clean.
  • You can also use them to adjust the optimal angle of the speakers.

Creating the optimal sound consists of several steps, with the help of an acoustic specialist it is definitely worth performing an acoustic examination in the given room. The expected result can only be achieved with acoustic treatment, and our audio devices are only able to sound ideal with the right acoustics.

What is the difference between granite and limestone?

Granite is more durable and less sensitive than limestone. Granite produces a harder, more dynamic sound, while limestone produces a warmer, softer sound. Both materials provide an aesthetic, insulating and stable base for the speakers.

Starring the speaker


The speakers are mounted in properly designed boxes or crates. The speaker box helps make the frequency response smoother. The speakers are able to radiate a portion of the range that can be heard by the human ear. Speakers are distinguished by their power, frequency response, impedance, distortion, and efficiency. There are active and passive, closed and open sound boxes, bass reflex, acoustic funnels, broadband and subwoofer or mid / high speakers only…. The material of the speaker box affects the sound of the speakers, it is worth buying good quality products made of high density material, therefore they prevent internal vibrations. Plastic speaker boxes are not really good in this regard because secondary vibrations interfere with and degrade the sound image.

The sound is actually vibration

Behind every sound is the vibration of particles of objects and materials: in the case of the human voice, for example, the vocal cords, in the case of musical instruments, the strings, in the case of a loudspeaker, the membrane of the loudspeaker…. The vibrating object or substance also vibrates the particles of the air, and this vibration travels from particle to particle as a sound wave in the air. Vibration is a process whose states are repeated.

Positioning the speakers

In general, place the speakers symmetrically relative to the listener’s position, preferably at ear level, and do not place any objects in the area between the speaker and the listener, as they will prevent the free flow of sound waves. Also consider the distance between the speakers and the walls, as well as the type and size of the speakers. It is not recommended to place the speakers too far apart, preferably do not place them in corners.

The slabs not only enhance the bass sounds, but also help you adjust the ideal tilt angle of the speakers. If there is parquet or tile in the room, it is advisable to place a carpet. For stereo speakers, the basic rule is for the two speakers and the listener to form a one-sided triangle so that the speakers at the two vertices of the triangle and the listener at the third. The main goal is to hear as many direct sounds from the speakers as possible in the student situation, and as little as possible from the sounds reflected from other objects and surfaces.

When the speakers are placed on a bookshelf, table or stand, the hollow-structured home furnishings and furniture absorb the vibrations of the speakers, resonate, thus deteriorating the sound quality and distorting the musical details. It is important to place the speakers on a stable and solid base, thereby isolating the speakers and preventing the sound from being diverted to the stand, ground, etc. in the direction of. Speaker stands are available, it is also worth placing granite or marble pads under the speakers. The sound of hi-fi equipment can be negatively affected by resonances, extinctions and highlights. Styrofoam or rubber materials are not suitable for sound absorption or speaker insulation.

The right slab improves the bass and clears the sound. Under no circumstances should we place objects or devices under the speakers that emit heat, as the heat changes the movement of the air and thus the sounds. (e.g. amplifier) ​​Glass tables are avoided because glass is a reflective surface and can significantly degrade sound. Always listen to the standing speakers only in the standing position and the lying speakers in the lying position! It is also recommended to place granite or marble slabs on top of the speakers, but in this case consider the material and size of the speakers. A less compact, lightweight speaker may not withstand a heavier sheet! The granite or marble slab placed on top of the speaker results in a more pleasant, fuller, clearer sound.

Don’t forget to fix the acoustics as well

Achieving the best quality speakers is not enough for perfect sound, acoustic treatment of the room may be required. Once you have created the ideal acoustics with the right acoustic elements, you can start looking around between the speakers. There are many types and sizes, depending on what purpose you want to use the speakers for. Placement as expected is one of the most important conditions for the sound of the speakers. In sound recording studios or cinemas, the sound of the speakers can only be heard if the speakers are positioned correctly.

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Bianco sardo granite, Blue pearl granit, Granite Giallo Veneziano, limestone: komfonar, Nero africa impala dark granite, Rosso new imperial granite


25x35x3cm, 35x45x3cm, 45x45x3cm


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