Brazio velvet noise reducing curtains-One of the most popular curtains

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noise reducing curtains description

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We can make curtains up to 280 cm wide. If you need it wider than this, ask for a velcro. This way you can easily put the curtains together. They will also be easier to clean.

  1. soundproof curtains
  2. size: 140cm wide
  3. The price includes the sewing of blackout the soundproof curtains! Only the ringlis solution comes at an additional cost.

Features of noise reducing curtains:

The Brazio noise reducing curtains are made of dual layer fabrics. This is also the reason for its perfect sound-damping, and heat-insulating and blackout properties.

The back side of each Brazio blackout, soundproof curtains is made of medium brown fabric material.

Additional features:

  • Made of not readily flammable fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Gently soft touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 820g / m Double stitched: 1640g/m
  • Wideness 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Colour abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 2.5mm . Dual layer: 5mm
  • 20-30dB sound attenuation
  • 80% darkening, dual material 99%
brazio Features of noise reducing curtains

noise reducing curtains

Curtain sizes:

Our soundproof curtains have an overall wideness of 140 cm. The length can be chosen by the customer. If you need a wider curtain, we can sew it together, so there will be one seam every 140 cm. When buying, please, measure everything accurately! Our soundproofing drapes  can even be used as a partition blackout soundproof curtain or in front of the window!

As usual for drapes,  the soundproof curtains should be wider twice or two and half times than the wideness of the windows, in order to the better effects.

When buying, please always specify the size of soundproofing curtain they need. Your window-door dimensions are not equal to the sizes of the material! In all cases, measure and plan! This is very important in order to get a product from us that is as size as you imagined !!!

Mounting of the noise reducing curtains:

Soundproof Curtains come in different designs. You can order: with a slipper, a ringli or “just” smoothly (this is for the clip solution)! (The ringlis solution comes at an extra cost!) It is important to choose the right mount for your cornice!


Ringli_4cm- noise reducing curtains

Ringli hoops are usually made of metal and plastic. Our company prefers plastic hoops. They are stronger and more beautiful, its colour is transparent. Ringli hoops, due to their 40mm inner circle diameter, are suitable for all cornices and hooks. Hoops are pressed into the curtain. It is most often used for large, heavy curtains in offices, cinemas and halls. Due to their high load capacity of 150kg / hoop, they can be found in all areas of use.

Ringli hoop plus cost: 1 EUR / hoop. Hoops are repeated after 20cm.

Another popular concept is the curtain tape:

curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

Curtain heading tape can be requested with a separate seam, which also has an extra cost: 6 EUR / m

Curtain heading tape solution:

(tweezers and hooks are not sold!)

How to calculate the size of the noise reducing curtains:

The wideness of the soundproof curtains fabrics is 140cm, of which sewn edging is about 2-2 cm. This must also be included in the order. For soundproof curtains with a wider width (which is wider than 140 cm), 5 cm is required for fitting. The cornice “hide” of the sound proofing curtain is about 8-10 cm plus material. When calculating sizes, consider every detail, both effect and aesthetics are important!

The tailor-made soundproof curtains cannot be taken back, please note this before ordering or buying !!


Where do we recommend the Brazio noise reducing curtains?

In flats, houses that are disturbed by external noises and where we want to “silence” our home.

  • distribution of living spaces  where only this solution can be implemented
  • to separate work areas where employees disturb each other with noise
  • in the sound insulation and sound reduction of offices and meeting rooms
  • to achieve the best acoustics of cinemas and hi-fi rooms
  • to make better the acoustics of studios
  • to reduce the noise and block the light in your bedroom placed in front of the window
  • to save heat and energy
  • to create peace and quiet in our busy life by blocking light and noise

Acoustics is a discipline, that is a science that deals with sound and its propagation. Several areas of this science use the results of materials science. The disadvantage of sound is that it is reflected by walls, ceiling, window and objects and can create unpleasant noise. This requires acoustic elements to put the sounds in the right place! To achieve the ideal acoustics, it is necessary to treat the wall and the ceiling with wall panels to block bobbery coming through the wall. These panels reduce and control the large amount of deep tones accumulated along the wall.  For the treatment of the window , we offer soundproof curtains, which perform an effective soundproofing function by blocking heat, tone and light.



1. Each curtain is made on the basis of an individual order, therefore each curtain is considered unique, we cannot buy it back!

2. The weight of the curtains refers to the flow meter of the material: 1 flow meter is 140 cm and weighs 820 grams. (+/- 20-30% weight deviation possible!)

3. Acoustic curtains can only absorb 10-20 decibels of sound if they are placed completely without gaps or if the acoustics of the given room are adequate! Due to the resulting problems / complaints, we cannot take back the curtains!

In the case of an individual curtain order, it is no longer possible to modify or cancel the order after the order and payment, because we cannot refund the price!

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