Parametric Wall Art Panel (Diffuser)

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Parametric Wall Art Panel (Diffuser)


  • The Parametric Wall Art Panel is made of quality pine.
  • The size of our panels is 120x60x13cm, but due to the transportability we send it in 2 pieces of 60x60x13cm. The joint will not be visible when applied.
  • Available in 5 colours.

Available colours:

diffusers colours

Cost of colouring: plus 43 Euro without VAT / diffuser.


Each diffuser comes with 2 image hangers, which can be easily attached to the back of the diffuser:


+1 and -1 type panels can be mounted in two ways. If two separate 60×60 cm panels are put together from different directions, a convex or concave shape can be formed.

Advantages of a Parametric Wall Art Panel:

Thanks to the high-depth wooden structure consisting of many different parts, this element perfectly disperses sound in space. This gives a much clearer, more detailed sound. It is advisable to place the diffusers on the wall, at the primary and secondary reflection points.

Thanks to its aesthetic, futuristic and avant-garde design, it can also be used as a decorative home decoration accessory in any style of room or interior.

What is parametricism?

parametric buliding

The term “parametricism” was coined in 1988 by Patrik Schumacher. This new type of architectural style uses algorithms to define shapes, so instead of creating simple compositions with regular shapes (cubes, rectangles), we work with variable, interconnected shapes in parametric design that are interconnected as part of a differentiated system. Basically, we do not change the forms, but we create another form by changing the parameters and rules of the elements that make up the form. This gives a completely different system of rules.


Thanks to the parametric design, the irregular surface of the diffusers scatter the sounds in the entire bandwidth in all directions, creating an even sound.

Why use diffusers?

Ordinary furniture and home furnishings absorb only the high tones, they no longer thrive on the deeper ranges. Large, smooth and hard walls, ceilings, windows and floor surfaces reflect sounds in a concentrated, same direction, resulting in a noisy, unpleasant sound.

During acoustic treatments, the most important task is to eliminate echoes and optimize reverberation time. Acoustic faults caused by too much accumulated bass sound can be effectively eliminated by using sound absorbing panels. However, if we focus solely on absorbing deep sound, over-attenuation occurs in the rooms, which degrades the sound. Therefore, it is also necessary to use diffuser elements, which, primarily placed at the reflection points, scatter the sounds coming to their surface evenly, at all angles, covering the entire bandwidth. This allows us to create harmonious and balanced acoustics. The diffusers can handle bass sounds from as high as 80 Hz.

Areas of application of the parametric wall art panels:

The parametric wall art panel/diffuser can be placed in any type of room. It significantly improves the sound of movies and music in the living room or home theater room. And in home or professional sound recording and mixing studios, it is essential to use diffusers, as the quality of the sound recorded in the studio can only be perfect in an ideal acoustic environment. Diffusers also eliminate frequency spikes and rattle echoes due to inappropriate reverberation time. Parametric wall art panels with an irregular surface increase the feeling of space and provide a clearer sound. It enhances speech intelligibility and clarity in lecture halls and educational institutions. It is advisable to place as many diffusers in the room as possible to increase efficiency. If you are unsure where and how many diffusers to place, use Perfect Acoustic’s online acoustic measurement service! Acoustic measurement and design can be used to determine exactly where, how many and what type of panels are recommended to be placed.

Material use

We use high quality real pine to produce the parametric wall art panel. Hardwood materials have extremely effective acoustic properties due to their high density and specific gravity structure. Styrofoam or sponge materials are not suitable for improving acoustics.

Quality and design

In addition to effectively improving the sound, the parametric wall art panel also functions as a showy decoration in your home, office or studio due to its special and futuristic appearance. It can be ordered in beautiful colours, it is easy to install and does not require any expertise. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Its quality is timeless, it will not lose its efficiency and decorative appearance even after years.


In Hungary, the 24H courier company delivers our products, and abroad, the DHL delivery company delivers the products to our customers.

Our diffusers are made of real wood, due to the natural properties and structure of the wood material (knots, lumps, staining due to leaking resin), the pickling / painting will not be even, the shades may be different on the entire surface of the diffuser, therefore we cannot complain to accept.
(The beauty and style of natural wood lies in the fact that due to the veining and the structure, special colors and shades can be achieved during painting / pickling.)

        Additional information

        Weight 15 kg

        type +1, type +2

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        1. tibi

          The parametric diffuser is simply beautiful and really effective. The sound has improved immediately since I used this panel.

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