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Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

Size: 60x60x15cm
Weight: 12 kg

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Skyline diffusers

  • Size: 60x60x15cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • They are made of pine. We use 6m long, 6.7×6.7cm planed wooden blocks for 1 diffuser.
  • The wooden cubes rise from 2cm to 15cm.

Custom size can be requested !!!

Available in several colours:

It can even be ordered in unique acrylic colours!

diffusers colours

What are the main features of Skyline diffusers?

This two-dimensional diffuser was named Skyline because it is reminiscent of a city skyline. The diffuser consists of pieces of different depths in order to radiate sounds coming to its surface in as many directions as possible.

What changes can we experience in acoustics using diffusers?

A cleaner, sharper sound can be achieved with the help of diffusers. If we listen to the music in stereo, the vocals are heard in the middle, accurately and intelligibly, the guitar is 2 meters behind the speaker, the piano is on the right side of the singer — we get a real 3D sense of space and lifelike, detailed sounds.

Why do we recommend buying these diffusers?

Unpleasant reflections can be handled properly with sound-absorbing and diffuse elements. In the case of smaller rooms, standing waves are a particular problem, and optimal acoustics cannot be achieved without diffusers. The Skyline diffuser developed by Perfect Acoustic offers a solution to this problem and can also be used as a near-field diffuser. The Skyline diffuser combines horizontal and vertical diffusion in one product. Two-dimensional diffusers are best used in rooms where there is no space and short distance for one-dimensional diffusers.

What are good diffusers made of?

Wood materials have the best acoustic capabilities. Perfect Acoustic works exclusively with premium ingredients. Hardwoods, such as pine, are extremely good bass absorbers. Diffusers are most effective in the mid-range, at 100-4000 Hz, and can handle bass from 80 Hz. It was designed based on accurate mathematical calculations. We do not recommend the use of cellular and low weight materials for acoustic purposes. (styrofoam, plastic foams)

Where do we place the diffusers?

Reverberation points

The location of the diffusers depends on the sizes, features and function of the room. Diffusers should be placed at the primary reflection points, (with the help of a mirror we can locate them ourselves) and then the secondary reflection points may follow. These points can be determined by acoustic measurement. They can also be mounted on walls or ceilings. It is recommended to place it on a lower ceiling.

Can diffusers be mounted on plasterboard walls or ceilings?

Yes, diffusers weighing 10-12 kg can be easily carried by plasterboard. To do this, the diffusers must be fixed in at least two places using plasterboard dowels. If you want to fix the elements to the ceiling, all four corners must be fixed to the ceiling, in the case of plasterboard it is also recommended to use plasterboard dowel. When mounting on brick walls, an 8 mm dowel and hook will be required. If you do not want to place it on a hook, you can also mount the diffusers directly on the wall by drilling through them.

Why are Perfect Acoustic diffusers better than other manufacturers’ products?

All our products are made by hand and tested regularly. We only work with quality materials, we primarily keep in mind the acoustic characteristics of different materials, so our diffusers have excellent bass absorption and scattering ability.

Skyline diffuser in the wall

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        Additional information

        Weight15 kg

        black, dark walnut, light walnut, natural, rosewood



        1 review for Skyline diffusers

        1. György K.

          Dear Róbert Polgár!

          The shipment arrived on Sunday night, I also installed them on Monday morning.
          The effect is stunning, there are no extra effects bouncing like a pinball ball, all the sounds are tight and it sounds where it was designed resp. as the sound engineer dreamed. Listening out loud to the music is like quiet, tight and enjoyable.
          In short, he keeps music between the walls in his age.
          Because of the right cube diffuser, maybe the balance has shifted a bit, but the difference isn’t significant.
          Surround sound has increased and there are noticeable details that I heard less about before.
          In summary:
          it was worth my investment, I am satisfied with the products and the offer I received from you.


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