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Sound absorber leather membrane:

  • high-density acoustic imitation leather at the front, acoustic silk cover at the back for protection against dusting 
  • we use 90 kg / cubic meter acoustic cotton embedded in a rigid wooden structure, which is completely harmless to health, but at the same time its fibrous structure ensures flawless sound absorption and sound insulation 
  • the imitation leather has the same feel, appearance and texture as genuine leather 

We offer a 2-month money back guarantee on all our products!

If you are not satisfied with the purchased soundproofing product, you can return the product without giving a reason within 60 days of receiving it.

Imitation leather membrane colour range :

Our imitation leather soundproof membranes are available in 7 colours, so they can be perfectly integrated into almost any style room as tasteful and eye-catching accessories. 

acoustic membrane colors


  It is extremely easy to clean: just wipe with a slightly damp cloth. 

Foldable wooden feet are also available on request

Available with 8 mm wooden frame. (natural pine color)

What are the advantages of imitation leather soundproof membranes over other types of membranes? 

Imitation leather soundproof membranes absorb a minimal amount of higher tones above 600 Hz, making them much more effective in the deeper ranges. They destroy unwanted deep tone as early as 40 Hz, giving you more detailed, more captured low while keeping treble airier. 

classic leather acoustic membrane

Fixing the soundproofing panels 

The back of each soundproofing panel has pre-drilled holes. These holes are located 6 cm from the 4 corners. 

The hook screws packed for the soundproof panels can be easily screwed into the pre-drilled holes by hand. 

For wall mounting, a dowel and a hook screw must be obtained. We do not add these to the products! 


The question may arise as to why we do not add dowels and screws to products? 

As many houses or rooms, there are so many types of walls. Different fastening methods must be used for different wall types.  In the case of a drywall wall, you will need to purchase a drywall screw. If you want to fix the soundproofing panel to a concrete or brick wall, you need an 8 mm dowel and a hook screw as long as possible. If the dowel and screw are already in the wall, you simply need to hang the soundproof panel on the wall. It does not require expertise! It can be seen that we can solve the fixing of the soundproof and insulation panels ourselves on our own, really simply, without any expertise or any difficulty. If you still have a problem or question about placement or fixing, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help with our advice. 


All other colours and sizes are made to individual order. Within one or two weeks of ordering, we can produce any type of soundproofing panel, in any quantity. 


The finished soundproof absorbers are packed in a dedicated, strong cardboard box, and 4 more layers of packaging material are used inside the box, thus protecting the absorbers from external influences that may occur during transport. In the case of custom-sized products, there is no possibility of factory packaging. In Hungary, for environmental reasons, the ordered products receive thin foil packaging. 


Our ordered products are made by the DHL delivery company. The 24H courier service for Hungary.

How can our imitation leather soundproof membranes help? 

We are talking about deep tones below 200-330 Hz. Dealing with these is already a more serious task. The high tones of simple, everyday furnishings (furniture, windows, doors, curtains, decorative objects..etc.) are also able to absorb, so the deep predominate. Using our deep sound-absorbing membranes, we only reach deeper ranges, curbing unwanted depths. A deep  tones trap or low tones-absorbing membrane is essential for clear sound. With its help, we can accomplish the most important and most challenging task of creating the ideal acoustics: the attenuation of deep tones. Our imitation leather soundproofing membranes dampen the predominant deep frequencies with vibration from 40 Hz. 

A few words about the acoustic cotton 

There is acoustic cotton inside, which is much more effective than the foam, styrofoam, sponge, etc.  a materials in terms of sound absorption due to its fibrous structure. The wavelength of deep tones is greater than that of high tones, so other types of materials are required during sound absorption. Deep noises can only be controlled with a dense fibrous high specific gravity acoustic tuned membrane. Soft, light, soft-textured spongy acoustic foams can only absorb high tones. The thicker the material, the more sound energy it can convert into heat, however, it is harder for high-density materials to penetrate sound waves, making lower-density materials more acoustically favorable. 

All our absorption and soundproofing products are constantly measured and tested. Accurate, mathematical calculations can be used to calculate the absorbency with complete precision.

Ideal placement of deep soundproofing membranes 

Deep soundproofing and noise reducing elements can also be used in cinemas, recording studios, hi-fi rooms and living rooms. Along the walls, due to the sound pressure, the majority of the low is congested in the corner, so it is recommended to start attenuating the low tones in the corners. This is followed by side wall management. It is advisable to place the soundproofing panels at a minimum distance of 10 cm from the walls, as the deep sound will stop at the walls, be enriched and cannot be absorbed with full efficiency in this standing position. As far as possible, try not to place the soundproof membranes in the primary reflection points, as its straight, hard surface is not able to absorb and scatter high tones. Therefore, we prefer to place broadband acoustic or diffuser front panels, or possibly acoustic diffusers, in these places. This way we can achieve clear surround sound and not get the sound with a phase delay. If we manage to solve the right placement, we will have a much clearer, more detailed and more dynamic sound. Perfect surround sound can complete the enjoyment of music, which has a beneficial effect on our health, can also improve our mood and concentration. 

Application of acoustic ceiling panels 


ceiling acoustic panel top view

ceiling acoustic panel top view

There are rooms where they cannot or do not want to place enough soundproofing elements on the walls. In this case, the empty spaces on the ceilings can be used very well. On large, empty, flat surfaces, a significant amount of deep sound accumulates, not to mention standing waves forming between walls parallel to the ground. This phenomenon occurs when sound energy bounces back and forth between two walls. Suspended ceilings can help in part with this problem, but it is also worth placing low-absorbing and noise reducing elements here as well. Reflections, deep tones and standing waves can be greatly reduced with soundproofing ceiling acoustic panel. Of course, even in this case, it is important to keep in mind that broadband absorbers or diffuser front panels or acoustic diffusers are placed at the primary reflection points, if possible, as the straight, hard surface reflects high tones. It is advisable to place the soundproof membranes above or in front of our heads. 

In the event that this type of placement is achieved, we can see an improvement of up to 30% based on customer feedback, even with the use of 2 acoustic elements. 

Why do you need membrane acoustic panels? 

In smaller rooms, too much deep sound and noise spoils the music experience. The shape of the rooms also affects the sound, for example, a cube or rectangular space adversely affects the acoustics of the room. Deep-absorbing membranes can be used to balance the acoustics of the space. Where there has been no specific acoustic design and construction before / during the construction, there is a high chance of structural and acoustic problems due to the dimensions of the rooms. Building materials generally have a low sound absorption capacity, so subsequent acoustic measurement and treatment is required. Obviously, not every building can be approached and rebuilt for perfect acoustics. Therefore, it is necessary to place the soundproofing acoustic absorbers properly, as they do not require more serious remodeling of the rooms. With some well-chosen acoustic panels, you can achieve flawless sound. Avoid shabby panels made of acoustic foam or other similar foam.

In the case of deep noise, the reverberation time increases. In practice, this means that we do not hear real sound of the actual quantity and quality in the room, but the sound of the room, and so distorted low can ruin the sound experience. And poor acoustics can cause tension and even lead to headaches. Electronic sound system can slightly improve a room with inadequate acoustics. A deep sound-absorbing membrane is an acoustic panel that reduces excessive sound waves within a narrower frequency range. 

The formation of standing waves 

Primacoustics-explanation-of-reflection-points (1) sound absorberDeep tones bounce off the walls, then bounce further in the room in all directions and die more slowly. Standing waves are formed in the corners and near the walls. These are created because at a certain distance from the wall, the sound coming from and reflected from the sound source meet in the same phase, thus amplifying each other. Elsewhere, however, they meet in opposite phases, in which case they weaken each other. They appear more intensely in the corners because there the sound bounces back from two adjacent walls at the same time. Therefore, it is important to start improving the sound of the room by acoustically treating the corners. 

Why do I only turn to deep sounds? 

Because in contrast to deep, high sound is very easy to handle: 

  • with broadband acoustical elements and absorbers, 
  • diffuser with front elements 
  • or with acoustic diffusers. 

Broadband sound tiles cannot attenuate the sub-bass frequency effectively enough, so low-absorbing membranes are required.

Why are Perfect Acoustic’s acoustic products better than those from other manufacturers? 

The answer is simple: The Perfect Acoustic uses only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of its products. Our soundproofing and absorption products retain their quality, efficiency and aesthetic appearance for many decades. Only the strongest, most durable materials and the densest acoustic elements are used for each soundproof and insulation panel. Our soundproofing, insulation pand noise reducing roducts are handmade and carefully inspected. Our deep sound-absorbing membranes, made with unique technology, currently boast the highest absorption (soundproofing), and noise insulation coefficient on the market. Last but not least, our soundproof and absorption panels are aesthetically pleasing, there is no need to fear that it will disfigure the atmosphere and style of the room. Because we offer a really wide range of soundproofing and inoise nsulation products and also meet individual needs, it is almost impossible for us. To the best of our ability – and of course staying on the ground of reality – we try to implement any idea or vision! Feel free to contact us with your questions or requests. We are happy to help you solve any problems you may have. You can trust our expertise, competence and work 100%.

Acoustic foam and other foam are not suitable for controlling sound and absorbing noise.  In recording studios, we can only provide perfect sound recording if we create ideal acoustics. The main task during acoustic treatment is sound insulation.

In summary 

In order to achieve optimal acoustics, several factors need to be considered. The dimensions and shape of the space, the equipment, the covering of the walls, the temperature are all important data. It is very important to entrust a company with real expertise, an acoustic specialist, with the acoustic inspection of our home, office or studio. The Perfect Acoustic is also available in this. Don’t skimp on acoustic treatment of your rooms, but don’t even be indebted to buying the right acoustic elements. Our company produces a wide range of soundproof, absorption and noise insulation acoustic products available at affordable prices and premium quality. The quality, efficiency and price of our imitation leather membranes have already won the favor of many of our customers. Our skin soundproofing membranes received only positive reviews and feedback. They emphasize high quality, attractive workmanship and efficient absorbing and insulation properties. 

In recording studios, we can only provide perfect sound recording if we create ideal acoustics. The main task during acoustic treatment is sound insulation. Of the many options, we recommend absorbers coated with acoustic fabric, which not only provide effective sound absorption, but also save energy with heat insulation.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg

claret, dark brown, dark gray, light grey, black, butter-colour


2 pieces of 130x64x11cm, 104x64x11cm, 104x64x6cm, 130x64x11cm, 54x64x6cm

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