Luxury Harmony Sound Absorbing Carpet

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Luxury Harmony sound absorbing carpet:

  • Total weight: 3800gr / m2
  • Total height: 23mm
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Back: Twinback, woven
  • Recommended rooms: cinema and hi-fi rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms
  • Sound absorption: 41 dB
  • Features: Very dense, soft to the touch, stain resistant
  • Made in Germany
  • Surface: soft, densely woven

Features of the Luxury Harmony sound-absorbing carpet

The Luxury Harmony sound-absorbing carpet has excellent sound-absorbing and sound-dampening properties due to its dense and thick weave. Effectively reduces footsteps and body noises and other noises. It can absorb up to 41 dB of sound!

Sound insulation at the highest level

The high-quality Luxury Harmony soundproofing mat is suitable for professional or home use thanks to its high degree of abrasion resistance. It is also excellent for office or studio acoustic treatment, as well as for the ideal sound insulation of hotels, restaurants or other catering rooms. It effectively reduces noise in residential buildings and condominiums, so good neighbourly relations can be maintained.

Luxury and harmony

The aesthetic, elegant design allows the sound-absorbing Luxury Harmony carpet to be a decorative home accessory for any style of room. Its soft feel and elegant look give you the feeling of true luxury and a harmonious home.

Luxury Harmony sound absorbing carpet-brown patterned 12wsw-1 (3)

Perfect acoustics and optimal noise attenuation are also achieved with acoustic mats.

Home textiles determine the atmosphere and comfort of the rooms. The carpets lend warmth and coziness to the interiors. If possible, cover as large a floor area as possible with them. Sounds are reflected from the surface of stone or wood tile floors and unpleasant echoes are generated. In condominiums, the noise and loudness caused by the neighbouring residents can disturb our daily peace. The acoustic carpet, which has noise-reducing properties, absorbs deep sounds due to its high body density, and also dampens the noise of footsteps or furniture and falling objects. To create a noise-free, peaceful and calm atmosphere, it is advisable to provide adequate sound isolation in every room. These rmats are extremely effective in the bedroom, children’s room, but even in the living room.

Luxury Harmony sound absorbing carpet -mauve 01rrr-1 (3)

We can also enhance the experience of listening to music or watching movies by creating optimal acoustics. For acoustic treatment of walls and ceilings, it is recommended to place sound-absorbing panels and diffuser elements, and in front of the window and glass surfaces we can improve the sound with acoustic, sound-proofing curtains. Carpets designed and manufactured for acoustic purposes absorb excessive amounts of bass sounds, resulting in a balanced sound.

Why is noise reduction so important?

One of the biggest problems today is increasing noise pollution. Persistent noise can also cause serious health problems. The peace and quiet of our home is essential for a happy and harmonious life, rest, relaxation and fun. In offices, computers, telephones and other office equipment, as well as the sounds of conversations from colleagues, there is a constant high level of noise, which degrades the quality of work, causing the ability to concentrate and stress. Speech intelligibility is the most important factor in lecture halls, so we definitely need to take care of the proper room acoustics. Luxury Harmony soundproof carpet is also a great choice for improving office acoustics and room acoustics.

Why are acoustic carpets better than traditional carpets?

Ordinary, traditional carpets absorb much less sound or noise than sound-absorbing carpets made specifically for acoustics. Sound-insulating mats attenuate at least 50-60% more sound. The larger the surface area covered with acoustic mats, the greater the sound absorption.

Create an island of peace and calm in your home!

Luxury Harmony sound absorbing carpet- broken white patterned 09wsw-1 (3)

The Luxury Harmony sound absorbing carpet helps with this. After a long time, even with frequent use, it retains its effective acoustic properties, aesthetic appearance and beautiful colour. Elegance, luxury and stylish design make these thick-fiber, densely woven sound-dampening home textiles an attractive decoration. Our customers can choose from standard sizes and several wonderful colours. The ordered carpets are delivered abroad to our customers by DHL courier company and to Hungary by 24H delivery company.

Carpets can have a weight deviation of +/- 20-30% and a size deviation of +/- 2-3% (mm)!

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01rrr-1 mauve, 01www white, 09wsw-1 broken white patterned, 12wsw-1 brown patterned


120×170 cm, 160×230 cm, 200x290cm, 80×150 cm


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