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3D Sound absorbing panels Features:

  • Panel: 90kg / m3 acoustic cotton is placed in a rigid wooden structure.
  • Exterior covered with dense acoustic silk. It is thus protected against dust.
  • The 3D acoustic panel is used not only for its high sound absorption, but also for its appearance and variability.

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When choosing a colour, it is important to pay attention to white and broken white colours. Unfortunately they are very sensitive due to their brightness! It gets dirty very quickly. Thus, the durability is shorter than that of acoustic elements with coloured or darker colours.If you want a light colour without leaving dust or fingerprints on it , you may want to choose the colour 33  or the colour 55 ,  or the darker coloured silks. Of course, if you choose white, it’s no problem for us!


Wipe with a slightly damp cloth!

Its colour does not fade, even over time. Do not expose to strong sunlight, because UV rays can fade in colour.

The back of each of our acoustic absorbers is marked and pre-drilled!

Screws are added separately for transport. Then, later, at home, you will able to screw the hook screws without the aid of a tool. When unpacking, it is worth looking at the back of the sound absorber. Screws for nylon wrapping are usually glued!

If you look at the picture well, you can see it hanging on a simple 90% bent screw. It’s very simple, like hanging one picture on the wall.

For ceiling mounting, this 90% screw should not be used. It is worth getting a half-ring screw there. At us this is called a lamp hanger!


Screw the screws provided for the sound absorber into the pre-drilled hole in the back and hook it to the hook drilled and placed in the wall.

The wall hook does not include with the 3D acoustic panel. These must be purchased separately. You can buy it at any srew or tool store.

We cannot add dowels and screws to the acoustic panels, as there are so many walls in the apartment. Each wall requires a different mounting methods. It depends on the type of wall and plaster!


  • plasterboard
  • concrete
  • brick walls

Be sure to keep it strong, because the Perfect Acoustic products are made of only high quality material, so they are heavy. As we know, only heavy, high-density, fibrous material can cope with bass.

If possible do not place the 3D acoustic panel directly on the wall, keep it a some cm from the wall , the longer the distance between the wall and the panel, the greater its sound-absorbing capacity. Thus, further reducing the echo and deeper frequencies.

A little acoustic detour:

Echo is generally referred to as sound above 300Hz. If a living room is very echoing and the customer is very annoyed, you usually think of high pitched sounds. That’s when the applause comes. If you applaud such a room, the sound will bounce around and create a very annoying rattling echo. This can be quite misleading!

One applause is usually around 1Khz. If you want to reverberate a smooth daytime echo with a 3D 3D acoustic panels, the product is a perfectly good choice. On the other hand, the situation is different when a dear customer comes to us with the same problems, but with the intent of hi-fi or cinema. In this case, the task is already more complex. Hi-fi or cinema sounds can produce sounds up to 30Hz. Other products also need to be purchased if you want to hear even sound.

What kind of products should we buy?

Primarily the essential acoustic membranes:

Which sound absorbing membrane category

Which acoustic wall panels membrane category

If we can spend a little more on our room, then it could be the acoustic diffusers :

acoustic diffuser category

acoustic diffuser category

Why do we need broadband sound absorber?

A broadband acoustic element is needed in rooms where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference value.
In most cases, we use this sound absorber because of its very wide applicability, damping unwanted sound waves up to 40-20,000Hz.

Why are our sound absorber better than those of other manufacturers?

Perfect Acoustic takes great care of material quality. Thus, only the best sound absorption  panels are marketed and manufactured. It is not our aim, just to increase profits, to make  panels of poor quality material, such as: sponge, styrofoam, xps, polyester foam, etc…

Unfortunately, they are completely unsuitable for evenly absorbing sound. Mostly they can handle sound above 600-800Hz. But I do it to a great extent. This creates a distorted and completely upset sound.

In contrast, our sound traps disrupts unwanted subwoofers from 40 Hz, giving you a more detailed and captured bass while keeping the high pitch, air and sound.

3D acoustic panels design:

The 3D sound absorber  helps you to create a new design for your studio or home.

Thanks to its 60x60cm sides, it can be rotated to get a different shape.

If they receive LED illumination, using the shade can further enhance their relief. Try to mix the colors and create a fun and cozy space!

Classic Broadband Panels – Sound Absorption Features:

40 Hz to 20,000 Hz attenuates unwanted sound waves.


Acoustic measurement made with 104x64x11cm sound absorber


Sound absorbers are very rarely in stock. However, there is an abundance of raw materials in every product. Therefore, we can produce you in a very short time, not only the 3D acoustic panels, but also sound absorer membranes or acoustic diffusers.

Preparation time is usually 1-2 weeks! Hungary has a shorter deadline as it does not have to be packed, so the acoustic panels are completed sooner.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg

beige 5, black 36, blue 30, broken white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1



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  1. user123

    C’est un bon produit que je peux recommander à tout le monde! Expédition rapide et emballage soigné.

  2. Antonella24

    Good work and beautiful design.

  3. Padlizsán

    Gondom volt a hangzással de rátaláltam ezekre a kézzel készült akusztikai elemekre és megoldódtak a problémáim. Gyors szállítás, jó alapanyagok, könnyű szerelés. Ajánlom mindenkinek ezt a boltot! Köszönöm

  4. Vortex

    Cześć! zalecane przez mojego przyjaciela. doskonały produkt, cieszę się, że go tutaj kupiłem. dzięki

  5. tatu

    Au produs o îmbunătățire vizibilă în acustica camerei mele, arată ordonate și au un preț rezonabil. Mulțumiri

  6. RaMi

    Product as described. Shipping could be a little faster.

  7. big bear

    Absolutely the most attractive yet cost effective way to tighten up the sound of your recording studio or voiceover booth. Thanks

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