Bass sound dampening panels with wood membranes

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Size: 104x64x13cm  Weight: 10kg

Size: 130x64x11cm  Weight: 13kg

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The properties of our Premium bass sound dampening panels with double wood membranes:

  • We use a sprung wood structure to make our double-wood soundproofing membranes.
  • The bass absorption and insulation capacity can be accurately calculated by means of a membrane structure created by precise mathematical calculations.
  • Rigidity of the absorbing panels is provided by a hard 2cm thick laminated wooden frame.
    For the internal sound absorber, we use the best sound-insulating acoustic 90kg / m3 cotton.
  • Sound insulation is essential to attenuate the right amount of noise.
  • Each wood  soundproofing membrane panel is covered with dense acoustic silk. This makes it look exactly the same as broadband panels.
  • This way, there will be no problem with the process of design and implementation.

We do not use acoustic foam or sponges. Acoustic foam is unsuitable for absorbing bass!

Sizes and colours:

Acoustic silk is in 16 different colours

Acoustic panel colors

Acoustic panel colours

You can even request a patterned cotton fabric:

+14 EUR without VAT

In addition to the general size, our wood membranes can also be ordered in individual sizes!

It can be designed as a hidden element either built in the furniture, or on shelves.
Cleaning sound absorbing panels:
Wipe our sound absorbing panels with a damp cloth. The colour of silk does not fade over the time.

When choosing white and off-white colour, it is important to consider the dusting of the panels. They may discolour over time. Therefore, it is recommended to request a darker colour than these colours. Colour 33 or 55 can be kept clean for a long time without the panel getting stained.

Foldable wooden feet are also available on request

Available with 8 mm wooden frame. (natural pine color)

Why do we need wood membrane sound absorbers?

In most cases in smaller rooms the excessive bass ruins the music experience.

These rooms can even be:

  • studio
  • home cinema
  • stereo room
  • theater
  • living room
Methods of the noise reduction:

Where it has not been a particular acoustic designing and then its implementation during the construction, there can certainly be structural and acoustic problems due to the size of the room. In this case, only subsequent acoustic design and repair can remedy the problem. Correcting these problems cannot be solved without sound absorbers. Most of the problems in these places are the excessive accumulation of deep sounds. Why do I only turn to deep sounds? Because treble is very easy to handle even simple:

  1. with broadband acoustic panel
  2. diffuser with front element
  3. or with acoustic diffusers
How can wood membranes help?

As we know we can talk about deep sounds below 200-300Hz. These frequencies are already much harder to handle than treble, but for the Perfect Acoustic’s premium sound absorbing panels is not a challenge!

High tones can be absorbed by almost all furniture, soft fabrics, sofas, chairs, curtains and other accessories in the room. This ticks the sound balance towards the deep tones. Therefore, if we use a double wood soundproofing membrane, we only reach the deeper ranges, thus balancing the whole range of the sound. Reflected tones create echo in rooms with unfavorable acoustics.

Double wood soundproofing membranes dampen unwanted depths as early as 30Hz to 200Hz.

For ideal acoustics, it is necessary to eliminate echo. Soundproofing panels create perfect acoustics due to their absorption and insulation properties. Instead of a “DIY” solution, we recommend buying absorbing panels with effective absorption and insulation capabilities designed to improve acoustics, as these proofing panels can only provide echo cancellation and insulation, as this is a main task in improving acoustics.

The figure below shows the sound absorption of a 104x64x13cm Double Wood Membrane Acoustic Element.

wood membrane bass trap-sound dampening panels

Placement of bass sound-absorbing membranes:

Deep sounds are enriched along the walls in each room. This is due to the pressure of the air coming out of the speakers. Thanks to the sound pressure along the walls, most of the bass shifts in the corner, so we start to attenuate the deep sounds in the corners. When the corners are full or there is not enough space to place the right amount of corner soundproofing bass traps, we start treating the sidewalls with membranes. If we can, hang the absorbing panels at least 10cm away from the walls. This is justified by the fact that the deep sound stops at the walls, condenses and cannot be absorbed with maximum efficiency in this standing position. Therefore, if we put it away from the wall: about 10cm, we can apply it with double efficiency below 200Hz.

Try not to put it in the primary reflection point. Because of the hard surface of the line, it is unable to absorb and scatter higher tones. Therefore, we should place broadband or diffuser front panels, possibly acoustic diffusers there. This clears the surround sound. Because this way we don’t get multiple phases with a delay in the sound.

If we manage to install the products with this placement, we will hear a much clearer, more detailed and dynamic sound. This is largely due to the installation of membranes.


The back of each sound absorbing panel has pre-drilled holes. You can find these holes 6cm from all 4 corners. You can easily screw the hook screws packed for the panels into the pre-drilled hole by hand.

A dowel and a hook screw must be obtained for wall mounting. These are not added to the product.

This is when the question of why not?

Because as many flats or rooms as there are so many types of walls. For different types of walls require distinctive methods for suspension.This also largely depends on the type of mounting. If you want to mount it on a plasterboard wall, you may want to get a drywall screw:

panel mounting

For plain concrete or brick walls, you will need an 8mm dowel and a hook as long as possible.

If the dowel and screw are already in the wall, you simply need to hang the panel on the wall. You don’t need a specialist!

Using acoustic ceiling panels:

Membranes can also be used as ceiling acoustic panels.

There are many places where you cannot put a sufficient amount of sound absorbing panels on the walls. In this case, the empty space on the ceiling comes in very handy. This is why a soundproofing panel mounted on the ceiling can be so useful because of the large space. Because the surface in this part is completely empty, a huge amount of deep sound is collected, not to mention the standing waves that form between the walls in parallel with the ground.
We can greatly reduce these reflections, deep sounds and standing waves with ceiling sound absorbers. In this case, too, it is important to observe that a broadband or diffuser front panel or an acoustic diffuser be placed in the primary reflection points, if possible. Because the hard straight surface backs up the high tones. let’s try to place the membranes over our heads or in front of our heads instead.

If we do this successfully, then, according to the customer’s reviews, they tend to experience up to a 30% improvement, even with 2 acoustic elements.

ceiling acoustic panel top view

ceiling acoustic panel top view

Why are Perfect Acoustic products better than other products?

Because we use only the best quality materials. There is no planned obsolescence. They retain their quality, efficiency and appearance for decades. In each panel we use only the strongest materials and the densest sound absorbers. Each of our products is handmade and inspected. If you have any other questions  feel free to contact us. We will help you solve it.

Acoustic wood membrane stock:

office acoustics execution


Products are not ready in stock. This is because thousands of types of colours and sizes are available. However, the raw materials in our warehouse are always ready. Thus, we can make any types of the panels in any quantity within 1, but not more than 2 weeks. In almost all cases, the finished products are packed in a dedicated strong cardboard box. We use 4 more layers of flexible packaging inside the box in order to protect them from the external effects. There are not original packaging for the individual sized products.

Additional information

Weight 14 kg

with patterned fabric, beige 5, black 36, blue 30, broken white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, dark gray 56, green 69, king blue 31, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1


2 pieces of 130x64x11cm, 104x64x12cm, 130x64x12cm

5 reviews for Bass sound dampening panels with wood membranes

  1. Hexa22

    Packaging robust vol, though not cheap shipping.But the bass trap membrane is very nice looking.Thank you.

  2. Matti Lehtonen

    Just got one these and after some measurements found its place among my other elements.
    Even this one eases my problems around 40Hz – 60 Hz in my small 3.4 x 4.5 meters room. I will buy another in near future
    I think. I use Sonarworks but it cannot brake laws of physics
    as we know…
    I have other units by Gik and selfmade but none membrane ones until now even if I know something about the theory, too lazy to build or too expencive to buy.
    But here!
    5 points

    Regard Matti

  3. Matti Lehtonen

    Would need some more

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Matti Lehtonen
  4. Pablo M.

    I’m very very impressed with the performance of this wood membranes. Absolutely incredible. Looks amazing and the build quality is great. Congratulation Róbert and all his team. I’m going to order more of you products shortly. I will definitely recommend your company.

  5. Johannes R.

    Great quality and fast delivery. I’m very happy with my order and will soon order again. Thank you 🙂

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