Rustic-Vintage sound diffuser-Made of real pine

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Rustic-Vintage sound diffuser:

  • We make our rustic acoustic diffuser from high-quality pine.
  • Due to their irregular surface, they scatter the sounds coming to their surface in different bandwidths, so we can experience a smoother, clearer sound.
  • All our products are handmade and we test them regularly.
  • Size: 60 x60 x 12 cm, but we also produce other, different, individual sizes.
  • For individual orders, please email us!
  • The aesthetic design of acoustic diffuser can be demanding, beautiful accessories for almost any style of home studio, office or othe studio.

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5 different pickled colours:

Properties of 3D Cubic acoustic diffuser:

  • natural (burnt)
  • light walnuts
  • dark walnuts
  • palisander
  • black


It is sufficient to wipe with a damp cloth or vacuum.

Why is it important to use acoustic diffuser elements?

There is a direct and diffuse sound field. Together, they form our sense of space-direction and distance. The direct sound field is created when the sound source is switched on, the diffuse sound field consists of the reflected sounds. The flat, hard surface of the walls is unable to absorb deep sounds, reflecting them back, creating unpleasant echoes that result in a disturbed sound. By placing sound-absorbing membranes, we can “tame” the bass sounds. However, using only such acoustic elements can result in over-attenuation, which degrades the quality of the audio you listen to. In addition to absorbing bass, audio scatterers, due to their irregular surface of different depths, are able to scatter sounds over a larger bandwidth over a larger space. This eliminates the problem of echoes as well as reverberation.

Diffuse – reflecting surfaces include walls, glass and marble surfaces, as well as tiles and granite, but due to their structure they are not able to absorb sounds and are not suitable for radiating sounds evenly, broken down into smaller parts. We have precisely designed the surface of the scatterers, so their irregular surface reflects the sounds in a larger space, more evenly distributed, at different angles, creating a harmonious sound.

room acoustics repair acoustic absorber

Fixing and mounting of diffusing elements

It does not require expertise to mount the acoustic diffuser. We add hooks and screws  to the diffusion panels so that anyone can easily fasten them to the right points.


We can make our products in 1-2 weeks in any quantity and size.


We pack our products in a dedicated, strong cardboard box, we place several layers of foil inside to protect the products.


The DHL courier company delivers our products, and in Hungary the 24H transport company.

home theater acoustic design with rustic acoustic diffuser (2)

How much is that? -That is, where, how many diffusion panels are recommended to be placed?

The ideal number of acoustic diffuser in a given room also depends on the size of the rooms. In the case of a large room, or home studio several diffusing elements should be installed. But it is not necessary to crowd every wall with sound scatterers! Reflection points need to be precisely defined and only need to be covered with scatterers. This can also be solved by acoustic measurement. Perfect Acoustic also performs on-site and online acoustic measurements. Thus, we can determine these points with 95% accuracy. Contact us with confidence!

Reflection points can be:

  • behind the speakers
  • the ceiling, between the listener and the speaker on the right and left, respectively
  • tilted attic rooms
  • behind the listener’s position
  • It is recommended  to place the acoustic diffusers  at ear level.
  • They can also be used as near-field diffusers.

The speakers, and the microphones are often given more attention than proper acoustics. But these devices alone do not guarantee a flawless sound experience. Acoustic sound absorbers, curtains, diffusers and panels complement each other to ensure perfect surround sound. So don’t skimp on getting these items if you want a satisfactory end result.

Acoustic problems

Home theaters and studios are usually located in buildings that did not pay special attention to acoustics when designing and building them, so they almost always need retrofitting. Building materials do not function as good sound absorbers. We also need acoustic sound absorbing and acoustic diffuser to make the room sound good. The biggest problem is the deep sounds condensing along the walls. The structure of the walls cannot absorb deep sounds. Between the adjacent walls, the sounds bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball — this unpleasant echo has a negative effect on the acoustics.

Music has been used for years to relieve stress and relax. It has also been proven that a pleasant music has a really positive effect on our body. There are sounds that are reassuring, but there are sounds that are considered noise. This is why it is important that the room or home studio where we listen to music or watch a movie has perfect acoustics.

The Perfect Acoustic rustic diffuser is perfect for modern or classic interiors. Our customers will not be disappointed with the panels that can be ordered in pickled colors. Our goal is for all our customers to be satisfied and our products to meet the expected results. They do not lose their beauty and efficiency even after many years of use. As every need is different, the size and shape of the rooms are different – we recommend that you perform an acoustic measurement. We are also happy to prepare your unique ideas, just feel free to write to us!

Our diffusers are made of real wood, due to the natural properties and structure of the wood material (knots, lumps, staining due to leaking resin), the pickling / painting will not be even, the shades may be different on the entire surface of the diffuser, therefore we cannot complain to accept.
(The beauty and style of natural wood lies in the fact that due to the veining and the structure, special colors and shades can be achieved during painting / pickling.)

    Additional information

    Weight 15 kg
    Dimensions N/A

    black, dark walnut, light walnut, natural, rosewood


    60x30x12cm, 60x60x12cm


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