Avior sound insulating curtains (texturized)

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  • Density 550g / m2
  • Thickness 2.5mm
  • Double thickness 5mm
  • Density 1100g / m2
  • 15-20dB sound absorption

Ozone disinfection of acoustic panel: You don’t have to worry about coronavirus! 

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Avior sound insulating curtains

Size: 140cm (width)

Price: 1 running meter/39 EUR

Double layer on request meter/78 EUR

The sewing of the curtains is not an extra cost!

Request a custom size via email.

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Acoustic curtains features:

Thanks to the double layers of the Avior curtains, they have an excellent sound insulation! The Avior soundproofing and Acoustic curtain are made of specially developed materials, so they have excellent sound absorbing, silencer and of course heat insulating properties! Because of these features, they can be used effectively to the perfect acoustics, supplemented by the other Perfect Acoustic products (acoustic panel, sound diffuser, etc.)!

Some information about the material:

Each dark curtain has a black back and a light curtain has a white back.

  • These curtains are made of not readily flammable materials
  • Machine washable
  • Gently, soft touch
  • Made of durable non-stretch fabric
  • Composition 50% PES- 50% cotton
  • Density 550g / m2  Double layer: 1100g/m2
  • Width 140cm
  • Abrasion / Martindale Test (EN ISO 1294-2) 90,000
  • Bumping 4-5 (EN ISO 1295-2)
  • Color abrasion resistance (EN ISO 105-B02) 4-5
  • Thickness 2.5mm. Double layer  5mm
  • 15-20dB sound absorption
  • 80% darkening, double material 99%
avior acoustic curtain (2)

noise reduction

sound insulating curtains


The overall width of the curtain is 140cm. If you need a wider one, it can also be solved (by sewing together). So there will be one seam every 140 cm.
The length can be chosen by the customer. Don’t forget to measure the  height of the cornice ! It is very important to measure everything accurately, whether it is a window, a door or a partition curtain!

As usual for curtains, the curtains should be wider twice than the width of the windows, but we recommend two and half times the size in order to the more efficient sound absorption.

Remember to measure and plan accurately! So the end result will be as you imagined.

Do not send us the sizes of your windows, doors, we only need the sizes of the curtain you want!

If you have any questions send us an email!

Paste mount:

The Avior curtains can also be hanged with tweezers, concealed cornices, curtain pullers or possibly a ring. We charge extra for  rings! 1 EUR / ring.

Note that the sound-absorbing materials are heavy and dense, so think about what size curtain you want to place and also where!

tweezers: the traditional mount (we just nail the material)

  • hole: a 6-8cm hole design on the top of the material, through which the cornice can be threaded
  • stringer: we can sew on top of the material, so the product can be placed with the hook (extra cost) 3 EUR / m

curtain back is black, but the light curtains are white felt material

  • ringli: a plastic hoop inserted into a material, which can also be used to hide the cornice (extra cost) 1EUR/rinfli


It is very important that these are not traditional materials! They are much denser, therefore they have the ideal acoustic properties. So, it is important to design and weigh where we want to place the curtain!

Calculation of sizes of the curtains:

Their width is uniformly 140cm, count around 2-2cm due to the hem! If you want a curtain wider than 140 cm, an additional 5 cm must be counted every 140 cm.. The cornice “hide” of the sound-absorbing curtain is about 8-10 cm more. For individual needs, send an e-mail!

Think through all the details before ordering, because we cannot replace or take back the curtain that has already been made!

As we know, not only the excellent efficiency  but the appearance of the Sound absorbing panels and diffusers and the Soundproof curtains is also very important. They fit perfectly with the other Perfect Acoustic’s  products, both in colour and design! This way, not only the sound, but the overall picture will be perfect.

A few words about acoustics

Sound insulation:

Acoustics is a complex discipline. We’d like to explain it briefly and simply why it is so important. If we are in an empty, room the sound is very echoing and unpleasant. Everyone has experienced this before. (Many people think that at this point it is enough to stick a pile of “egg cups” in the room! That’s not true! Don’t believe everything !!) As we start to decorate and furnish it, the acoustics of the room will get better and better. If we put the furniture and decorations in the right places, we can get a more favorable sound.

Obviously, the importance of the good acoustics in a home is different, than in a hi-fi, movie room, or studio. For these rooms, it is essential that the high and low tones sound proper. This requires a conscious planning. I would mention ONLINE design here. This way, you can avoid buying more  products than necessary. With this solution, we don’t have to run in circles! (Of course, it doesn’t matter what material the building was made of.) The best sound is available with acoustic panels and diffusers!

The panels and diffusers can be placed in the optimal place. But what about glass surfaces?The  Soundproof Curtains can provide a solution to this. It complements other  acoustic products due to its specially developed material! These materials have several excellent properties. They are sound absorbing, heat insulating and good looking!

So it can “replace” the other acoustic elements.  The thermal insulation properties can be well exploited in every season! In cinema rooms the complete darkness can be feasible.

Of course, design is not the last aspect either. In a well-furnished, pleasant room, one feels much better. So when we are in a good mood, relaxed and focused, our performance also improves in all areas of life. A room with poor acoustics is tiring  to the  ear and can  cause headaches and even depression. It is important to create a room where we are happy to have fun!

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