Sound traps with diffuser

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-Size: 109x64x22cm  weight: 18kg

Properties of corner unit – sound traps with diffuser:

The corner unit is one the most important acoustic item in a room since the largest amount of bass is located in the corners.
Inside our panels we place 90kg/m3 acoustic wool placed into a sturdy wood construction.
The acoustic wool is developed especially for this purpose thus it is non-toxic.
The surface of the panel is covered with acoustic velvet which also protects against dust emission.
The face plate of the diffuser is made of laminated, hard, compressed wood.
Broadband acoustic panel is needed in those places where the reverberation time (echo) is higher than the reference level.


Colours of our panels:

In 16 different colours.
Diffuser face plates are available in 8 different colours and four different patterns.
The combinations of these offer hundreds of different variants.


Wipe it with slightly wet cloth.

What is it good for and where to place it?
You can get an answer to this question in this article.

In which area our Bass trap with diffuser betters other products?

The main purpose of the Bass trap with diffuser is to mitigate the least possible amount of high frequency while absorbing more than average amount of bass.
Thanks to its hardwood vanes bass absorption is more effective than the bass absorption of broadband acoustic panel.
Besides sound absorption it has a further very good feature namely diffusing or scattering the sound.
Panels with diffuser can effectively destroy the excessive bass from 40Hz while they absorb less amount of high frequency above 600Hz and more bass down from 300Hz compared to classic panels.

It dampens the unwanted sound waves from 40Hz to 20,000Hz.
All of our products are continuously measured and tested.

Bass trap with diffuser corner

Bass trap with diffuser corner



The Bass trap with diffuser is in stock in black colour.
We try to keep in stock all sizes, patterns, and colours of the diffuser face plate.
Other colours and sizes are available on custom order.
We can produce any size in order to fit the panel easily into your home or studio

Additional information

Weight N/A
acoustic panel color

beige 5, black 36, burst white 2, camel 62, claret 46, dark brown 8, green 69, king blue 31, light blue 30, light brown 52, light gray 33, middle gray 35, oil color 55, red 25, white 1

diffuser panel color

cream, gray oak, mahogany, tobacco oak, black, dark oak, light oak, white

diffuser panel pattern

barred, circled, striped, wavy

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    Great quality product. Great customer service. I am very happy with my order and will definitely be a customer again in the future.

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    Es ist ein gutes Produkt, das ich jedem empfehlen kann! Schnelles Sieben und sorgfältige Verpackung.

  3. Kruger

    I recommend this product to everyone! Nice work!

  4. Mars927

    I had a problem with the sound but I found these handmade acoustic elements and solved my problems. Fast delivery, good materials, easy assembly. The price was fine. I recommend this store to everyone! Thanks

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    hi! consigliato dal mio amico. prodotto eccellente, felice di averlo acquistato qui. grazie

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    Sie haben meine Raumakustik spürbar verbessert, sie sehen aufgeräumt aus und sie waren preiswert. Vielen Dank

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