Silent soundproof mat

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Silent soundproof mat:

  • Total weight: 3050gr / m2
  • Total height: 17mm
  • Bleachable: Yes
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Back: Twinback, woven, + felt layer
  • Sizes: 1.5x1m, 1.5x2m, 2x3m
  • Recommended rooms: cinema and hi-fi rooms, bedroom, dining room, living room
  • Sound absorption: 33 dB
  • Features: Soft to the touch, bleach cleanable, stain resistant
  • Made in Belgium
  • Surface: soft, soft, densely woven
  • Fire protection class: E (EN13501-1)

What are the properties of a acoustic carpet?

The sound absorption depends on the type of material, the density, and the thickness of the backing.

The Silent carpet is denser woven, thicker than ordinary carpets. Thanks to its specially developed material and structure for acoustic purposes, it absorbs sounds extremely effectively. Not only can it absorb high tones, it also attenuates deeper tones from 300 Hz. Due to the structure of their material and the way they are used, average carpets are only able to absorb all sounds from 1Khz, up to a maximum of 10-15 dB. In contrast, the Silent carpet can absorb up to 33 dB of sound!

In addition to effective sound attenuation, the Silent acoustic carpet also has other features.

Due to its high degree of abrasion resistance and easy cleaning, we recommend our premium quality Silent carpet, not only for home use, but also for industrial, hotel or even theater use.

acoustic carpet

Sizes and designs:

Standard sizes: 1 × 1.5m, 1.5x2m, 2x3m

All standard sizes are delivered to the customer sewn in a circle.

For our Hungarian customers, it is even possible to order suitable sizes to cover the entire floor area. Please specify these dimensions exactly and add an extra 5cm to each page.

For custom or larger sizes, please email us. When ordering, please note that the minimum width of one side of the carpet is 4 m!

Multifunctional product

In addition to attenuating unwanted noise, Silent soundproof mats also improve the acoustics of studios, cinemas, theaters or auditoriums. Their sophisticated and high-quality design allows them to be aesthetic interior accessories for any room. Hard floor surfaces reflect sounds, creating unpleasant echoes that degrade room acoustics. As a result, we speak louder, we also turn up the music, which makes our environment confusing and noisy. The noise can cause headaches and irritability, but it can also cause more serious health problems, from infancy. It is not enough to acoustically repair walls, windows and ceilings with sound-absorbing panels, let’s not forget to treat the floors!

Main areas of use

A common source of conflict in condominiums is noise filtered through the floors. The Silent rug also helps with this problem, so a good neighbourly relationship can be maintained. In hotels and other accommodation, it is very important to ensure the peaceful rest of the guests. Acoustic carpets in the rooms and corridors significantly reduce footsteps and airborne noise, creating a truly relaxed environment. In addition to the acoustic treatment of the walls and ceiling in the cinema rooms, the floor should not be forgotten either, as flat, hard tiles, parquet or linoleum are not suitable for sound insulation. With soft, thick woven and decorative Silent carpets, we can even cover the entire floor surface.

acoustic carpet

Due to the extremely high abrasion resistance of Silent carpet and its easy cleaning, it is also an ideal choice for noise reduction in factories and workshops. The performance, physical and mental health of those working in open-plan offices are adversely affected by persistent noise. Examples include knocking on shoes, the clicking sound of furniture, chairs, or objects falling to the floor. Silent rugs contribute to a calm, noise-free office atmosphere, which enhances creative thinking, more efficient work, has a good effect on health and even creates a pleasant atmosphere.  In the conference rooms, the intelligibility of the speakers’ speech is a basic condition. Soundproofing mats are also very useful accessories in these rooms. Soundproofing carpets are also useful in restaurants and restaurants to reduce distracting noises.

Traditional carpets versus acoustic carpets

Ordinary, traditional carpets also have some sound-absorbing ability, but acoustic carpets absorb about 60% more sound. The density and thickness of the material of traditional carpets, as well as their weaving and backing, are not suitable for absorbing or attenuating larger amounts of sound. (Expensive Persian carpets are an exception, but few can afford the pieces that cost a fortune. And modern, minimalist-style rooms may not fit Persian carpets with characteristic patterns and colours.)

What is the recommended surface area for Silent carpets?

The largest possible floor area, it is worth covering with acoustic carpets, even from wall to wall! The larger the surface of the acoustic mats, the more effective the noise reduction will be. It is also possible to order individual sizes.

Durable and aesthetic

The colour of Silent carpets does not fade over time, their durable material does not wear out, they are easy to clean and can be bleached, and they look beautiful, their soft-touch surface creates a warm, friendly atmosphere in the rooms. They are available in 4 beautiful colours, so almost everyone can find pieces to suit their taste.


The ordered products are delivered by the DHL courier company, and in Hungary by the 24H delivery company.

All products manufactured and marketed by Perfect Acoustic are of premium quality, aesthetic and timeless, so we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the products you buy from us!

Carpets can have a weight deviation of +/- 20-30% and a size deviation of +/- 2-3% (mm)!

Additional information

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2 dark beige, 71 butter, 72 light gray, 78 dark gray, 90 middle beige


1,5x2m, 1×1,5m, 2x3m


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